In this article I refer to the shocking terrorist attack that happened in Norway and 22nd of July 2011. All of this was organised and executed with cold blood by Anders Behring Breivik. He is Norwegian himself and he has done it to his fellows from his own country. He is not a crazy maniac doing this under influence of drugs or alcohol. He is physically fit and very intelligent and he knew all the time what he was doing.
He explains the reason for doing this. He wanted to bring attention of other people to his message that he was trying to convey. Over many years he prepared 1500 pages document - the manifesto, called “2083: A European Declaration of Independence”, in which he elaborates about a process of "Islamisation" that is apparently taking place in Europe.

Now let's try to analyse his behaviour and actions. Certainly he has come to some conclusions in regards to increased number of Islamic migrants to Europe. He has made his own opinion and judgment about it and most probably he has tried to convey and communicate his suspicions and message to other people for some time already. He hasn't given up even though he hasn't found many followers or people who would listen to him, and decided to convince other people to his ideas, opinions and beliefs with the use of violence ( bomb and gun ). He prepared and organised everything diligently over period of few years and later executed it without hesitation.

From studying different spiritual and psychological books, I have known already for many years that our external world is the reflection of what is inside of human beings. And I understand it even more since I started doing the course “Desteni I Process”. And I have looked at this whole situation in Norway from this perspective.

I have noticed certain similarities in the behaviour of Breivik to the behaviour of most of the humans in their daily life. Of course it is happening on much smaller scale but technically speaking the behaviour of other humans is exactly the same. This is especially visible in the families with children and in the relationships. I'm sure that you have seen it or even experienced yourself a situation many times where parents are trying to communicate something to their children. For different reasons a child doesn't understand fully what the parent is communicating and repeats the behaviour that the parent didn't like and tried to stop the child from doing it. In the beginning that is done in rather easy, relaxed way. But if the child continues repeating the same behaviour, despite the remarks, usually the parent starts to become irritated, raises the voice and later uses punishment in the form of slap on the bottom. In some cases this goes even to the point of extreme physical abuse, where the child ends up in hospital with bruises and broken bones. And similar situations happen in the relationships when there is a difference between the partners and they get into the dispute, when they raise their voice and sometimes physically abuse each other ( and sometimes also severely ).

I am certain that some parents will get angered that I compare them to the terrorists. And this is because the behaviour of raising the voice and giving a slap on the bottom of their child is generally accepted and regarded as normal. But in reality the behaviour of the parent beating a child carries exactly the same resonant energetic signature that caused behaviour of Breivik in Norway. He also wanted to communicate his message, but people didn't do what he wanted them to do and he decided to use the force just like the parents. And the same is with his attitude towards what he did. She said in the prison, after being captured by the police, that he doesn't see anything wrong with what he did. He has admitted to carrying out the attacks, but has not pleaded guilty to charges of terrorism. He explained that he wanted to give people a strong signal. Parents also don't see anything wrong with beating their children. And even in the case when a child ends up in hospital with severe injuries, the parent quite often explains that there was no other way to make the child to listen to them and that the child deserved it.

Technically speaking this is all the same resonant energy signature. This energy accumulates from every person participating in using physical abuse and after it reaches critical point, it discharges itself to balance the polarities and manifests itself in the form of events that shock the whole world. Thus Breivik is not the only one responsible for the terrorist attack in Norway. All of this is just a mirror that is reflecting what is inside of human beings who use physical abuse with the attitude of self righteousness.

If you would like to learn more about those connections and stop yourself from generating energies that later accumulate and manifest themselves in the form of shocking events in the world, join the Desteni I Process.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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Do you remember the movie “Braveheart” with Mel Gibson ? William Wallace - the main character of this film did not agree with injustice of the English rulers in 13th century in Scotland. Because of his disobedience his wife whom he greatly loved, has been killed by the local authorities as an example for others who would also dare to disobey the laws of the king. In his despair and sorrow he decided to do something with the injustice. He took what was available to him in the moment ( sword and other medieval tools for killing people ) and decided to kill all of those who were responsible for killing of his wife. The story goes on because with the time he discovers that the circle of people responsible for the injustice and killing of his wife is much larger and goes all the way to the king of England.

How does this film relates to the terrorists of modern times ?
Well… try to look at this closely from different points of view. In general William Wallace is being presented in the movie as a hero. But at the same time from the point of view of the king of England and others who were in power ( the elite ) he is being regarded as a terrorist. He was hurt and ruined by the injustice of system of power in 13th century and he stands up against it. He is being presented as a hero. We are impressed by his braveness and determination with which he fights for the justice. And almost all of the viewers of this movie stand on his side ( of course virtually but somehow we are supporting him and his values for which he stands ).

Now let's fast forward to current times. We have different scenery, a different actors but the story line is the same. But I'm not talking about the film anymore. I am talking about real life. Our system of power, politics, economy etc is operating in exactly the same way as it was functioning in 13th century. Injustice prevails and many people are hurt and ruined by the system. Most of those who are hurt simply give up and accept the belief that apparently they cannot do anything to change the system. But I'm certain that from time to time there are people who are like William Wallace and decide to stand up and do something to change the system which hurt them. And of course some of them in their sorrow and despair decide to take on the violent way of bringing the justice like the Braveheart - they detonate bombs, go on the killing spree with machine guns etc. They have their reason, they feel that they are justified and they have the right to do.

For example we have the father who’s child is sick and needs medical treatment that is very expensive. But he doesn't have the money to pay for it. Most probably he goes few times to the local authorities and everywhere possibly he can asking for help. But the answer is always no. The doctor will not perform the treatment unless the father pays the money first and eventually his beloved child dies. He’s got nobody else in this world because his wife already died and he spent all the money that he had on other alternative treatments. He's left alone in sorrow and despair. The injustice of the system which we all as humanity have created today ( capitalism ), has hurt him and ruined him. He decides to take revenge on the system. And he decides to kill the doctor and detonate the bomb in the government building ….etc.

The story from the film “Braveheart” as well as this example is fictional. But we all know that similar situations happen in real life quite often ( I refer to the situations where people are being treated in unfair way by the system - and if you don't see it then you must be really blind). We hear about them more and more lately on TV and in the newspapers. Then we also hear about violent murders and terrorist attacks that killed seemingly innocent people.
We are all shocked by it and immediately condemn the terrorists, judge them as very bad persons, psychopath etc. And this is normal reaction. But at the same time this is automatic reaction.

But what about if this particular terrorist or murderer is just like William Wallace ? What about if he's got his reason for doing it because the system killed his wife or his child ? In your mind you were on the side of William Wallace. In your mind you were a soldier of William Wallace supporting his fight against the king ( the system ) even though he was killing violently other people. Maybe you even had tears in your eyes while watching the movie because you were touched in your heart by his braveness and determination ?

So what if the members of terrorist organisation are like William Wallace ? Why don't you support them like the actors in the movie ? But you go automatically in the judgment and condemnation of them ? As I said before the king and his servants in the film were regarding Wallace as a psychopath, crazy, insane murderer and terrorist. They were giving him those labels quite often without knowing the reason for his actions. And you behave the same way. You judge them without knowing the facts.

There is a question.
Are you the servant of the king ( capitalism ) hurting and ruining innocent people's lives ? And that’s why you are shocked and react in fear like the royals and knights from the film because in the bottom of the heart you know that you have created and supported the system which is hurting other people. And now you are afraid that this terrorist would come and get you in revenge because you have contributed to his suffering ?


First of all because not every terrorist is like William Wallace and secondly because fighting violence with violence is not effective. And the examples of it we may see throughout the history of humanity where for example 2 countries or religions are in continuous violent fights for hundreds of years without bringing any peaceful solution.


Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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When Jesus was on Earth he was telling us:

“Love thy neighbor as thyself”

This was his message 2000 years ago. But this wisdom was not only given to people who lived with him in that time. This is a timeless message. And even though Jesus is being associated by many people with Christianity, this simple yet meaningful message applies to all beings regardless of their religion, nationality, skin color etc. Like any other wise and intelligent advice, it has only value if we understand it and apply it in our lives.

So how is our application of this message of Jesus since it was given to us by him ?
If we look at our world today we would see that things have not changed since he was here 2000 years ago ( maybe got even worse ). So many of us know his message, repeat it in our daily life but we don’t live it ourselves, we don’t apply it. We find all sorts of excuses of why not to do it. For example: “why should I do it if others don’t do it ?”, “nothing will happen if I don’t do it just one time ?” etc. And this is how we actually with those small acts destroy our world. On top of it we hope that Jesus will come and save us from this hell.

But do you really think that he will come and save you and die for you again ? If this was his intention he would do it already long time ago. Why would he wait so long and look at how people suffer ?

How about you stop for a second and analyse the whole situation and the true meaning of this message ?

Jesus gave us advice but he cannot do it for you. You have to understand it and apply it yourself, live it. Nobody else can do it for you ( not even god nor Jesus ).
If you don’t understand what I am talking about do this little experiment. Find somebody who is heavily addicted to something – let say alcohol. And do something that he stops it. You may explain him all the reasons why he is addicted, you may give him all the tools that will help him to stop it, you may do whatever you think that will help. But in the end this person will have to face the moment when there is alcohol in front of him and he will have to make decision if he will continue his addiction. Of course if you are next to that person you may take this alcohol away from him. But you will not do it always. Otherwise you will become slave to this person. I am sure that you will not want to do it for eternity. You would prefer that he applies the tools that you have given him and frees himself from the addiction. Anyway, sooner or later this person will be alone and will face the same moment where he will decide to drink or not to drink. And this is how the person will show in practice that he understood the problem, faced it, applied the tools that you taught him and stop it ( live it ).

And it is the same with the message of Jesus. He doesn’t want to be your slave and he doesn’t want you to be his slave. He wanted that you free yourself by applying the tools and wisdom that he gave you. He may not love thy neighbors for you. Jesus loves thy neighbors himself. But you must love thy neighbors yourself and show it in real life.

We are approaching times when it is believed that Jesus would come to Earth for the 2nd time as he promised. ( whether this is true or not is a topic for another article which I will do in the future ). But let's try to imagine his possible common sense action.

So what would Jesus do if he came to earth again today ?

1. Well, as I said before his message of loving our neighbor as ourselves is timeless and universal. And I am sure that if he came again he would tell us exactly the same message. Because it is very easy to see that humankind is still far away from living his message practically.

2. If Jesus came again to Earth he would also see very easily that there is a lot of problems within our monetary system. He saw it already 2000 years ago, he mentioned it many times and today this problem has got even worse. So he would see it very easily.
He didn’t change the monetary system in the past and I doubt that he would change it if he came to earth today. This is like with the alcohol addiction. Nobody can stop you if you are addicted to alcohol. Each and everyone has to understand that capitalism is causing a lot of problems in this world, apply the tools and change it - on the personal level as well as a whole group ( humanity ).

The tools are already at hand. I am talking about the Equal Money System. It needs to be supported and implemented in real life. I am sure that Jesus would also support this solution because if we look closely at it, we will see that equal money system reflects clearly his message to love thy neighbor as thyself and give them what you would like to receive.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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I don't think that I would be mistaken if I would say that Jesus and Buddha are the two most famous beings in human history ( at least in the last 5000 years ). I don't want to offend anybody and I will call them beings instead of god or son of god. Because this is a personal thing of every person according to their beliefs and religion. Also I used the word famous in a sense that most of the people on this planet know at least something or have heard about them something even though they don't belong to a particular religion ( Christianity or Buddhism ). I will also concentrate only on Jesus in this article.

Most of us know that Jesus was son of god, that he was doing miracles and that he died for the sins of people. There is a controversy and disagreement among different groups whether was really son of god and his purpose in Earth etc.
But without going in this direction and trying to prove this point, we could in general say that Jesus was the good person or being. He was helping people, healing them, teaching them etc. And I would say that most of the people on this planet would agree with me on this point. Because if we look closely and investigate our history from 100 A.D. until present time, we would hardly see anybody saying that Jesus was a bad person.

And I have a question to all of you…

How is it possible that people 2011 years ago saw Jesus as bad person ?
How come that people 2011 years ago hated Jesus, sentenced him to death, abused him and killed him on the cross ? How is this possible ?

Of course somebody could defend this point that this was the plan of god - his father, to clean sins of people. I don't want to discuss this in this moment. This is irrelevant and would take us the way from other important things. Because I would like to look at this more from scientific and psychological point of view. How come people are not able to see that somebody is a good person ? And instead they see this person as somebody very bad to the point that he deserves to be killed on the cross ?

From scientific point of view this is really fascinating and amazing. You are looking at something that is white but you see it as black. Somebody is trying to help you but you are afraid and try to kill this person.

Now… let's say that all of this happened because this was plan of god and he or she had his reasons for it. But if we look again at our history of 2000 years we could notice that the same is happening many more times. When somebody was trying to help people and expose the truth, they were killed or at least there was intention to kill them and remove them from this world. I give only a few examples: Galileo, JF Kennedy, Bruce Lee, Ghandi, John Paul II, “witches of the middle ages”, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and many others. And because of those facts we could easily eliminate this option that death of Jesus was planned by god.

Let's leave for the moment religious beliefs on the side and let’s look at all of this objectively.

Was it really a plan of god-father that Jesus died on the cross ? Or there is something really fucked up in people's heads and we don’t see what is good and what's bad…? ( good = what is best for all ).

There is one more important question to ask.
Today Desteni Group is presenting the solution for this world. Solution that is best for all, all inclusive - all people, animals, plants, insects and many more beings. Desteni is presenting Equal Money System.

But why people have reactions similar like they had 2011 years ago towards Jesus and many others after him ???????

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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In the last few days I was really concentrating myself on applying the famous “4 count” self-aware breathing technique that is being taught at Desteni I Process training. This technique is used to stop the mind.

It works as follows:

The whole breathing cycle is divided into four phases:
1. breathe in
2. hold breath
3. breath out
4. hold

During each phase we count from 1 to 4. After some time when you get used to it you don't have to count anymore. At least I don't do it anymore. Each phase takes me about four seconds and that’s it.

During the phase 2 and 4 I observe myself if I have any thoughts in my mind. If there is any movement within me in the form of thoughts, emotions or feelings I apply self forgiveness and I stop the thoughts. And so on breath by breath every minute, every hour, every day until I prove it and do it for 21 days straight. Without missing a single breath. This is the goal, the objective, the ideal.

In reality it looks like it is impossible to do. Especially in the beginning. Because after 2- 5 min I was forgetting about it. I do my daily activities and boom… I forget about my breathing. I start to think about something and I forget about my breathing. And so on.

After more than three years of applying it, I am still far from doing it continuously just for one hour. I am not talking about 21 days. I am still not able to do it even for one hour…. hahahaha… unbelievable…. Breathing is so so simple. We cannot live without it yet I cannot be aware of it for more then few minutes.

But at least lately I can see some improvements. I am approaching 30 min target with me being aware of my breathing and my thoughts. This is something remarkable. At least for me. I notice that I am progressing.

Why am I doing this ?
At Destiny they say that if we do it for 21 days, then we can free ourselves from the mind, from its control over us. And that's why I want to do it. I want to see what it means to be free from the mind.

Apart from this I am noticing that when I'm aware of my breathing, I am also more aware of my body. I am aware of my feet and every step that they make, I am aware of my hands my fingers, wind in my fingers when I walk etc. I am discovering new things about my body and about myself. Those little things that we take for granted, that are always with us but we don't pay attention to them. And you know what ? When I start to become aware of those things, I say… wow. Those little insignificant things make me to say wow. This is incredible.

I was also thinking in the last few days about this famous saying of Lao-tzu, that most of us already know:
“…A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…”

And I have decided to make it little correction to it:

“…A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single breath…”

Below are links to videos from Desteni that explain more about the “4 count” breathing technique:
- 121 Self Freedom in 21 Days
- 21 Days to Self Freedom Expounded - 4 count breath explained

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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