In the last few days I was really concentrating myself on applying the famous “4 count” self-aware breathing technique that is being taught at Desteni I Process training. This technique is used to stop the mind.

It works as follows:

The whole breathing cycle is divided into four phases:
1. breathe in
2. hold breath
3. breath out
4. hold

During each phase we count from 1 to 4. After some time when you get used to it you don't have to count anymore. At least I don't do it anymore. Each phase takes me about four seconds and that’s it.

During the phase 2 and 4 I observe myself if I have any thoughts in my mind. If there is any movement within me in the form of thoughts, emotions or feelings I apply self forgiveness and I stop the thoughts. And so on breath by breath every minute, every hour, every day until I prove it and do it for 21 days straight. Without missing a single breath. This is the goal, the objective, the ideal.

In reality it looks like it is impossible to do. Especially in the beginning. Because after 2- 5 min I was forgetting about it. I do my daily activities and boom… I forget about my breathing. I start to think about something and I forget about my breathing. And so on.

After more than three years of applying it, I am still far from doing it continuously just for one hour. I am not talking about 21 days. I am still not able to do it even for one hour…. hahahaha… unbelievable…. Breathing is so so simple. We cannot live without it yet I cannot be aware of it for more then few minutes.

But at least lately I can see some improvements. I am approaching 30 min target with me being aware of my breathing and my thoughts. This is something remarkable. At least for me. I notice that I am progressing.

Why am I doing this ?
At Destiny they say that if we do it for 21 days, then we can free ourselves from the mind, from its control over us. And that's why I want to do it. I want to see what it means to be free from the mind.

Apart from this I am noticing that when I'm aware of my breathing, I am also more aware of my body. I am aware of my feet and every step that they make, I am aware of my hands my fingers, wind in my fingers when I walk etc. I am discovering new things about my body and about myself. Those little things that we take for granted, that are always with us but we don't pay attention to them. And you know what ? When I start to become aware of those things, I say… wow. Those little insignificant things make me to say wow. This is incredible.

I was also thinking in the last few days about this famous saying of Lao-tzu, that most of us already know:
“…A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…”

And I have decided to make it little correction to it:

“…A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single breath…”

Below are links to videos from Desteni that explain more about the “4 count” breathing technique:
- 121 Self Freedom in 21 Days
- 21 Days to Self Freedom Expounded - 4 count breath explained

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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