Are you one of those who want to change the world? Are you a spiritual person? Are you meditating? Are you religious? Are you praying? Are you an atheist? Are you activists? Are you making demonstrations? Are you a soldier? Are you fighting with enemies and terrorists to establish peace? Or are you just don't give a fuck about the world? And you let it be the way it is?

None of it is going to be ever a successful…!!! You know why…? We need to change our inside first. We need to change ourselves first, because we are the cause of all the mess that exists in the world. And if you don't change the cause, the source, you are only treating the symptoms. And treating the symptoms is never going to give permanent results. It is like the disease in the body. As long as you treat the symptoms, the body is never going to get healed.

I have heard about the statement that we need to change your inside first, for a long time already. And it was always making sense to me. I was not rejecting it or denying it. But it is just now when I really start to understand it.

This is my realization made during my course from Desteni I Process. I start to understand more and more the law of polarities - positive and negative. I start to understand how we create polarity by participating in its opposite. For example the famous law of attraction from the “Secret”. I want something positive in my life and I focus on the positive in my life and I attract this positive to my life. But at the same time I don't realize that I am creating automatically the negative, the opposite. And no matter how much you pray, no matter how many enemies you'll kill, there will be always new disease, new enemy, new terrorist etc. And we will never change the world because we are trying to treat the symptoms instead of changing the cause, changing us, changing the inside.

You may learn more about it if you participate in the trainings and courses at Desteni I Process.

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