I know that this is a bit touchy topic because I will be talking about God and we have been taught and convinced into believing that everything that comes from God is perfect. Thus we should not question it or in any case criticize him. But I am not trying to attack god at all. I am just looking at the things the way they are in front of me, just looking at the facts. I leave on the side the beliefs ( e.g. that everything that comes from god is good and perfect ) because the believes and hopes make us blind and we act completely irrationally.

In general every religion is based on the concept that our lives on earth are some form of preparation and test before we go to heaven and experience eternal bliss while being next to God. We have been also convinced into believing that this material world is something not important because all that matters is heaven – the invisible, non-material, eternal world after the death.

Thus let's have a look at the facts when it comes to praying to god for money.

1. As I said before materialistic world is being treated by religious people as something not important, as something that is dirty and degrading to the soul. But the fact is that we are here and we must live here until we die. And while we live here we are subject to the rules of this material world. Thus we have to eat, drink, wear cloths, get a house, go to the doctor etc. And all of those activities of our daily life will run smoothly ( for majority of the humans ) if we have money.

2. Another fact related to it, is that in the capitalistic system there is limited amount of money and majority of us struggle to get them. We try to get the money in every possible way but there simply isn’t just enough of them and this has a great influence on how we function every day because if you don't have money you will have no food. The most common way of getting the money is through getting the job or making own business providing various services and goods in exchange for money. But even then we are not getting enough of them and we are constantly searching and trying different methods to get more of them including robbery, lying, cheating, prostitution or even killing sometimes. Some of us are lucky and they win the lottery or inherit a fortune from a family but this doesn't happen too often.

3. Another way of getting the money or rather we should say a method of trying to get money is by asking God for it through the prayer. As a matter of fact this is something against the principles of the religion because as I said in the beginning, the religion is looking at the material world as something degrading to the soul and thus we should not ask god about material things. But no matter what the principles of the religion says, asking God for money is one of the most common subjects of our prayers. This is another fact and I have to admit that I did it myself too.

What is the efficiency of it ? Well… There are people who say that their prayer has been answered by god. But in general it is difficult to prove it because many people give credit to god for something that was a consequence and normal outflow of their actions ( including the law of attraction ) or it was just a coincidence. Apart from this there are no precise statistics about it and as I said before not all people would admit that they are asking God for material things. But without having any statistics about it all we need to do is just to look at this world and then the answer should be clear. There is too much suffering and starvation, which indicate that praying to god for money is not effective. And I guarantee you that most of those starving people pray to god for food and money. But even though this is so obvious ( 1 billion of starving people on earth ) we don't want to accept that there is something missing here. Either we pray in a wrong way, or god just ignores us completely or he doesn’t exist at all. We find some silly excuses trying to explain why god hasn't answered our prayer yet and we continue praying, and praying, and praying… But the fact is that this is not as effective as we think and believe it is.

4. Why do you pray for money to God ? Does God have the printing machines to print the money ? Of course you don’t look at this from this point of view. You have been taught and made to believe blindly in god and his unlimited wisdom and power. But the fact is that God doesn't control the money because the money has not been created nor printed by god. By praying to god for money we state that he should make a phone call to Ben Bernanke ( the chairman of the Federal Reserve System ) and tell him to give you the money. Or maybe we should be rather praying to Ben instead to god ? Of course the chances of Ben giving us the money are very slim because this would be against the rules and regulations of the capitalistic system ( inflation etc. ). All that he would do is saying: “I can give you money but you have to pay me the interest for it”. And this is the fact.

To be continued….

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