We have a lot of uncertainty and instability on the financial markets in the recent weeks – sharp falls on world stock markets, high unemployment, credit difficulties for banks and critical situation in Greece is threatening stability of European Union. It all looks very, very bad.

The leaders in governments and financial institutions try to find the solution and assure us that everything is under control. But in reality they just give us fake smiles to not create panic because in reality the situation is extremely difficult. We are on the edge of another financial crisis, which will be most probably even worse then the last one in 2007.

Are we completely helpless ? Can anything be done to prevent it ?

YES, of course it can be done !!!!!!!!!!!!

How many times you have to be told about Equal Money System before you finally get it. EMS is the solution to most of our problems ?


Equal Money System is the solution to problems of humanity....!
Equal Money System is the solution to poverty....!
Equal Money System is the solution to starvation....!
Equal Money System is the solution to greed....!
Equal Money System is the solution to war....!
Equal Money System is the solution to lack of money....!
Equal Money System is the solution to prostitution....!
Equal Money System is the solution to child labor....!
Equal Money System is the solution to animal abuse....!
Equal Money System is the solution to pollution....!
Equal Money System is the solution to crime....!
Equal Money System is the solution to corruption....!
Equal Money System is the solution to stress....!
Equal Money System is the solution to health problems....!
Equal Money System is the solution to climate changes....!
Equal Money System is the solution to terrorism....!
Equal Money System is the solution to cruelty....!
Equal Money System is the solution to egoism....!
Equal Money System is the solution to financial crisis....!
Equal Money System is the solution to financial unemployment....!
Equal Money System is the solution to problems of humanity....!

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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This is the continuation of my previous article about microchips ( Microchips - Part 1 ).

4. Another important point in implementation of plans of the elite. They are not emotional. They are cold blooded bastards who use emotions to manipulate, control and enslave humanity. And their strong point is that they are very patient and work over long period of time. They make small, seemingly invisible steps towards realization of their plans. And you ignore it, accept it and don't react because you think only about your nearest future. You don’t think long term like the elite. And this is your weak point. Anyway there is still too much resistance today towards microchips. But step by step, slowly and patiently they will convince people to perceive it as something normal and accept it free willingly. There are already many communities of rich people who agreed on microchips in their body as a form of protection. And with the time this will be more popular. In the beginning the microchip is being presented as something positive and only later elite will use it to control and manipulate people ( for example through activating certain chemical changes and emotional states in your body with the use of the chip ). Suddenly something will go wrong in your life and you will not know why. You will not think at all that this could be related to microchip in your body because you will already be convinced that microchip is something good. There will be a lot of false and confusing information about it in literature and internet and the doctor will not be able to confirm it. And then it will be too late.

Thus this is the negative and scary side of microchips. But let's have a look now at possibility to use it in a way that would improve our life.
1. Microchip would be of great help in emergency situations. We would be able to find people who are stuck under the gravel after the earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes etc.
2. We could find children who got lost or kidnapped.
3. Microchip could help to monitor the state of the body and alarm in advance about the danger of heart attack or other life threatening diseases.

Thus we may see that microchips could really be used in a way that is positive and it is really not necessary to associate it only with negative. But I also understand that our current economic and political system in the world is designed to abuse others and make them slaves to few who are in power. And because of this I would not agree to have microchip implanted in my body today. I am against it for the moment.

I would only agree to have it done if I saw that people love and respect each other and treat others as one big family. I would need to see that people live and apply what Jesus was trying to teach us - “Do unto others as you would like to be done unto you”. And only then I would agree on microchip. At the moment we can hardly trust anybody. We are stupid, greedy egoists. Presidents, political leaders and even our friends and closest family members are able to cheat and tell lies in the face. We are blinded by our emotions, we have no moral values and we are able to do almost anything for money ( including murder and any other worst possible thing ). Thus I say no to microchip in the moment. But I will consider it in the future if people make change in their moral values.

As of today I will support "Desteni Group" and their plan to implement Equal Money System because at the moment this is the only realistic and feasible solution to save our world from destruction and evil plans of elite to further enslave humanity.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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The topic of microchips brings a lot of discussion and controversy. Nobody really talks openly about it on TV but there is quite a lot of information on internet about it. But most of the information about it comes from sources that also talk about New World Order and plans of the elite to force humans to have microchip implanted under the skin so that they can be controlled more efficiently.

Thus people immediately react in fear when they hear about microchip. And I also had the same reaction when I read about it for the first time 10 years ago. I remember that I have put myself into a state of fear and defense immediately. I said to myself “no way !... I will never allow anybody to do it” etc. I have associated microchip in my mind with something really bad and I have not even tried to look at it objectively and see if this could have any positive side to it. I was completely blinded by the emotion of fear and I was unable to think straight. By the way this kind of reactions of becoming blinded through emotions is seen day to day in lives of humans and we make so many stupid mistakes because of it.

Only after few years I started to investigate and look at the idea of microchip with different attitude and being more objective. But let's leave it for the moment and have a look at the probability of realization of the plan of the elite to implant microchip in humans. Is it possible to stop it at all ? I strongly doubt it. But let's have a look here at some important points to consider.

1. Our technology is already advanced enough to produce this kind of microchips and it has been already successfully tested on humans ( prisoners and volunteers ) and more widely used on animals. So I guess everything is already prepared and elite is ready to do it on the mass scale whenever possible.

2. Microchip could be used as a diversion of our attention. While we are worrying about microchips, elite is doing other things that go in the direction of gaining more control and we are not doing anything to stop them because we focus on other things. Have a look at our current system – internet, Facebook, Youtube, emails, mobile phones, credit cards etc. If somebody wants to know something about you then almost everything is there on internet. If somebody from CIA or police wants to know anything about you they have all this information and much more. Thus practically speaking elite has already control of information about you without having a microchip implanted under your skin. And you don't see it nor react because to you it all seems to be normal. You are worrying and gossiping about microchips while the elite is making their plans come true.

3. If elite decides to implement chips under your skin you won't be able to stop it. I doubt it. Because with proper “marketing” and manipulation tricks you will accept it and you will be thankful to them for it. You will belief that you make your own decision without realizing that you have been intentionally manipulated to think that you have free will. Because you will be convinced that this microchip is the best thing to protect you. Look at this. We know that war is bad and people will die when they go there. But despite of this knowledge many of us supported war in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. It was just a matter of cleverly organized attack on “Twin Towers” in New York. And then you were supporting war in Iraq because you feared about your life. This is just marketing trick, manipulation with the use of fear. And when it comes to implementation of microchips, the elite will use the same dirty tricks. And you will be happy to accept all that they propose you. For example it would be enough to kidnap few children and make a proper propaganda in the newspapers and TV. The best would be to kidnap or even just make a fake story of kidnapping of a child of somebody politically important, famous celebrity etc. And later propose the idea of microchip to be implanted in children under disguise of protecting them from criminals and kidnappers. And guess what ? Most of the mothers blinded by emotions of fear will support politicians who introduce it in the parliament. Emotions will take over them and they won't be able to think straight and objectively in the beginning. And most probably it will take many years before we start to realize what we have allowed.

To be continued...

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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Tropical storm “Irene” has struck USA and has brought enormous damage destroying houses, roads and disrupting lives of humans. This year 2011 we had already other natural disasters that also brought a lot of damage and killed many people. There were earth quakes in New Zealand, hurricane in Australia with big flooding, tornados in USA and of course the biggest earthquake in Japan with fatal consequences on nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

It is obvious that humans are almost completely helpless in the moment of facing events of nature, which can destroy their whole life within minutes.

The governments always try to help people with rescue efforts, supply of basic needs ( food, water, shelter etc ) in those moments and dedicate certain amount of money to rebuild the infrastructure. Also those who have insurance will get the money to buy themselves new house, car etc. and rebuild their life.
But not everybody is fortunate and being treated equally. There are also many who don’t have insurance or will get only very small payments from their insurance company and people are left on their own without necessary support. And this is the reality of our economic situation.

What is the solution ?

Natural disasters cannot be stopped. They are natural events that happen on our planet and are beyond our control. But it is also true that a lot of those events are provoked by humans themselves. All the pollution that is by-product of human’s activity puts a lot of stress on our planet and brings out of balance the whole ecosystem. The results of it are extreme climate changes and nature events that are fatal for humans. But as I said before we cannot blame anybody but us ( humans ) for it.
Although natural disasters cannot be stopped, a lot of them could be prevented if we managed somehow to reduce pollution. But unfortunately this is rather impossible in our current economic system. Our governments and various organization attempt to do it for some time already but they are very ineffective and the pollution is continuously increasing. And of course we will have to experience the consequences of it in the form of natural disasters that will destroy our infrastructures, our houses etc. and kill many of us.

And I would like to point out here again ( as in my other articles ) that the solution to our problems is in Equal Money System because the pollution and usage of earth resources would drop by more then 80%. And this would help earth to restore balance and equilibrium relatively quickly ( within 10 – 20 years ). And we would be able to achieve it without really having to compromise on our quality of life. In equal money system we would be actually much better off then we are today – we would have cleaner air and water, cleaner food and we would live in abundance that is comparable if not even better then life of the millionaires of today.

But we are not doing it !!! And what is stopping us from doing it ? Nobody but us. We are greedy bastards and stupid egoists. We think only about ourselves ( or our closest family ) and we don’t give a shit about others. OMG… How much more suffering and destruction do we have to experience before we finally we wake up and start to make the change ?

Another thing that I would like to mention here. Earth is not a stupid, dead piece of rock floating in the cosmos. Earth is also a living organism and we are part of it, the same as viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that live inside as well as on the surface of the human body. If the viruses get of out control, they produce too much “pollution” inside of the body that later desynchronizes and puts out of balance the whole system, which manifests itself in the form of sickness and disease that endangers the functioning and existence of the whole human body. And of course we always fight back the viruses with our medicine and various methods. So I guess you should not be surprised that earth is also defending herself against humans because our activity endangers the functioning and existence of whole body of earth in the universe. And our planet is also using medicine ( hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires etc. ) - just like us - that would re-establish equilibrium in the whole body. And the same as you are killing viruses, so is earth killing humans. Thus natural disasters are the result of the imbalance and pollution created by humans. But you have to also realize that a lot of those disastrous events are intentionally directed by earth as a form of medicine to reestablish equilibrium. Earth will not tolerate forever humans who destroy and abuse her just like you will not tolerate viruses that destroy your body.

Thus I advice you to stop abusing earth because if you don’t do it then earth will get rid off you and you will not be able to defend yourself. This is not a fairy story. Earth is a living organism. Stop destroying it and instead help earth to heal herself. And you will benefit from it too beyond your imagination.

Support equal money system.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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Humanity has a lot of the problems. And most of those problems are related to money. Because most of us have become dependent on money, we have do things that we don't want to do at all. And quite often people are doing a lot of things that humiliate them to get money for the survival – soldiers, prostitution, marriage for money, crime etc. This has been already going for very long time and it seems that there is no solution to it.
Most of us believe that this will never change because this is the way it is, we simply adjust to the situation and play they rules of the game of survival of the fittest. Although the ways we get the money are very unethical and cause a lot of suffering to others, we have to understand it somehow and forgive people for doing it.

But what seems to be completely without the logic is that people have completely given up to the current system and it seems that they don't want to change it at all. People would not have to do all the humiliating things to get the money if we implemented equal money system. EMS is a new economic system that would solve most of the problems of humans and at the same time it would allow everybody to live according to standards of today's millionaire ( and I would say that even better ).

Some of the principles of EMS
1. Every being would have guaranteed supply of basic needs for the whole life – food, house, cloths, car, computer etc. – whatever would be agreed upon as basic.
2. Everybody would have to work only 4 years in their whole life – these 4 years of work would be done in the factories of food, farms, cloths factories etc. - everything that would be necessary to maintain constant supply of basic needs for the rest of humanity. After 4 years everybody would have the right to retire and dedicate their time for their hobbies, traveling, family etc.
3. If somebody would like to have money for the luxurious goods then he or she would have the opportunity to work extra in other jobs where they could earn money for luxurious goods.
4. All of this is unbelievably simple and it would be possible to make it happen and implement in real life of humans through voting in normal political elections.

And although all of it makes sense because we will have to work only 4 years instead of 40 and have living standards much better then the millionaires today, it is not so simple to convince people to support it and get them actively involved into implementation of this system in real life. There is a real chance to make it happen within period of 10 years but people resist it, discard it and attack with fury and hate those who try to present it to them.

And this doesn’t make sense at all. There is a solution at hand that would solve most of the problems of humanity within the period of 10 years, yet hardy anybody wants to listen to it and support it. Where is the logic in human behavior. We all want to be rich and have time to spend with our families, travel and occupy ourselves with our hobbies, we all want to have clean water and beautiful world, yet we don’t want to support equal money system.


Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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