Many of us will be saying that this is not possible, that this is utopia.

But is it really so impossible to achieve it?

If we look at the world as it is today, it makes logic to say that this would be difficult and impossible to implement it immediately today. But it doesn't mean that it is impossible to achieve it at all. We are talking about 10 – 30 years time frame.

Of course the whole process will not happen by itself. Somebody needs to do it. And that somebody is you and me. We need to realize that we are responsible for all the mess and suffering that exists in this world and we are the ones who can change it.

If you would like to participate in the process of changing the world and establishing equal money system for all, join us....


P.S. But why should you care about what it is going to happen in 30 yrs time…?
Well… I do care… And I also know what your future is going to be in 10 yrs if we don´t do anything now.

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So... you are one of many who invest on the stock market hoping to multiply your money. You just do what others do and believe that this is normal and innocent.
But is it really...?

Let's say you are investor who wants to invest and buy some shares. So you will look at the charts and compare statistical indicators. If they are low, it is one of the signals to buy this stock. And you make decision to buy it. And after some time you hopefully sell it with profit.
And you may ask yourself: “...where am I destroying world in such a normal and common act as investing on stock market...?

Well, the answer is simple. You just don’t want to see it.

When you were making decision to invest into certain company, have you investigated and researched thoroughly:
what does the company?
what products?
what services?
how do they treat their employees?
how do they affect environment?
do they test products on animals?
do they use cheap labor in other countries?
do they abuse human rights?
how is the director/manager?
does the manager enjoys his job and does it with passion and love or he does it only for money? etc…

These are common sense questions. And every time you invest into certain company on the stock market and give them your money, you are supporting them and everything that they do. So if they abuse animals and destroy environment, you are equally responsible with them for all the damage and suffering that they do. If they are real assholes, you give them your support. For the sake of making money, you turn your head away, so that you don’t see the crimes.

It is so simple but you don´t want to see it...

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It is very common in our world to pray and believe in god, masters, higher spiritual beings, jesus, gurus etc. But despite of our beliefs and prayers, this world is in dire straits and there is a lot of suffering.

One of the reasons that our prayers and beliefs are not working, is because we are waiting for someone ( our object of pray ) to come and do the change for us.
Instead of us doing the change that we want.

Do the change yourself and be more practical in this world.


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I have been in a process of self development for about 15 years already. Of course, Desteni Group started around 2005. But I have been doing process before that.

And I would like to share my experiences in regards to the process and my family and friends.

It was not easy.
In the beginning I started to participate in courses and trainings. This was happening outside of my house and my parents didn´t know anything about. But with the time I have started to change. My behavior was different. I started to talk differently. There was a moment when I have decided to be vegetarian. But I was still living with my parents and I was depended on them. And I said that I am not going to eat meat anymore. Of course all this stirred the atmosphere in the house. All sorts of arguments that it is not healthy and bla bla bla… then one day my mother has found out one of my books about spirituality. She opened one page, read only little fragment from it. She didn’t like what was written there. And this fueled up even further the conflict.

My parents realized that I am doing something that I am not supposed to do according to the standards of “normal” people in this world. They started to attack me, convincing that I need to stop it etc.

But I didn´t…

I kept studying and practicing what I have learned. I know that I was not always right… but I knew inside of me that there is a big fuck up in this world. And I wanted to know why. I wanted to know how to change it.

I didn’t feel good at home. I had good intentions. I wanted to be a good person. Help others. Love others as Jesus was teaching. And I was not understood by others including my parents. Not only this. As I said before I was also being attacked by my parents. I was very said and hurt inside.

But I didn’t stop…

Finally I left the house of my parents and I went to another country. At least there I was away from them and I didn’t have to see everyday their attitude towards me. They didn’t do it always openly. But I am very sensitive and I felt that inside in their mind they criticized me.

Now I understand that I have done the right decision to leave home of my parents. They have decided to live their “normal” life. They have decided to be blind. They have decided not to do anything to bring the change to this world. And what is worst they were trying to stop me from doing it.

If this happens to you don’t be afraid to do the same. But I am not saying that this is the only and best way. You decide and assess the situation yourself. Because maybe your example will help to open their eyes and maybe your parents will join you in the process now, which would be incredible.

In my case I realized that my parents need more time to realize things. And if I stayed with them they would only be obstacle and slowing down my process. So I made the decision. It was not easy but necessary.
And the same applies to your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, your children.
It may not be easy but we must be doing what is best for all.
And so until all of it becomes easy.

For more information and support look at http://www.desteni.co.za/ and  FAQ .

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Like you, I am one of those who has seen, that this world needs to be changed.

I have seen it and I have felt already many years ago that something is not right here on this planet – abuse, greed, wars, hunger etc.

And I have decided to do something about it. I have started to study about spirituality, different religions, meditation etc. I was practicing it regularly and with enthusiasm, what I learned. I gave up my “normal good life” – my friends, my family, wealth and many other things. I have followed the directions of enlightened people and masters. I came across teaching of the ascended masters from The Summit Lighthouse organization. I went through teachings of Ramtha, Sai Baba etc. And I have read many, many other books about this topic. I met many people that have been also in this circle.

I have learned many interesting things. But as a matter of fact the world in the last 15 years has changed very little. And I have asked myself questions. Why the world doesn’t change? I am doing what is told by the masters and the change doesn’t come. Why, why, why….?

About 3 years ago ( in 2007 ) I came across Desteni Group. And I have found the answer to my question of why we are not progressing with the change in the world. I started to open my eyes more and I understood that we are trying too much to change things in the mind, completely ignoring and abdicating from the physical world. We are trying to escape from earth and ascend to heaven completely ignoring what is here.  

But what about if we stop trying to escape to heaven…? What about if we face this reality here on earth and change it? Of course it is not going to be easy and it is not going to happen in an instant. Same as the mess the will live in hasn´t happen in one day. There is a lot of mess to be cleaned up and nobody will do it for us. Each and every one of us needs to clean his/her own shit. But the sooner we do it, the sooner the world will change.

Unfortunately not everybody understands this simple fact right now and that´s why the earth is in a state of dire straits. But we must start to act - no matter what. So, let´s unite all of those that understand it in this moment and start to act now. And later we will educate others how to:
-         stop wars, greed, egoism
-         respect all life equally ( all people, races, animals, plants, insects, earth )
-         create abundant life
-         clean the pollution

This is nothing complicated. These are simple, common sense things, simple logic. We just need to stop talking only without acting. We must do it. And eventually we will make the change.

I invite you and recommend that you investigate more about Desteni Group -  FAQ .

Greg Wiater

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I could write quite a long story about this topic, because I had a chance to experience and observe for many, many years my father, who was very seriously addicted to alcohol.

And we have tried so many different methods to help him. But nothing was really working. He was able to stop for some time but then he was returning to it time after time drowning more and more into it.

And after many years of pain and suffering I have finally found the answer.
After many years I have finally understood, why none of the methods have worked.

The reason was that he was never really committed to it. He didn’t really want to stop drinking. He was always finding excuses, always blaming others for his problems…

Despite of what others say, the solution to the problem is very easy.
1. Do not start…
2. If you start doing it, stop it now, immediately… not tomorrow.

1. You know that if you start doing it, you will fall in and you know the consequences. In most cases it is just matter of time before you get back into it. It is so simple and logical. It happened to you before so many times. Don’t fool yourself that you are so strong and you can control it now. If you think that you can control it, do this experiment: …start drinking alcohol or taking drugs and if you can control it, you should not get drunk nor get some cool dreams and visions. You should be able stay calm and in control all the time.

2. If it happens that you start doing it, you better stop it immediately before the “train of addiction” accelerates to the point, where you will not be able to stop it and control it.

Believe me… these are the easiest and simplest methods.
And the most interesting point is that almost everybody knows it – the most intelligent scientist and a person without school degrees.
The problem is that we don’t do it, we don’t apply practically what common sense tells us. We are lazy and we lack self discipline.
We make so much fuss about it and try to find different, complicated methods and medications, which can deal with this problem. But in reality nothing on the outside will ever make you stop your addiction. You are the only person, who can stop it through self discipline.

For further practical information about how to deal with addictions:


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Are you one of those people that live here – on this planet earth… and look at the world and… see that something is not right????

You don’t really need to be any genius to say that something is not right.

But I don’t want to impose things on you. So I will just ask you to do little exercise. Don’t do it for me. Do it for yourself. Stop for few seconds during the day while you are doing your normal things. Stop for a while, take a breath and look around and listen...
Stop on your way to work…
Stop at work…
Stop while you are doing your hobbies…
Stop at home when you are with your family…
Stop while you are watching tv…
Stop whenever and wherever you want…

Just few seconds each time or more if you like and observe…

And what do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel?

If every time that you do it, you see that everything is perfect for you and everybody else around you, then you don’t need to read this further.  

But if you see at least once, that something is not as it should be, that something is not right, then... have you ever ask yourself other questions….
Why something is not right?
Who is doing all of this, that is not right?
Can someone do anything to change it?
Can you do anything to change it?

Maybe you are already one of those people who dare to ask yourself these questions…
Maybe you are already one of those people who dare to see that something is not right in this world…
Maybe you already are one of those people who want to change something… 

But maybe you don’t know how and what to do…?
But maybe you say: “…what can I do in this world? …what can somebody so insignificant like me do and change this world?

The real change will only be possible if every “little, insignificant” person in this world stands up and starts doing something practically.

Hope without practical deeds will not do anything. Look how many people hope that something will change one day. And it looks to me as the things rather go worse and worse instead of getting better.

We need to act... do things… be practical…

Only then we will be able to change the world…. Only then we will be able to stop for a while at any moment of the day… look around and say: “ this is perfect and little insignificant me has done the change together with others insignificant me…?

Desteni Group is an organization that has already started to practically change the world. And is assisting and helping people to understand:
-  how this world operates and functions
-  how can we effectively change ourselves
- how can we effectively change this world

And they don´t hope!!! They do it every day more and more.They act and show others what and how it can be done.

You will be also able to find some more information on FAQ .


Greg Wiater

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