I don't think that I would be mistaken if I would say that Jesus and Buddha are the two most famous beings in human history ( at least in the last 5000 years ). I don't want to offend anybody and I will call them beings instead of god or son of god. Because this is a personal thing of every person according to their beliefs and religion. Also I used the word famous in a sense that most of the people on this planet know at least something or have heard about them something even though they don't belong to a particular religion ( Christianity or Buddhism ). I will also concentrate only on Jesus in this article.

Most of us know that Jesus was son of god, that he was doing miracles and that he died for the sins of people. There is a controversy and disagreement among different groups whether was really son of god and his purpose in Earth etc.
But without going in this direction and trying to prove this point, we could in general say that Jesus was the good person or being. He was helping people, healing them, teaching them etc. And I would say that most of the people on this planet would agree with me on this point. Because if we look closely and investigate our history from 100 A.D. until present time, we would hardly see anybody saying that Jesus was a bad person.

And I have a question to all of you…

How is it possible that people 2011 years ago saw Jesus as bad person ?
How come that people 2011 years ago hated Jesus, sentenced him to death, abused him and killed him on the cross ? How is this possible ?

Of course somebody could defend this point that this was the plan of god - his father, to clean sins of people. I don't want to discuss this in this moment. This is irrelevant and would take us the way from other important things. Because I would like to look at this more from scientific and psychological point of view. How come people are not able to see that somebody is a good person ? And instead they see this person as somebody very bad to the point that he deserves to be killed on the cross ?

From scientific point of view this is really fascinating and amazing. You are looking at something that is white but you see it as black. Somebody is trying to help you but you are afraid and try to kill this person.

Now… let's say that all of this happened because this was plan of god and he or she had his reasons for it. But if we look again at our history of 2000 years we could notice that the same is happening many more times. When somebody was trying to help people and expose the truth, they were killed or at least there was intention to kill them and remove them from this world. I give only a few examples: Galileo, JF Kennedy, Bruce Lee, Ghandi, John Paul II, “witches of the middle ages”, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and many others. And because of those facts we could easily eliminate this option that death of Jesus was planned by god.

Let's leave for the moment religious beliefs on the side and let’s look at all of this objectively.

Was it really a plan of god-father that Jesus died on the cross ? Or there is something really fucked up in people's heads and we don’t see what is good and what's bad…? ( good = what is best for all ).

There is one more important question to ask.
Today Desteni Group is presenting the solution for this world. Solution that is best for all, all inclusive - all people, animals, plants, insects and many more beings. Desteni is presenting Equal Money System.

But why people have reactions similar like they had 2011 years ago towards Jesus and many others after him ???????

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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