Well… I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't trust politicians because people talk about it openly all the time. We have been promised by the candidates in each electoral campaign that once we vote for them they are going to fix the problems, improve the unemployment, lower the taxes etc. They lure us with beautiful words and promise us everything that we want to hear to gain our support for them but once they are being elected, the time goes by and their electoral promises are still hanging in the air. And the same story happens time after time, election after election. Thus this is the reason why eventually people stop trusting politicians and call them openly “liars”. This is even being stated in the dictionary when we look at the definition of politician:


1. a person who is active in party politics.
2. a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles.*


WTF… This has already become so obvious that even dictionary talks about it. And this is also the reason why many people don't even participate in the voting anymore because they have been disappointed many times and they know that the situation is going to repeat itself again.

And of course I also take into consideration this point when I say that I don’t trust the politicians because of their empty promises from the past. But the main reason why they don't trust them is this:

I don’t trust them because when they make a speech they are reading it from the paper.

Everything else is perfect: they make perfect surrounding and create appropriate atmosphere, they smile, they have open body language etc. but...... And this one single “BUT” is a very important “BUT”. They don’t speak it live BUT they speak from the paper. And I didn’t learn it from any book or from anyone. I have had this knowingness of it in me always and almost every time whenever I listen to somebody reading from the paper then there is something not “right” about it, something is missing and there is emptiness in the words. As a teenager I didn't understand what it was but later in life it all has become clear to me. When the politician makes ( reads ) a speech from the paper he/she is using big and beautiful words because they want to gain the support from people this way. They do it and people vote for them - it is effective way to gain voters. But this is not just the fault of the politician and I do not want to judge and blame them for this. Because the voters allow themselves to fall into the trap of manipulation through beautiful words thus both sides are equally responsible for the consequences of having politicians who are liars. They lie, we believe them and accept it, we applaud them, clap the hands, we vote for them and we have another 4 or 5 year term with the liars in the parliament – simple as that.

Thus the candidate or the politician is using big and beautiful words because he wants to win the support of the voters. But the words are empty and they don't carry any substance whatsoever. And I am sure that you know what I'm talking about. There is a huge difference between the word spoken in a speech because it sounds great and people respond to it, and the word that is spoken by person who is living the word in real life. Let’s take some big words like “love” and use it as an example. I could organize a surprise and take a woman to a beautiful place at the sunset, make a beautiful flower arrangement, buy a diamond ring and say to her: “I love you”. And if she is just like the voters who clap the hands and starts having the tears in her eyes because apparently I have touched her heart then I will have a girlfriend or a wife. But if the woman is wise…

To be continued…

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