So... you are one of many who invest on the stock market hoping to multiply your money. You just do what others do and believe that this is normal and innocent.
But is it really...?

Let's say you are investor who wants to invest and buy some shares. So you will look at the charts and compare statistical indicators. If they are low, it is one of the signals to buy this stock. And you make decision to buy it. And after some time you hopefully sell it with profit.
And you may ask yourself: “...where am I destroying world in such a normal and common act as investing on stock market...?

Well, the answer is simple. You just don’t want to see it.

When you were making decision to invest into certain company, have you investigated and researched thoroughly:
what does the company?
what products?
what services?
how do they treat their employees?
how do they affect environment?
do they test products on animals?
do they use cheap labor in other countries?
do they abuse human rights?
how is the director/manager?
does the manager enjoys his job and does it with passion and love or he does it only for money? etc…

These are common sense questions. And every time you invest into certain company on the stock market and give them your money, you are supporting them and everything that they do. So if they abuse animals and destroy environment, you are equally responsible with them for all the damage and suffering that they do. If they are real assholes, you give them your support. For the sake of making money, you turn your head away, so that you don’t see the crimes.

It is so simple but you don´t want to see it...

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