Then we have this thing with making wishes ( Happy New Year ). But what meaning does it have ?

If you stop and start investigating this point with making wishes it is something like:

“Happy New Year and fcuk off till the next year when I am going to wish you happy new year again ”  

Look… you may be sincere in your wishes but in the end you stop there and you do rather nothing to make this year happy for this person. You leave this responsibility to god, universe or some other higher force. But if nothing “happy” happens to this person for the whole year then there is not a big deal. You just say in compassion “I feel really sorry for you” and you make a wish so that this coming year will be better and happy. But if nothing happens then you do the same next year and so you are “locked” literally forever in the cycle.  

As you can see the negative aspects outnumber the positive ones. But even though the list with positive and negative ones was in favor of celebrating New Year’s Eve then we have that just this element with animals being terrified as a result of fireworks is big enough to forbid them completely.

At the moment we don’t really know why we make such a huge celebration of the “first hour” of a new year. We just do it “just because” everybody else does it… Even though other cultures and religions have their own calendar which does not match with the Gregorian ones they have still accommodated this event and habit. 

Personally I do not see any reason to celebrate the new year. And I do not do it. But it does not mean that you may not do it if that is so important to you. Just take into consideration that our current way of celebrating it makes harm to other beings who share this planet with us ( animals and not only ) and you completely ignore this fact. I am not surprised at all with this fact because we live in separation of our mind and ego and this is the “natural” outflow and consequence of it. 

So how to change this ?

Well… we take the simple approach of applying practically common sense and logic. Demonstrations and protests are rather not effective and the local governments will continue with the fireworks even though some people will oppose it. But if there is less and less people participating in these events then it will change itself automatically and easy without any violent crashes. So the obvious thing is to stop watching the fireworks or doing them privately at your own event with friends. And if you have any pets at home then you should definitely stay with them and give them comfort as much as you can. Under no circumstance do not leave them alone at home.

And so this is my point in regards to celebrating first hour of the new year. I do not celebrate it and I am one person less in causing harm to other beings on this planet by following some habits and tradition which we don’t really know where it came from. If you do the same then we will have 2 persons less. And if others do it as well then we will have 3,4,5… persons less. And so we will change the whole world even though we are “small and insignificant”. 

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Now… not every dog or cat reacts in a similar way to the explosions of fireworks. But still this happens very often. And definitely it is much easier for animals to cope with it when the owner is with them at home as then they feel more safe. But this is not always the case and I know the owners leave their pets alone at home ( even though they know that this is a terrifying experience for them ) and they go to see the show.

And what about all the animals in the wild ?

They have their rest and then suddenly the fireworks start to explode. Tell me:

How would you feel if you got woken up suddenly in the middle of the night by the explosions of bombs or other things but you would not be able to comprehend where it comes from and whether this is threat to your life ?

Well… you have probably never thought about it… or have you ?
Look… on the 31st of December I went in the evening to eat dinner in the restaurant. Literally 5 meter away from the balcony on which I sat there was sudden explosion of the fireworks. And I got scared. Because I know what it was then I got myself stabilized almost instantly. But the animals are not prepared for it and they don’t know what is happening.  

If you live in the mind and in the separation then obviously you do not see these things or even if you see them then you always find a justification and you continue with it.

You’ll see… just this thing with the animals terrified by the explosions is a reason good enough to suspend FOREVER the shows of fireworks. But if that is not enough then I can give you more examples in contra.

Look… another thing related with the celebrations of New Year is drinking champagne, other alcoholic drinks and of course taking drunks.

Do I have to tell you what are the consequences of it ? I am certain that it is not needed as this is obvious thing.

Then another point is that people leave a lot of rubbish and break a lot of glass ( for luck as they say ). But why do we have to leave such a mess so that the city square looks like a battle field ? 

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So now - once I have asked myself the question “WHY” should I celebrate the 1st of January as a new year - I should try to find the answer.

And when I think a little bit about it then the only reason why I should celebrate the new year on the 1st of January is because everybody else does it. That is fine. There should be not a problem with doing things because the rest of people do them. But before we make the decision to do these things we should investigate and analyse whether it is not causing harm to others and in the best scenario we should take into consideration the principle of what is best fall all. So that means that we should look at the point whether the celebrations of new year are good for every being on this planet.

So the first thing which is being associated with the celebrations are the fireworks. They look cool and personally I really enjoy watching them. And the best place to see the show is to be as close as possible to the launch platform so that the explosions happen right above my head and so that I can hear the sound of explosions. On couple of occasions I have watched the fireworks from the mountain but because it was few kilometers away then the sound was coming with the delay and the whole show was not the same. And the same is with watching the show on the TV. It does not matter how spectacular it is, it will never beat the experience of being directly under the explosions which happen right above your head with the black sky in the background.

Now… although from time to time somebody gets injured or gets burns during the explosions, in general the fireworks show is rather safe if people follow the safety rules. And for this reason we should not discard organizing these shows just because somebody drunk has done something stupid and he got injured.

But you’ll see… there is one point which most of us omit or ignore. The principle of what is best for all includes that which is best for all beings on this planet. And this all includes also animals, insects etc.

And you’ll know what ?

The fireworks shows are not good at all for the animals. If you have your pet at home then you should know how scary it is for your puppy when the fireworks start to explode. If you don’t a dog or cat or any other animal at home then I am certain that you have heard more than once about it but then you simply ignore it.

Look… when I was kid I used to visit my grandmother during my school holidays. Then I remember the moments when the plane was passing the sound barrier and in this moment there was a noise similar to an explosion. On couple of occasions I saw that the dog of my grandma running away from the underneath the tree where he was resting because he got seriously scared. And then I also noticed that he had the fear and resistance to ever go back and seat under this tree.   

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So here come the 31 first of December and big part of humanity celebrates the beginning of new year.

But why do we celebrate it at all and when was the very beginning of the celebrations of a new year ?

I am 40 years and this is really the first time that I am asking myself this question. I am not into celebrations of birthdays, Christmas or New Year but then this is the first time when I am asking it. Before that I was accepting it as something normal and I did not bother to stop for a second and ask the “WHY”.  

But why should I make my life so complicated and question it instead of having fun with my friends and enjoying the show of fireworks ?

You’ll see… I am not with my friends at the moment because I worked all day and I am tired. And then I also have my responsibility ( commitment ) to write my daily article. Anyway… I am here writing this article about the celebrations of a new year and I am absolutely thrilled that I have come to the point when I ask myself the “WHY”. If I was with my friend then I would certainly not bother to question anything and I would be just like always following blindly our tradition.

So I am here asking myself the question “why” and I am incredibly content that I have asked it. this is really fascinating because I have been participating in the celebrations of the new year for some 35 years and I have never asked myself the question why.

You’ll see… this is one of these things which are right before your very eyes but yet you do not see them. And the problems is not so much with the weakness in the eyes but rather with the believes which we create in our mind and which are like a veil which does not allow us to see things with clarity.

And so I have my little realization which gives me incredible satisfaction.

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So... we are continuing with our unconventional business negotiation techniques although in this article we are not going to discuss the techniques directly. But because the subject of this article is closely related to the whole story thus I have decided to publish it under the same title.

Now... before we continue I would like to be sure that you have read part 1 to 3 of this article.


If not than please do it now. It is important that you are familiar with the story because I would like to ask you a question. I am certain that various people will have different reactions while reading these articles: some of them will be shocked and feel sorry for the businessman who has been tricked into signing unwillingly the contract, some of them will be afraid that something like this may happen to them etc. But I'm very curious and I am very interested to know how many of you - while reading this article about this businessman - have asked yourself the question about the naked girls in the sauna: who are they ?, where do they come from ?, why are they doing it etc.

The first and most obvious answer that comes to our mind is that these girls are prostitutes and they are doing this for money. Well... this is not necessarily true and I will explain now why. This businessman sharing this story with his friends and accidentally also with me because I was seating next to them in the restaurant and I could hear the whole story, has explained it all. He didn't want to have sex with this naked girl or girls from the sauna even though they were very attractive and beautiful. But because the host was insisting that he chooses one and he didn't want to upset them, he agreed to choose the girl and to be taken by her into the private room. But there he didn't do anything with her what would normally be done by others ( I mean he didn't have sex with her ). They had a drink and they had a conversation.

After a while this girl started to trust this businessman and she explained him her situation in it. She told him that she comes from a small town. One day while she was walking on the street somebody stopped a very luxurious car next to her, 2 people got out of the car and started to talk to her. They have explained that they are from a very famous model agency and that they are looking for new faces and new models etc. In the end they have offered this girl to come to their office in the capital city for the casting etc. They have said that they will pay for the flight, accommodation etc. and if she gets through the selection from many other girls who will also come to the casting, then she will be offered job in their agency.

Everything sounded very interesting at that moment for this girl, she has agreed to participate in the casting and the selection at the agency in the big city and couple of weeks later she was on the plane. She was a little bit nervous because she wasn't sure if she will get through the selection but at the same time she was very excited because it was all new experience for her and there was the possibility to get a well paid job and maybe become famous model, which is the dream of many young girls.

Unfortunately in the end the fairy story has turned to be a nightmare. When she arrived to the appointed place her passport has been taken from her and very soon after she was explained what kind of model she will become. She was told that she must do all that she is being asked to do or otherwise something unpleasant may happen to her and her family. And so she understood very quickly that this is not a joke and these people are capable of doing this kind of things. And apart from this they knew the address of her family because she told them everything while filling in the form during the process of arranging the "casting" for her.

At the end of her conversation with our businessman she asked him not to tell anything to her boss because otherwise she would have a lot of problems and who knows what would happen to her.

And here we are. Our host ( person B ) is so generous to person A while saying: "choose the girl... it's on me...".

To be continued...

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process
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In the last few days I have been talking a little bit with the university students and from this conversation I have figured out that the education in the last 20 years has not changed at all. It is the same as it was when I was a student and it is simply overloading students with unnecessary knowledge ( forcing people to memorize ) which is in 80 - 90 % not practical and within the short period of time after the exams it will be almost completely forgotten.

Thus the question is why do we spend so much time of our life ( up to 20 years or sometimes even more ) trying to memorize things which are not practical and not necessary ? And on top of it you have to pay a fortune for it ( in many countries ) if you are a university student.

Where is the logic in it ?

We all know that this is completely senseless but yet we are doing it year after year and we are not changing it. And why not ? You know yourself that most of your classes ( when you were at school ) were boring. And would it not be fun to learn something practical that you can use in life. I remember my experience. Few months after I have graduated from the university I have joined a college of natural medicine to learn massage. And I had fun with it because it was something practical that I could use immediately after I have learned it.

And this was the point. It was all practical. And it was fun. And it would be exactly the same if we were teaching our children practical stuff. There would be much fewer problems with difficult children at school too. And I know it also because I have a friend who is a teacher in a school which follows a Waldorf's program. And it is all different there. The children are different and have fun.

Listen... you have had your experience at school and you remember that it was fucking boring so why do you let your children go through the same shit ? Do something to change it.

If you would like to do something and change it you must understand that our current school system is aligned with the economic system which wants to make as much profit as possible and thus the change must also be applied to our current economic system. Thus have a look at Equal Money System because this would give a sound foundation for a new school system.

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This is the continuation of the previous article:


Ok... and what about me and what I think about the 21 Dec 2012 and Mayan prophecy about the end of times ? On the contrary to my friend I have been involved into spirituality and the new age movement for about 20 years and I have investigated this topic quite thoroughly - I have read about it and I have heard many different theories from other people involved into spirituality.

And you know what ? I don't believe ( actually I am certain ) that nothing will happen on the 21st of December. There will be planet alignment which is unusual event because it happens once in 26,000 years but it is only unusual when we take into consideration a span of human life. But in the life and the existence of universe ( which counts the time in billions or maybe trillions of earthy years ) this is just a normal event - just another cycle. It is just unusual for people who make most wonderful stories in their minds about this event. You know... in the mind we can imagine anything we want and it could be the most beautiful wish, dream or desire but in the end it is just fiction - it is not real.

The reality is different. I don't have to write about it here. Just look yourself on the news and on internet. And you know who has created it ? Yes... us ( people ). It was neither god nor devil. It is just that we don't want to admit it and take responsibility for it because that means that we would have to work our asses off to make the change in the world because the mess is enormous and it will require a lot of effort to change it. And people got used to have comfortable life and thus to avoid the hard work we would rather create a belief ( excuse ) about the god, the savior or miraculous event ( shift in consciousness, planet alignment ) which would clean the mess for us in an instant so that we could continue our comfortable life.

But the reality is different. We will still be here on the 22nd of Dec 2012 and we will have to go to work ( those who are lucky to have one ) and deal with the shit that we have allowed and created in this world. There is only 2 possibilities to get out of the shit that we are in right now. We either continue the way we do it now and we will destroy life on this planet completely ( at the moment this is the direction that we are heading for ) or we get our asses of the comfortable sofa and start working together and cleaning the mess.

Thus it will be interesting to see the reactions of so many people who allowed themselves to accept the belief about the mysterious event on the 21st of Dec, 2012 and when they see that nothing happened of what they have expected. Some will wake up and start to ask questions about the spirituality, new age, Armageddon etc. but there will be also those who will come up with another idea that the event will happen somewhere in the future and they will wait for it. Because this is what so many of us want - we want to believe in something in the future instead of being here and working with what is here to make a world which is best for all.

To be continued...

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