I woke up this morning and I felt a little bit distressed. At first I didn't know what this. I start to breathe and slow down my mind as I normally do in those cases. After few minutes I have located the source of this distress. Before I went to sleep in the evening I watched one of the videos ( Imagination that is Violent and Aggressive ) from Desteni about the process of change.

It was said in this video that we need about 7 to 14 years to make the change in physical body. This seems to be quite a long time and this was distressing me a little bit in the morning.

I kept breathing and after a while I had a thought. This whole desteni process is like an iceberg. I see something floating on the surface but I don’t know that there is much bigger chunk of it under the water ( the scientists say that there is only 1/7th of it floating on the surface ). And this invisible part is very dangerous for the ships.

Now… let’s say that I want to break down completely this iceberg. I can jump on top and start to break it off piece by piece. This could be a very task to do in itself. And the funny thing is that every time I break off a piece of it, the whole iceberg floats again to the surface. In reality it is smaller but I don’t see it because it comes up to the surface all the time. And the whole process may seem to be frustrating because it looks like this iceberg never ends. But thanks to the knowledge of the scientists who are specialists in this topic, I know that there is an end. And if I persist with breaking off small pieces I will eventually break down the whole iceberg. Without this knowledge it is easy to fall because it would seem that this iceberg will never break down.

Now back to Desteni. They say that mind is very vast and I need at least 7 – 14 years of dedicated work to myself. I don’t see it and I don’t understand the whole process myself yet. But I want to break down the iceberg of the mind consciousness system. And I decide to trust them ( like I trust the scientist about the iceberg ), because they are scientists and specialists in this topic. And knowing that the whole process will take 7 - 14 years is better then not knowing it at all.

I have been in the process of self development for about 16 years and I have seen myself fall many times just because I didn’t know anything about the chunk of the iceberg under the water. And now they told me at Desteni about it and they give me tools that help me to break it down faster.

Yes… it is a little bit scary to hear when somebody tells you that iceberg is so big. And it is even scarier when you start to realize yourself that this actually can be true. And this is what is happening with me. During my course of the Desteni I Process I start to see more and more that this iceberg is really big. I break off the piece and there is more coming to the surface. Mind consciousness system is big.

But at least I start to see it now myself. And it doesn't matter how big the iceberg is. I will break it down. Anyway… there is no other choice. If I don't do it… it will smash me and destroy me.

P.S. There is also one more thing. I need to be persistent and consistent with breaking off the whole iceberg. Because if I stop, there comes winter seasons and this iceberg starts to collect more ice and becomes bigger again. And then I have to start doing it again. The same happens with the mind. If you stop the process, the mind will grow again and then you have to start again. And it is not worth.



  1. Just came across your blog. I am amazed as I rather follow Deepak Chopra who says that we have a new body every 2 years. Your cells renew constantly, and the memory of the dying cell gets transmitted to the new cell. It is that memory of change that creates the new you! If you have changed in your thoughts or in your habits, that new memory gets transmitted.

    Mental change is even faster. Check out NLP or Hypnosis. Even so I am bias as I am a trainer of said disciplnes, I rather believe that change should be fast. Otherwise it would be boring. And I have seen people in my training (all the time!) that simply forgot an old habit, or made major changes to their life

    Just my thoughts!

  2. Hi Andreas...

    What I was referring to in my blog is the change from completely different perspective or different starting point. NLP and hypnosis is working with and within the field of the mind consciousness system and polarities.
    And I was talking about the change where the mind is completely switched off and stopped. And this process of stopping the mind takes at least 7 - 14 years of dedicated work with self. And also the change in the physical body will be completely different then the change done through your techniques.
    I came already across NLP and hypnosis in my studies and I noticed that both of them work through changing the programs in the mind, while I am currently working on stopping those programs.