This is the continuation of a previous article: “WHAT IS SEX ?” - HOW TO HAVE A BETTER SEX & ORGASM ? - PART 1.

In any case sex is what we want and what we desire. But do we really understand it ? If I ask a simple question about it like: what is it and why do you do it ? You would most probably answer: because it feels good, because it is “natural”, because you cannot live without it so why should you resist it etc. But all of this is very superficial. You just follow your instincts, which in reality are “programs” engraved deeply in your subconscious and unconscious mind and you just do it believing that this is natural instinct. And I bet that most of you have never ask themselves more detailed questions related to this topic ? For example:
What is sex ? Why do we have sex ? Why it is that we as human beings think of sex all the time ? Where does orgasm come from ? What is happening with the energy from the orgasm ? Why only rarely both of you get the orgasm at the same time ? Why do we masturbate ? What drives us that we must masturbate ? Why we cannot stop masturbation ? What are the consequences of masturbation ? What is relationship ? Why do we have butterflies in the stomach when we fall in love ? Why do we cheat in the relationship ? Why do we break up ? And many more…

I am not asking you to stop having sex because in reality there is nothing wrong with it. But the problem is that we do it because we have been taught and programed to do it. We are just automated robots doing exactly what the program says. We call it natural instinct but in reality - for most of us - this is just another robotic program. I know that you want to object it and push away from you what I am saying here. And this is just another automated self-defense mechanism. Anyway… You decide for yourself if you want to continue participating in the illusion that has been created in our world around the topic of sex. I just want to say that there could be much more to sex then what we are being taught in a traditional way. But you will never know it unless you stop participating in the illusions. When you know what is real then you will know what illusion is. But this never works the opposite way. You will never know what is real as long as you live in a fantasy because you believe that this fantasy is the only reality.

If you would like to find out what sex really is then I would recommend that you start researching, investigating and educating yourself about it. And you will not learn much about it by watching porn on internet because this is also fake. The porn stars are just actors who are being paid money ( a lot of it $$$$$ ) to do what the screenplay says. But again this is not real.

Thus I recommend that you start with Desteni. They are offering an excellent course ( “ Agreements – redefining relationships“ ), which will help you to understand thoroughly the origins and the nature of sex in all the aspects of it. And once you have the understanding of it you will have a chance to explore it from a different starting point. You will have a possibility to experience sex not as an illusion or fantasy but as something real. And I cannot write anything more about it because the only way to know it, is to experience it for yourself.

Apart from the course, Desteni is also providing educational material in the form of audio interviews and e-documents which you may get here ( eqafe.com ).

Enjoy !

P.S. This is for all of those who desire to have sex with the perfectly looking and beautiful models from the magazines. You make fantasies in your mind about it and you imagine yourself having sex with this person. Most probably this will never happen but yet you desire it and at least you can masturbate while imagining it in your mind. But do you really think that in real life they fuck as good and as perfect as they look in the magazine ? When you fuck you cannot make it better with photoshop anymore !!!

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