This is the continuation of the previous article:


Ok... and what about me and what I think about the 21 Dec 2012 and Mayan prophecy about the end of times ? On the contrary to my friend I have been involved into spirituality and the new age movement for about 20 years and I have investigated this topic quite thoroughly - I have read about it and I have heard many different theories from other people involved into spirituality.

And you know what ? I don't believe ( actually I am certain ) that nothing will happen on the 21st of December. There will be planet alignment which is unusual event because it happens once in 26,000 years but it is only unusual when we take into consideration a span of human life. But in the life and the existence of universe ( which counts the time in billions or maybe trillions of earthy years ) this is just a normal event - just another cycle. It is just unusual for people who make most wonderful stories in their minds about this event. You know... in the mind we can imagine anything we want and it could be the most beautiful wish, dream or desire but in the end it is just fiction - it is not real.

The reality is different. I don't have to write about it here. Just look yourself on the news and on internet. And you know who has created it ? Yes... us ( people ). It was neither god nor devil. It is just that we don't want to admit it and take responsibility for it because that means that we would have to work our asses off to make the change in the world because the mess is enormous and it will require a lot of effort to change it. And people got used to have comfortable life and thus to avoid the hard work we would rather create a belief ( excuse ) about the god, the savior or miraculous event ( shift in consciousness, planet alignment ) which would clean the mess for us in an instant so that we could continue our comfortable life.

But the reality is different. We will still be here on the 22nd of Dec 2012 and we will have to go to work ( those who are lucky to have one ) and deal with the shit that we have allowed and created in this world. There is only 2 possibilities to get out of the shit that we are in right now. We either continue the way we do it now and we will destroy life on this planet completely ( at the moment this is the direction that we are heading for ) or we get our asses of the comfortable sofa and start working together and cleaning the mess.

Thus it will be interesting to see the reactions of so many people who allowed themselves to accept the belief about the mysterious event on the 21st of Dec, 2012 and when they see that nothing happened of what they have expected. Some will wake up and start to ask questions about the spirituality, new age, Armageddon etc. but there will be also those who will come up with another idea that the event will happen somewhere in the future and they will wait for it. Because this is what so many of us want - we want to believe in something in the future instead of being here and working with what is here to make a world which is best for all.

To be continued...

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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We have only less then 18 days left to the historical moment when the Mayan calendar ends... 21 December 2012. According to some theories this is the moment when the world ends but according to others this is the moment when we will enter into a new dimension and in that process of shifting into 5th dimension the world and human consciousness and mind will be transformed by the strong energies on the galactic equator and we will live in a better world of harmony, peace, love etc.

Anyway there are a lot of theories about it and this especially popular topic among the spiritual and new age groups. But what about the normal people on the street who don't know much about the meditation, energies etc. ?

Today I had a chance to listen to the phone conversation of one of my friends. He was trying to warn his friend that between the 19th and 24th there will be series of some disastrous events ( like earthquakes and tsunamis ) as a result of the planets alignment. After this conversation I have asked him few questions because I was really curious where from and what kind of information people get about this event. He explained to me that it was his mother who has told him some time ago about the Mayan prophecy but then he mentioned that he observes the news and the situation in the world and it make sense to him that we need population reduction in the world.

It was obvious to me that he could not explain to me what, when and why in details because he hasn't spent much time investigating it but still it has got to him some information about the event of 21st of December 2012.

And what is his plan of action regarding this event ?

His sister is completely freaking out and wants to hide in the higher ground but my friend takes an approach that if it is meant to happen then it doesn't matter where you are, it will get you.

To be continued...

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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There are few points which will help you to identify if you are fucked in your head:

1. You say that life and this world is beautiful... Maybe your life is beautiful and maybe you live in a beautiful place in a luxury house but what about the people who live in poverty, who starve, who are homeless, who are sick and they have no money to pay for the doctor, who are forced to be slaves, who are forced to prostitute themselves, who are being abused etc. There are more people in this world who suffer than those who have easy and comfortable life. This is the proof number that you must be fucked in your head because you don't see it and you consciously deny to see it. You are blind. You make yourself blind. And I have just mentioned the people. And what about the animals of this world ? They suffer as well. Don't you see it ? And what about the pollution, excessive destruction of nature in the name of profit etc. ? Don't you see it ? Thus how can you say that life is beautiful ?

2. You say that you want to change the world but you do nothing towards it... There are many people who say that they want to change the world unfortunately these are just empty words. They find some excuses ( e.g. I am too small to change the world ) and they give up before even starting. They already realize that our world is in difficult situation and there must be done a lot to make it better but unfortunately they let themselves to be overwhelmed, they give up and let the destruction to continue.

3. You are against ( and you even kill ) those who want to make the change in the world... What is even worse then the people mentioned in the previous point is that there are also people in the world who say that they want to make the world a better place but at the same time they are the vicious enemies of those who practically act and work towards the change in the world. It seems almost impossible to believe that we have people like this on earth but this is true. And I am not talking only about those people from the elite and the governments who are in power and try to control the rest of the people with the intention to make profit. I am also talking about your friends, family members, colleagues from work etc. This point has been clearly seen with many people who joined Desteni Group and started to work towards implementation of new economic system called Equal Money System. It is obvious that this new system would make a better life for everybody but still the reactions of their family members and friends are unbelievable - instead of helping and joining they become vicious enemies of theirs. If you are one of them it is a proof number three that you are completely fucked in your head.

To be continued...

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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This is the continuation of the previous article:


The accumulative effect of mountain of problems will lead quite often to a break up of the relationship in a violent/explosive confrontation/discussion ( quite often accompanied by physical abuse ). It is a consequence of the discharge of accumulated energy generated from the friction between the partners as a result of not solving the problems in an effective way.

Thus the partners separate but after few weeks, months or even years they come back to each other and continue their relationship. And this is interesting... These partners come back to the relationship hoping that everything will be good this time and they are ready to go on the compromise and try to do the most possible to avoid the situation which led to the conflict. Unfortunately this is only the trap.

The mountain of problems which both of you have created in the past, still exists there. It only stopped growing in an accelerated way because you have been separated and the friction which was generating the energy has lessened or stopped. It is also highly possible - if the separation was for longer period of time - that the mountain of problems has got smaller because you have realized your mistakes and you have corrected them within you. But because it is rather unusual for people to process all of the problems and dissolve them completely thus the mountain still exists there and the difference is that it is smaller ( the weight on your shoulder is lesser ) and you feel better and stronger and believe that you can come back to your partner and continue the relationship.

But this is only illusion. If you come back to your partner but you don't change anything about how you live your relationship and you don't work with your partner on effective dissolving the mountain of problems from the past, it will all re-manifest itself and most probably quicker and stronger then before.

This is the reality of many relationships which lack the fundamental basic necessary for the functioning of satisfying and effective relationship. If the partners don't establish an effective way to communicate and solve the small problems they will accumulate into the mountain of problems and the partners will not be able to solve the big problems and it is only a matter of time when the relationship will fail - it doesn't matter how wonderful it is in the beginning of the relationship, it doesn't matter that you promise that you will love your partner your whole life, it doesn't matter that you have found you "soulmate" that you have been waiting for your whole life. Most of these relationships will fail. If you don't believe me then have a look at this world and investigate the facts and look at the statistics. You are not different then others. You only hope and believe that you are. You will only be different if you learn how to communicate effectively and solve the problems together with your partner. Only then you will have a chance to create and build a long term relationship, which will work and give satisfaction for both of you and the rest of the world.

Thus if you decide to come back to your partner after the separation it is better that you start working together as soon as possible on solving the problems which led to the break up in the first place.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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We are continuing our article about business negotiation techniques and go to day 2 ( the final day ). On the previous day the person A was in the sauna drinking alcohol. As I said before alcohol, heat and humidity have much stronger and quicker effect on a persons consciousness than in normal drinking in the bar and if you are not aware of it than you may find yourself being completely knocked out very quickly. Somebody may say: "well... shit happens" and simply laugh at this person because that is what humans do when they listen to other people telling with pride their stories of how drunk they got at the party, how much they vomited and how big hangover they have the next day.

But we may not forget that the person A is on a business trip and in the process of signing the final contract worth millions of dollars. Anyway it is almost guaranteed that the person A will wake up the next day with extremely strong headache and other symptoms of hangover. And this should not be a surprise. But person A will be extremely surprised when he wakes up with extremely strong headache and after few minutes or more he will realise that he is already on the plane, the official contract is lying in front of him and it is signed by him but he doesn't remember how and when he did it. He will try to remember how it happened but he will only get some glimpses of memories of the last day and it is the result of drinking alcohol in the sauna. But we should also not exclude the possibility that the drinks had something added to it to make sure that the person A gets intoxicated and "loose the film" ( memory ) for sure.

This is the most probable outcome of the visit to the sauna. But there is also a possibility that person A is very strong and doesn't get intoxicated very easily. And if for some reason the person B will not be able to get the signature of the person A than the negotiations will continue on the 2nd day. But before we continue with day 2 we have to point out that no matter how resistant to alcohol and other substances this person is, there will be always some form of compromise in the behavior and self awareness. And this person will do things - that he would normally not do - much easier. Of course your hosts ( business partners with whom you are negotiating the contract ) will continue being nice and friendly to you and they will have "genuine" laugh with you about what happened on the previous day. You will finish another official business meeting discussing the last details and hopefully sign the contract.

But you know how to negotiations function. Both parties have their objectives ( limits ) which in the beginning are different and during the negotiations both parties go on compromise and in the end they meet somewhere in the middle between their initial objectives. Of course there is also a possibility that person A will not be completely satisfied with the negotiations about certain small details to the point that he will not want to sign the final contract. And no arguments and offers of a person B will be satisfying enough to sign the contract. Well in this case the person B will present his last and final offer which will discard any doubts that they are the best business partners in the whole world with whom person A should sign the multimillion dollar contract.

I will remind you once again that no matter how resistant somebody is to alcohol, he will in some way be influenced by it and he will do things that he would normally not do and he will not always remember everything what he did. Thus the person B will show - with the "genuine" smile on his face - the person A the video record of what he was doing the night before with the girl or girls which he has chosen while being in the sauna and which have taken care of him in the private room. And in this case person A will have to make the choice between compromising on the little differences which stopped him from signing the contract in the beginning of the negotiations or being exposed and possibly loosing the job, your family, friends etc. Most of the people will choose the first option.

Now... the same applies to the person A which has woken up in the plane with the signed contract without knowing how and when. If he tries to question the legality of it and he will try to revoke and cancel the contract, he will also be presented with the video of him being with the naked girls ( or boys or whatever ) in the private room. As I said before person A is under strong influence of alcohol or other substances and is not conscious and aware of what is going on with him and thus we may not exclude that our friendly hosts have arranged some really nasty stuff like recording that he is having sex with under-aged persons which means imprisonment if the judge finds out about it, maybe the person has signed the contract in which he has agreed to sell his house in his country to a person B for little money and in the case of objecting signing the big contract he will loose his house, his wife will be shown the video etc.

As you can see our hosts are very "friendly" but at the same time they are very creative, their business negotiation techniques are unbeatable and almost nobody can resist their arguments when it comes to final phase of the negotiations.

And you have thought when you finished your Harward University that you were taught the best and most effective negotiation techniques in the business world. Well... as you can see you are wrong. The person B hasn't graduated from best universities in the world but still his techniques are more effective then yours.

I remind you once again that this is not a fairy story. This is happening for real. I have heard it ( by accident ) while having lunch in the restaurant and listening to the people next to me talking about it. And they were the top executives from big companies.

To be continued...

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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This is not a fairy story. It is all real and it is happening in the business world.

Let's say that you are a director of a big company and you are going on a business trip to finalize the negotiations and sign a multi-million dollar contract. Here there are various scenarios of how it happens and I will only describe one of them.

Let's say fly for business meeting to another country for negotiations. On the first day you are discussing the final details of the contract in the conference room. And of course while you are there you are being treated in the best possible way. In the end you are negotiating a multimillion dollar deal. Thus you are staying in the 5 star hotel, you are being invited to a luxurious restaurants etc. Later in the evening after the business meetings you are also being invited to a wellness center so that you may also discuss the small things in the relaxing atmosphere. You have a shower, you go to the sauna etc. Usually it is all very luxurious and there is nothing really special about it until certain moment.

Thus you are seating inside of the sauna room with the other guys with whom you are negotiating the contract. You are also being served some alcoholic drinks while being inside there from time to time. During negotiations in the conference room you would never drink alcohol but here you are thinking that you are already unofficial and this is more of a relaxation time ( most of you probably already know that drinking alcohol in the sauna has much stronger intoxicating effect than when you drink it in the bar ).

You have taken already few drinks. You are not so serious anymore and you start to believe that it is all fun and relaxation. Suddenly the door opens and there are entering the room very beautiful girls in high-heeled shoes but apart from this shoes they are not wearing anything else - they are completely naked. They enter the room and they put themselves in the middle of the room in a row. You are a little bit shocked in the beginning because you don't know what is going on. You didn't expect anything like this when you were invited to go to the wellness centre. Thus you ask the other guy or guys:

A: What is going on ? What are they doing here ? Why do they have attached numbers to their hands ?
B: Well... you may choose.
A: What do you mean "I may choose" ?
B: That is what I mean. You choose the girl.
A: Yes ?
B: Yeah... don't worry... it is on me.
A: But I don't want to.
B: Common... just choose the girl and she will take care of you.

All the time you are being served alcoholic drinks and because the heat of the sauna enhances the intoxication much quicker so you start being affected by it - you are not so serious anymore. You don't want to offend the host thus you choose one of the girls and after some time she takes you with her to a private room. What is happening in there, I don't have to write anymore because it is easy to imagine.

And so day 1 of the negotiations is finished.

P.S. Sometimes the person A will not want to choose the girls even though the host strongly insists that he chooses one. But that is not a problem for them because their hospitality is extremely good. The girls leave the room and after a while there comes a group of good looking boys.

To be continued...

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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This is the continuation of a previous article: “WHY I DON'T TRUST POLITICIANS ? - PART 1”

But if the woman is wise then she will take a breath, stop the emotional reaction of butterflies in the stomach which make her blind and irrational and she will ask herself a question:

- does this man really love me ?
- do his words and action are one and equal ?
- does he show with his deeds in every moment that he loves me ?
- does he also love other people and animals ?
- does he do what is best for all in every moment ?

If she falls into the trap of beautiful but empty words of a man who wants to have sex with this woman and this is the way to get it ( just like the promises of the politicians which raise the emotions in people ) then her relationship is going to be just like the career of the politician - she will be used and abused in the same way as the politicians abuse the position of power in the government for their own needs. She will get disappointed and eventually they will break up.

Here is very important question: will she do the same mistake in the next elections when the next man comes into her live and will try to get her support with beautiful words ? Knowing the psychology of humans and their addiction to feelings generated by beautiful yet empty words I would say that the answer to this question will be yes. The same as we do with political elections every 4-5 years.

And this is the main reason why I don't trust politicians who use beautiful words of grander without showing me that they live them in every moment as themselves. And you know what ? Once you live your words in real life you don't need to write beautiful speeches on the paper because then you will be able to speak in any moment without the preparation. And your words will be reflection of truth and they will carry the true substance of you because every words that you speak will be the living word ( the word that you speak and live it ).

I have also noticed very similar type of behavior with people who are in court. And to get a lesser penalty they just say the word “I am sorry”. I am sure that you have noticed it too. They are not saying it because they are sorry but because they should and because they will get lesser verdict.

Ok… what can we do now in the next elections to come if almost all of the politicians are liars ? Maybe you should become a politician yourself and then make sure that your promises are not empty promises. But first you must understand and prove for yourself that your words are living words and you act in the best interest of all. If you want to learn more about the “living words” have a look at people from Desteni Group. We are making video logs on Youtube and other social media and there you may see and hear that we don't read from the paper when we speak. We talk about our experiences and things that we have proven for ourselves and we live the words that we speak. And these are the people that maybe you should consider to vote for when we start forming and creating the Equal Life Party in the years to come.

P.S. Did you know that the politicians ( especially the top politicians like presidents, kings, queens etc. ) are using very often the professionals who write them appropriate speech. The speech doesn't come from them at all. It is written by somebody else who is using appropriate words. And I have heard that Erich Honecker who used to be the leader of the communist party in East Germany had a professional writer who was getting paid big sum of money ( equivalent to many thousands of euro ) for each speech. Will you trust somebody who is saying all the beautiful words of grander but in reality he is reading somebody's else's writing and on top of it, the writer also doesn't give a shit about the words that he is writing ? Would you get married with somebody who says that he loves you but he would read a letter written by somebody else ?
Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
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Well… I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't trust politicians because people talk about it openly all the time. We have been promised by the candidates in each electoral campaign that once we vote for them they are going to fix the problems, improve the unemployment, lower the taxes etc. They lure us with beautiful words and promise us everything that we want to hear to gain our support for them but once they are being elected, the time goes by and their electoral promises are still hanging in the air. And the same story happens time after time, election after election. Thus this is the reason why eventually people stop trusting politicians and call them openly “liars”. This is even being stated in the dictionary when we look at the definition of politician:


1. a person who is active in party politics.
2. a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles.*


WTF… This has already become so obvious that even dictionary talks about it. And this is also the reason why many people don't even participate in the voting anymore because they have been disappointed many times and they know that the situation is going to repeat itself again.

And of course I also take into consideration this point when I say that I don’t trust the politicians because of their empty promises from the past. But the main reason why they don't trust them is this:

I don’t trust them because when they make a speech they are reading it from the paper.

Everything else is perfect: they make perfect surrounding and create appropriate atmosphere, they smile, they have open body language etc. but...... And this one single “BUT” is a very important “BUT”. They don’t speak it live BUT they speak from the paper. And I didn’t learn it from any book or from anyone. I have had this knowingness of it in me always and almost every time whenever I listen to somebody reading from the paper then there is something not “right” about it, something is missing and there is emptiness in the words. As a teenager I didn't understand what it was but later in life it all has become clear to me. When the politician makes ( reads ) a speech from the paper he/she is using big and beautiful words because they want to gain the support from people this way. They do it and people vote for them - it is effective way to gain voters. But this is not just the fault of the politician and I do not want to judge and blame them for this. Because the voters allow themselves to fall into the trap of manipulation through beautiful words thus both sides are equally responsible for the consequences of having politicians who are liars. They lie, we believe them and accept it, we applaud them, clap the hands, we vote for them and we have another 4 or 5 year term with the liars in the parliament – simple as that.

Thus the candidate or the politician is using big and beautiful words because he wants to win the support of the voters. But the words are empty and they don't carry any substance whatsoever. And I am sure that you know what I'm talking about. There is a huge difference between the word spoken in a speech because it sounds great and people respond to it, and the word that is spoken by person who is living the word in real life. Let’s take some big words like “love” and use it as an example. I could organize a surprise and take a woman to a beautiful place at the sunset, make a beautiful flower arrangement, buy a diamond ring and say to her: “I love you”. And if she is just like the voters who clap the hands and starts having the tears in her eyes because apparently I have touched her heart then I will have a girlfriend or a wife. But if the woman is wise…

To be continued…
Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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This is the continuation of the previous article: 2012 - IS PRAYING TO GOD AN INVESTMENT – PART 1 ?

5. Now let's have a look at the whole process or making a prayer to god. There are various methods:

- we go to the church, we make the prayer, we give some coins to the priest for leading the mess and we go home hoping that god will answer our prayer one day.

- we do the prayer at home, we take the rosary, repeat the prayer so many times and expect the same result.

- some people also offer something to god or charity hoping that their good deed will please god and he will answer their prayer. In regards to the offering of something to god to please him we’ve had various forms of it throughout the history – apart from giving money to the priest, in the past we were killing the animals or even the children because we were convinced that this will please god.

Now let's have a look at the definition of the investment. What is an investment ?

“…Investment is the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income or appreciation in value…” *

Do you see the similarities ? The whole process of prayer looks like one of the best investment opportunities. You give some small coins to the priest ( your costs ), dedicate your time to prayers and weekly messes in the church** and expect to get a profit ( thousands or even millions of dollars ).

If you are not into giving the coins to the priest then there is also very common practice when you promise god that after you for example win the lottery ( thanks to the intervention of god ) you will give a certain percentage of it to the charities. This is also another form of investment. The final costs of it are maybe higher*** but at least you pay the costs only if the investment is profitable ( low risk investment ).

But this doesn't make sense at all. If God is so powerful and able to intervene into the laws and regulations of the lottery then why doesn't he give the whole jackpot to the charity directly himself ? To be possible for god to give money to charity he needs to help you to win the jackpot and only later you will give 10 - 30% of it to charity. There is no logic in it at all !!! And by the way why would this almighty god need to use the lottery to give money to a poor people and charity ? Why doesn't he create the money himself and gives it to all poor people directly ? By interventions into the laws of lottery god would be fucking up completely the rules and regulations of Bernanke’s Federal Reserve System and I assure you he would not be happy at all about it.

These are the facts. But of course if you believe strongly in god then you will not see it this way at all. You will see it as heresy, you will feel offended and hurt inside. You will not be able to read this article at all. You will reject it, you will try to defend your beliefs and maybe even attack me and everybody else who is trying to shake up your self-created beautiful believes about almighty god. But you know what ? This is just “normal” reaction because all of your beliefs that exist inside of you make you blind and you don’t see the facts even though they are here right in front of your eyes. You see it but you see them through a filter which distorts the reality but at the same time you think and believe that you are completely right. Ask yourself the questions and look just at the facts:

- What is the reality in our world ?

- There is starvation, poverty, hunger, war, crime, prostitution etc.

- Why God in his almightiness doesn't change it ???????????????????????????????????

**time is also defined as capital in the world of business
*** when you go to the church every week for a mess you usually pay about 1-5 $ for the priest while in the second option people usually promise about 10 – 30 % ( this is called negotiation in the world of business and investment ) of the total prize from the lottery which could sometimes be few millions of dollars ( 10 % from 10 million $ = 1 million $ for charity ).
Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music


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I know that this is a bit touchy topic because I will be talking about God and we have been taught and convinced into believing that everything that comes from God is perfect. Thus we should not question it or in any case criticize him. But I am not trying to attack god at all. I am just looking at the things the way they are in front of me, just looking at the facts. I leave on the side the beliefs ( e.g. that everything that comes from god is good and perfect ) because the believes and hopes make us blind and we act completely irrationally.

In general every religion is based on the concept that our lives on earth are some form of preparation and test before we go to heaven and experience eternal bliss while being next to God. We have been also convinced into believing that this material world is something not important because all that matters is heaven – the invisible, non-material, eternal world after the death.

Thus let's have a look at the facts when it comes to praying to god for money.

1. As I said before materialistic world is being treated by religious people as something not important, as something that is dirty and degrading to the soul. But the fact is that we are here and we must live here until we die. And while we live here we are subject to the rules of this material world. Thus we have to eat, drink, wear cloths, get a house, go to the doctor etc. And all of those activities of our daily life will run smoothly ( for majority of the humans ) if we have money.

2. Another fact related to it, is that in the capitalistic system there is limited amount of money and majority of us struggle to get them. We try to get the money in every possible way but there simply isn’t just enough of them and this has a great influence on how we function every day because if you don't have money you will have no food. The most common way of getting the money is through getting the job or making own business providing various services and goods in exchange for money. But even then we are not getting enough of them and we are constantly searching and trying different methods to get more of them including robbery, lying, cheating, prostitution or even killing sometimes. Some of us are lucky and they win the lottery or inherit a fortune from a family but this doesn't happen too often.

3. Another way of getting the money or rather we should say a method of trying to get money is by asking God for it through the prayer. As a matter of fact this is something against the principles of the religion because as I said in the beginning, the religion is looking at the material world as something degrading to the soul and thus we should not ask god about material things. But no matter what the principles of the religion says, asking God for money is one of the most common subjects of our prayers. This is another fact and I have to admit that I did it myself too.

What is the efficiency of it ? Well… There are people who say that their prayer has been answered by god. But in general it is difficult to prove it because many people give credit to god for something that was a consequence and normal outflow of their actions ( including the law of attraction ) or it was just a coincidence. Apart from this there are no precise statistics about it and as I said before not all people would admit that they are asking God for material things. But without having any statistics about it all we need to do is just to look at this world and then the answer should be clear. There is too much suffering and starvation, which indicate that praying to god for money is not effective. And I guarantee you that most of those starving people pray to god for food and money. But even though this is so obvious ( 1 billion of starving people on earth ) we don't want to accept that there is something missing here. Either we pray in a wrong way, or god just ignores us completely or he doesn’t exist at all. We find some silly excuses trying to explain why god hasn't answered our prayer yet and we continue praying, and praying, and praying… But the fact is that this is not as effective as we think and believe it is.

4. Why do you pray for money to God ? Does God have the printing machines to print the money ? Of course you don’t look at this from this point of view. You have been taught and made to believe blindly in god and his unlimited wisdom and power. But the fact is that God doesn't control the money because the money has not been created nor printed by god. By praying to god for money we state that he should make a phone call to Ben Bernanke ( the chairman of the Federal Reserve System ) and tell him to give you the money. Or maybe we should be rather praying to Ben instead to god ? Of course the chances of Ben giving us the money are very slim because this would be against the rules and regulations of the capitalistic system ( inflation etc. ). All that he would do is saying: “I can give you money but you have to pay me the interest for it”. And this is the fact.

To be continued….
Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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This is the continuation of a previous article: “WHAT IS SEX ?” - HOW TO HAVE A BETTER SEX & ORGASM ? - PART 1.

In any case sex is what we want and what we desire. But do we really understand it ? If I ask a simple question about it like: what is it and why do you do it ? You would most probably answer: because it feels good, because it is “natural”, because you cannot live without it so why should you resist it etc. But all of this is very superficial. You just follow your instincts, which in reality are “programs” engraved deeply in your subconscious and unconscious mind and you just do it believing that this is natural instinct. And I bet that most of you have never ask themselves more detailed questions related to this topic ? For example:
What is sex ? Why do we have sex ? Why it is that we as human beings think of sex all the time ? Where does orgasm come from ? What is happening with the energy from the orgasm ? Why only rarely both of you get the orgasm at the same time ? Why do we masturbate ? What drives us that we must masturbate ? Why we cannot stop masturbation ? What are the consequences of masturbation ? What is relationship ? Why do we have butterflies in the stomach when we fall in love ? Why do we cheat in the relationship ? Why do we break up ? And many more…

I am not asking you to stop having sex because in reality there is nothing wrong with it. But the problem is that we do it because we have been taught and programed to do it. We are just automated robots doing exactly what the program says. We call it natural instinct but in reality - for most of us - this is just another robotic program. I know that you want to object it and push away from you what I am saying here. And this is just another automated self-defense mechanism. Anyway… You decide for yourself if you want to continue participating in the illusion that has been created in our world around the topic of sex. I just want to say that there could be much more to sex then what we are being taught in a traditional way. But you will never know it unless you stop participating in the illusions. When you know what is real then you will know what illusion is. But this never works the opposite way. You will never know what is real as long as you live in a fantasy because you believe that this fantasy is the only reality.

If you would like to find out what sex really is then I would recommend that you start researching, investigating and educating yourself about it. And you will not learn much about it by watching porn on internet because this is also fake. The porn stars are just actors who are being paid money ( a lot of it $$$$$ ) to do what the screenplay says. But again this is not real.

Thus I recommend that you start with Desteni. They are offering an excellent course ( “ Agreements – redefining relationships“ ), which will help you to understand thoroughly the origins and the nature of sex in all the aspects of it. And once you have the understanding of it you will have a chance to explore it from a different starting point. You will have a possibility to experience sex not as an illusion or fantasy but as something real. And I cannot write anything more about it because the only way to know it, is to experience it for yourself.

Apart from the course, Desteni is also providing educational material in the form of audio interviews and e-documents which you may get here ( ).

Enjoy !

P.S. This is for all of those who desire to have sex with the perfectly looking and beautiful models from the magazines. You make fantasies in your mind about it and you imagine yourself having sex with this person. Most probably this will never happen but yet you desire it and at least you can masturbate while imagining it in your mind. But do you really think that in real life they fuck as good and as perfect as they look in the magazine ? When you fuck you cannot make it better with photoshop anymore !!!
Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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Sex ,sex, sex … This word has over 600 millions monthly searches on internet done from our PC and laptops. But this is not all. We may not forget that we live in an era of advanced technology and more and more people use mobile phones and other mobile devices to connect to the internet. And these people have made more than 400 mln searches. Thus altogether we have over 1 billion !!! searches for sex on internet per month.

Interesting… Isn't it ? Thus no surprise when people say that “sex sells”. If you want to make a profitable business then invest into sex industry and people will find you and you will money of it.

Now we should ask some questions. What is the reason that people are looking for it ?

The obvious answer is: “because we desire to have sex”.

But we may ask again another question: why people are looking for it ? Don't we have wives, husband's, boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers etc. with whom we do that stuff ? Maybe we do but - obviously for some reason - whatever we have is not enough or it is not what we really want. But are we going to have ever enough of it ? Maybe this is just another addiction ? Because the behavioral patterns of the people in regards to sex are in many cases matching exactly the patterns of addiction. Have you ever thought about it ? Most probably you didn't.

Also we have to consider another element. We have never enough of it and we always search for more of it because we have created some sort of fantasies in our minds in regards to sex and perfect relationships. But as I said this is fantasy which can never be fulfilled. This fantasy has been created in our minds right from the early years of our childhood. It has been initiated by our parents telling their children beautiful stories of “happily ever after”, reading them books about it before they go to sleep and letting them watch all these beautiful cartoons about it without explaining what is real. And later in life this is being continued by television, internet and the whole media industry in general.

Look at all these beautiful pictures of perfectly formed models on the posters, in the magazines, on television etc. They have perfect bodies, no fat, no wrinkles, white teeth etc. But this is not even real ! Most of it has been edited in Photoshop. It is fantasy. It will never be fulfilled because this doesn't exist in this reality. But yet you have been tricked to believe in it. You have been brainwashed and allowed yourself to desire it. You have become this desire and you are constantly searching and trying to find the ways to fulfill it at all cost. You are blinded by it and you don't realize that this is not possible to achieve.

The “marketing” which started right from the early years of your childhood has been effective and we can see it clearly - more then 1 billion searches for sex on internet every month is the reflection of it. The relationships that we have are almost never good enough because we always search for the fulfillment of our fantasy.

To be continued...

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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The myth or the legend of the civilization of Atlantis is one of the oldest and most spellbinding of all the world's mysteries. It has puzzled both skeptics and believers alike. Where exactly was Atlantis and where is it now? What caused its destruction? Exactly how advanced were the Atlanteans?

There are a lot of theories about it. There are a lot of unanswered questions. Will we ever be able to find the answers to it ?

Well… Almost all of us would say that this is rather impossible. The only possibility would be if we make archeological discoveries that would definitely prove that the Atlantis was real. But here is the problem. Because many scientists and archeologists have tried to do it for many years already and even with the use of best technology they are not able to find anything definite.

The reason for this could be that Atlantis existed long time ago at all has been destroyed through erosion processes. Historians give theory that Atlantis existed some 200,000 – 10,000 B.C. And I guess you agree with me that if our civilization stopped to exist today, then after 200.000 years everything would turn into dust - all of our buildings, cars etc. Thus this could be the reason why we cannot find any prove of existence of Atlantis. And what about if Atlantis existed some millions years ago ?

We should also not discard a possibility that scientists and historians have already found a prove of existence of Atlantis but they are not sharing it with us. And knowing how our governments operate this should not be a surprise to you and you should also consider this option. We should also not dismiss the theory that Atlantis could have existed on another planet or maybe even in another dimension. Or maybe we are just looking in the wrong places ? All of it is unclear, seems to be a fairy tale. But at the same time people talk about it, investigate it, expect to find the answers and sometimes dedicate their whole life trying to find a definite prove of it.

But that’s enough with talking about different theories. Let's go to the point. Around 2005 happened something unprecedented in the history of humankind and we could say it was almost a miracle. It has opened interdimesional portal. That means that beings from other dimensions could come into this reality, speak directly through the portal and share their experiences and their knowledge. And I know that if you hear it for the first time then you think that this is unreal, unbelievable and that I am crazy.

But I am not asking you to believe me blindly. I only want to share with your this information so that you may also know about it. And if you want you may further listen to all of the information that has been shared through the portal and there is a lot of it. Later you may do all the study, cross referencing and connecting the dots for yourself. You may also find detailed information about Atlantis. And this information is coming from the source because the real Atlantean being as speaking directly through the portal and explaining the history of Atlantis.

You have never expected something that this to happen. Have you ? And because you have never expected something like this, your first reaction when you hear about it ,is: “this is not possible”, “this is not real”, “this is a fairy tale”, “you ( referring to me here ) are crazy”, “this person who is the inter-dimensional portal is on drugs ( acid )” etc.

But you know what ? I don’t care what you think and say about me or about the portal. I have been studying this topic for more than 15 years, I have cross-referenced the information, I have connected the dots, I have used common sense and logic. And to me on this makes sense. I listen to the information, I don’t reject it but I don't become fanatical about it either. It is valuable information which helped me to connect the missing dots. And I leave it up to you to make a decision whether you will listen to it and connect the missing dots for yourself.

But if you want to know more about Atlantis directly from the source, from the real Atlantean being, then look here: ATLANTIS - the untold story.

If you are also interested about aliens, UFO and the Reptilian race then you may listen to 32 video interviews with the God of Reptilian race. This is very fascinating but at the same time I have to warn you that this information may be shocking to you when you hear it.


Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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Now listen to this… It is very funny.

My friend has a dog. This dog is very friendly and you will hardly ever hear him barking at anybody. My friend takes care of him, gives him food, takes him to the vet when necessary etc. But at the same time he treats him as equal being and gives him complete freedom to do whatever he wants. That means that the dog can come home whenever he wants to, sleep, eat etc. And he may go outside whenever he wants to.
It is also important to know that my friend doesn't live in the countryside but in a small town with “civilized” people. And these civilized people are accustomed to treat the dogs in the traditional ( civilized ) way, which means that they take the dog outside for a walk 2 to 3 times a day on a leash. It looks like they don't understand at all that their dogs need some freedom too. And instead of stopping for a moment and learn something from my friend, some of the neighbors have gone into the automatic judgment mode, they got angry about it and they have decided to call the police.

Now here is the funny part.

The policeman comes to my friend’s house and is asking some standard questions about the dog. ( P = policeman, F = friend )

P - It has been reported that your dog is walking on the street unattended and without the leash.
F – Well… possibly.
P - Do you know that this is not allowed ?
F – Well… this is not my business.
P – What do you mean ?
F - There is a dog living in my house but this is not my dog… He just lives here…

The policeman started to become a little bit agitated and angry with this response and he started to write a ticket.

F - Are you writing the ticket for the dog or for me ?
P - For you.
F - This is not my dog. I just let him live here.

The policeman becomes more and more angry.

F – Look, look there… There are cats on the other side of the road on the fence walking without the owner. Why don't you go and write them the ticket as well ?

The policeman got completely stunned with this answer. He was angry but he didn't know what to say anymore. He just wrote the details of my friend and he left completely pissed off mumbling something quietly.

Well… let's see how the whole story will end. I will keep you informed on the development of it.

Will the city council and the police penalize my friend ( or rather the dog ) ? My friend is not going to pay for the dog because he doesn't feel responsible for the dog. He treats the dog as equal to him and just lets him stay in his house.
Are they going take the dog to court ?
Will the dog go to prison if he doesn’t pay the penalty ?

In any case we should learn something from my friend. We should stop for a moment and think about the animals that we have at home ( our pets ). Would you like to be treated the same way as you treat the pet ? If you were in the “shoes” of your animal, would you like to be always kept on the leash and never have the freedom to go outside ? Or would you like to be kept in a small cage for your whole life and never have a chance to fly freely in the sky and seat on the branches of the trees ?

Treat the animals with respect. Treat them as you would like to be treated by them. Treat them as equal to you. Give them freedom. If they like you, they will stay with you for their whole life. But let them decide for themselves. Otherwise this is nothing else but slavery.
Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
EQAFE - Self perfection books, audio & music

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UNEMPLOYMENT IN SPAIN – JAN 2012 = 5.3 MLN = 22.8% - PART 2

This is the continuation of a previous article: UNEMPLOYMENT IN SPAIN – JAN 2012 = 5.3 MLN = 22.8%

But the reality is as follows. You are here and now. And you need money to survive. And neither God nor government will give you the money. You will be left alone. There are many who are hoping that this will never happen to them. But there are also many who used to hope like this and now they are on the street struggling to survive. The difference is that before they were in a position to do something to prevent it and they have missed this opportunity because they hoped and believed naively that they will be spared from misfortune. And now almost all of their energy and time is being spent on trying to find ways to survive on the street. And they are almost incapable to change anything anymore unless they stabilize themselves again within the current system and where they have income to cover at least their basic needs. Do you really need to go through this process and unnecessary struggle and suffering before you fully comprehend what I am talking about and then you will make decision to start changing things ? You choose your future.

Thus I suggest to you. If you are now in a position and capable of doing something to prevent this from happening then do it. Stop waiting, praying and hoping that this will never happen to you. Maybe this will not happen to you because you have so much money that you will be always able to buy yourself food and water no matter how much it cost.

But have you considered some other elements ? These people who have no money and are fighting for their survival are becoming desperate. And when people become desperate they have almost no moral values as you would expect them to have. They may come to you to steal your money. And when you oppose they will beat you up or maybe even kill you. And you should not be surprised by it. Most probably you would do the same if you were in their shoes.

Look… for example Colonel Muammar Gadaffi in Libya. He was in control of billions of dollars, he had enormous army to protect him. But all of this did not save him from the desperate people. Eventually he was shot with the bullet from the gun of a desperate person. And we have even seen it on TV. Desperate people have no morals and when they are pressed by the fear of survival they will get anybody in this world and kill them.

Before this happened Gadaffi was in a position to make a change in his country and maybe even in the world. He had resources and power to create different economic system which would take care of all the people in his country. He didn't do it. He missed the opportunity that he had. Today he is not here. He is dead. He cannot change anything anymore.

Of course we are talking here about the top figure - a leader of the country. But in reality this applies to every single human being who is in a position to make a change in this world before it is too late. You are not running the country but maybe you are the boss of your business. And you have some resources that you could direct into making the change. It is maybe not much but if there are more people like you then this “not much” will add to another “not much” and altogether we will have “a lot”. We will have a group that consists of individual human beings and as a group we will be able to act more effectively and we will have a bigger impact.

If you don't do anything now you never know what will happen with you. You may end up exactly the same like Gaddafi. Thus I suggest that you do something to prevent it. Do something to create a system where everybody will have enough money and resources to have a good life. Don't wait, don't hope, don’t pray. Do something practically.

Equal money system is a practical solution for humanity to deal with all the money problems that we have in today's world. The Basic Income Grant is an intermediate step towards it. Do something to implement it.

You may join us at Desteni Group. We are working already on implementation of Equal Money System.

P.S. Some of you think that Spain is in European Union and live here is a paradise. The reality is different. Once you run out of your unemployment benefits you have almost no support from the government. There are many people here from other European countries who have lived in Spain for many years paying their taxes. And sometimes we are talking about the figures of 500.000 € paid in taxes over the years. But today they have no money and they need help from the government. But they don't receive it at all or at least they don’t get it so easy. You have to go through extremely complicated process of bureaucracy, employees of the government offices are not helpful and as a matter of fact they have been given unofficial directives to cancel your right to receive help from unemployment office if you fail to meet all of their requirements even though they don’t make any sense at all.

And no surprise. Spanish government doesn't have money. They have a lot of debts. Thus they are not willing to help so easy. It doesn't matter that you are entitled to it and you deserve it. It doesn't matter that you have no money to provide for your family. The government doesn't have money and they don’t care. They have their own problems and they have to save the money somehow. And one of the way to save the money is to make it difficult for people to seek the help unemployment office. Life in Spain is not so easy even though this country is part of European Union.
Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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UNEMPLOYMENT IN SPAIN – JAN 2012 = 5.3 MLN = 22.8% - PART 1

Number of unemployed people passed the 5 mln mark in the last quarter of 2011, official figures show. 5.3 million people were out of work at the end of December, up from 4.9 million in the third quarter. This rate rose from 21.5% in the 3rd quarter to 22.8% and it is the highest rate in nearly 17 years. Spain already has the highest jobless rate in the European Union and everything is pointing out that they are going to slide back into recession. Of course those who are in power are trying to make it look beautiful and indicate that they are in control of it by saying that the figure is BELOW the 5.4 million estimated by the Spanish finance minister on Thursday.

But what does it change trying to make it look at it a bit more pretty ? There are 5 million people without a job and it is not going to be easy to create that amount of jobs in the very near future. Big part of those people will receive some money from unemployment office and they will be able to cope somehow with the payment of their expenses – food, house, cloths etc. And in the meantime they should be able to look for another job. But as I said before, it is not going to be easy to create 5 million jobs in the near future. The whole world economy is being troubled and Spain is not going to be able to create magically 5 million jobs out of thin air.

Thus we have a problem. Out of this 5 million people there are already many who have not been able to find a job for a long time - 1 to 3 years or even more.

What does it mean ?

After certain period of time they will not receive unemployment benefits anymore. Maybe they will be able to receive something but this “something” is not enough to live on it. You will be left on your own.

How are they going to survive then ?

If you are lucky and have family or friends who support you then you will be somehow ok. But what about if your friends and family are not able to help you because they are also struggling with survival ? The answer is clear: crime, robberies, selling drugs, prostitution, illegal activities, increased rate of suicides and murders etc. Common !!!! You don't have to be a genius to figure this out. This is what is already happening in Spain and this is what is going to increase in the future. There will be also a lot of secondary problems - low morality, depressions, health problems because of poor nutrition and many more.

There are many people who have not been able to find a job for long time. There are many people who are not receiving any more unemployment benefits anymore. There are many people who have no choice but to turn into robberies, prostitution etc. because they have no other alternatives to get money to survive And there will be more and more people joining this group because as I said before and I repeat myself for a 3rd time - Spain is not going to create magically 5 million jobs in the near future.

You can be as spiritual as you want…
You can hope that in 2012 there will be shift in consciousness and afterwards everything will be perfect and beautiful….
You can be as positive as you want…
You can believe in God as strong as you want…

But the reality is as follows….

To be continued.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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Thank God for the prostitutes ( men and women )!!! What would we do without them ? What would we do when we get horny and we don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband etc. and we had to do something with our sexual desire and pressure that is building within us.

Thank God for the existence of money !!! Because without the money we would not be able to pay the prostitutes for their services.

Thank God and prostitutes themselves for their great service and their hard work.

I was wondering… We have mother's day, we have father's day and have many other special days in the year. So why don't we have any special prostitutes day when we can praise them for their hard work and we would buy them flowers and treat them special and be grateful to them for their hard work ?

1. How many prostitutes do their job because they love doing it ?
2. How many prostitutes do it because this is an “easy” way to be rich ?
3. How many people prostitute themselves because they cannot get money in different way and they have to provide for themselves and their families ?

I don't have the correct statistics but I wouldn't be mistaken if I said that there is less than 1% of prostitutes who do their job because they love it. And the majority of prostitutes do it because they have to do it and are forced to do it either by other people ( mafia ) or difficult financial situation.

Of course those who have money to pay for the services of the prostitutes don't see anything wrong with it. They give an explanation that this is just another job, they pay money for the service and expect to be served. But if you say something like this then this is nothing else but prove that you are f….n egoist. Maybe the prostitute needs your help ? But you don’t give a shit about it. You just pay the money, do it and you go.

I have few questions for you.

Would you like you children to be a prostitute ? I know that the prostitute is an adult person (but not always) but would you like that your son or daughter is a prostitute ?

If your answer is NO then think about it: … this prostitute that you have just visited has a mother and father and I don't think that she would be happy if she knew that you did it with their daughter for money. Maybe you have children and you just don't know that they are prostitutes because they are ashamed to tell you about it ? Maybe your children are still small but maybe in the future they will be forced to become one of them because of difficult financial situation. Would you like them to become one of them ? Is this the type of future that you desire for them ?

Again I don’t have any correct statistics about it but I would not be mistaken if I said that more then 99,9% of people would answer that they don't want their children to be a prostitutes. And probably 100% of parents would answer that they would not like their children to become a prostitute because they have been forced to do it because of difficult financial situation. Thus if you are falling in the this category of 100% parents who would not like their children to become prostitutes, then why are you do it yourself ? You are paying for having sex with the sons and daughters of other parents ( maybe your neighbors) and maybe they are doing the same with yours but you don't know about it. Why don't you ask yourself this common sense question ? Why don’t you do something about the prostitution ? Why don’t you change it ? Why don’t you stop it before your children grow and will be forced to face the harsh reality. The financial pressure is growing and more and more people are faced with the situation when they have to consider prostituting themselves because this is the only way to provide for themselves and for their family.

All it needs to be done is changing the economic system. If you have read my previous articles you should already know what I am talking about. Equal Money System is a new system that would help us to solve this problem. Are you going to support it ? This is the chance for the whole humanity not only to solve the problem of prostitution but also many other problems.
Thus… will you do it ??????

P.S. Oh… I forgot one thing about the money. We should say: “thank God for the lack of money” because without the lack of money there would be no prostitutes.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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