Now… not every dog or cat reacts in a similar way to the explosions of fireworks. But still this happens very often. And definitely it is much easier for animals to cope with it when the owner is with them at home as then they feel more safe. But this is not always the case and I know the owners leave their pets alone at home ( even though they know that this is a terrifying experience for them ) and they go to see the show.

And what about all the animals in the wild ?

They have their rest and then suddenly the fireworks start to explode. Tell me:

How would you feel if you got woken up suddenly in the middle of the night by the explosions of bombs or other things but you would not be able to comprehend where it comes from and whether this is threat to your life ?

Well… you have probably never thought about it… or have you ?
Look… on the 31st of December I went in the evening to eat dinner in the restaurant. Literally 5 meter away from the balcony on which I sat there was sudden explosion of the fireworks. And I got scared. Because I know what it was then I got myself stabilized almost instantly. But the animals are not prepared for it and they don’t know what is happening.  

If you live in the mind and in the separation then obviously you do not see these things or even if you see them then you always find a justification and you continue with it.

You’ll see… just this thing with the animals terrified by the explosions is a reason good enough to suspend FOREVER the shows of fireworks. But if that is not enough then I can give you more examples in contra.

Look… another thing related with the celebrations of New Year is drinking champagne, other alcoholic drinks and of course taking drunks.

Do I have to tell you what are the consequences of it ? I am certain that it is not needed as this is obvious thing.

Then another point is that people leave a lot of rubbish and break a lot of glass ( for luck as they say ). But why do we have to leave such a mess so that the city square looks like a battle field ? 

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