UNEMPLOYMENT IN SPAIN – JAN 2012 = 5.3 MLN = 22.8% - PART 2

This is the continuation of a previous article: UNEMPLOYMENT IN SPAIN – JAN 2012 = 5.3 MLN = 22.8%

But the reality is as follows. You are here and now. And you need money to survive. And neither God nor government will give you the money. You will be left alone. There are many who are hoping that this will never happen to them. But there are also many who used to hope like this and now they are on the street struggling to survive. The difference is that before they were in a position to do something to prevent it and they have missed this opportunity because they hoped and believed naively that they will be spared from misfortune. And now almost all of their energy and time is being spent on trying to find ways to survive on the street. And they are almost incapable to change anything anymore unless they stabilize themselves again within the current system and where they have income to cover at least their basic needs. Do you really need to go through this process and unnecessary struggle and suffering before you fully comprehend what I am talking about and then you will make decision to start changing things ? You choose your future.

Thus I suggest to you. If you are now in a position and capable of doing something to prevent this from happening then do it. Stop waiting, praying and hoping that this will never happen to you. Maybe this will not happen to you because you have so much money that you will be always able to buy yourself food and water no matter how much it cost.

But have you considered some other elements ? These people who have no money and are fighting for their survival are becoming desperate. And when people become desperate they have almost no moral values as you would expect them to have. They may come to you to steal your money. And when you oppose they will beat you up or maybe even kill you. And you should not be surprised by it. Most probably you would do the same if you were in their shoes.

Look… for example Colonel Muammar Gadaffi in Libya. He was in control of billions of dollars, he had enormous army to protect him. But all of this did not save him from the desperate people. Eventually he was shot with the bullet from the gun of a desperate person. And we have even seen it on TV. Desperate people have no morals and when they are pressed by the fear of survival they will get anybody in this world and kill them.

Before this happened Gadaffi was in a position to make a change in his country and maybe even in the world. He had resources and power to create different economic system which would take care of all the people in his country. He didn't do it. He missed the opportunity that he had. Today he is not here. He is dead. He cannot change anything anymore.

Of course we are talking here about the top figure - a leader of the country. But in reality this applies to every single human being who is in a position to make a change in this world before it is too late. You are not running the country but maybe you are the boss of your business. And you have some resources that you could direct into making the change. It is maybe not much but if there are more people like you then this “not much” will add to another “not much” and altogether we will have “a lot”. We will have a group that consists of individual human beings and as a group we will be able to act more effectively and we will have a bigger impact.

If you don't do anything now you never know what will happen with you. You may end up exactly the same like Gaddafi. Thus I suggest that you do something to prevent it. Do something to create a system where everybody will have enough money and resources to have a good life. Don't wait, don't hope, don’t pray. Do something practically.

Equal money system is a practical solution for humanity to deal with all the money problems that we have in today's world. The Basic Income Grant is an intermediate step towards it. Do something to implement it.

You may join us at Desteni Group. We are working already on implementation of Equal Money System.

P.S. Some of you think that Spain is in European Union and live here is a paradise. The reality is different. Once you run out of your unemployment benefits you have almost no support from the government. There are many people here from other European countries who have lived in Spain for many years paying their taxes. And sometimes we are talking about the figures of 500.000 € paid in taxes over the years. But today they have no money and they need help from the government. But they don't receive it at all or at least they don’t get it so easy. You have to go through extremely complicated process of bureaucracy, employees of the government offices are not helpful and as a matter of fact they have been given unofficial directives to cancel your right to receive help from unemployment office if you fail to meet all of their requirements even though they don’t make any sense at all.

And no surprise. Spanish government doesn't have money. They have a lot of debts. Thus they are not willing to help so easy. It doesn't matter that you are entitled to it and you deserve it. It doesn't matter that you have no money to provide for your family. The government doesn't have money and they don’t care. They have their own problems and they have to save the money somehow. And one of the way to save the money is to make it difficult for people to seek the help unemployment office. Life in Spain is not so easy even though this country is part of European Union.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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UNEMPLOYMENT IN SPAIN – JAN 2012 = 5.3 MLN = 22.8% - PART 1

Number of unemployed people passed the 5 mln mark in the last quarter of 2011, official figures show. 5.3 million people were out of work at the end of December, up from 4.9 million in the third quarter. This rate rose from 21.5% in the 3rd quarter to 22.8% and it is the highest rate in nearly 17 years. Spain already has the highest jobless rate in the European Union and everything is pointing out that they are going to slide back into recession. Of course those who are in power are trying to make it look beautiful and indicate that they are in control of it by saying that the figure is BELOW the 5.4 million estimated by the Spanish finance minister on Thursday.

But what does it change trying to make it look at it a bit more pretty ? There are 5 million people without a job and it is not going to be easy to create that amount of jobs in the very near future. Big part of those people will receive some money from unemployment office and they will be able to cope somehow with the payment of their expenses – food, house, cloths etc. And in the meantime they should be able to look for another job. But as I said before, it is not going to be easy to create 5 million jobs in the near future. The whole world economy is being troubled and Spain is not going to be able to create magically 5 million jobs out of thin air.

Thus we have a problem. Out of this 5 million people there are already many who have not been able to find a job for a long time - 1 to 3 years or even more.

What does it mean ?

After certain period of time they will not receive unemployment benefits anymore. Maybe they will be able to receive something but this “something” is not enough to live on it. You will be left on your own.

How are they going to survive then ?

If you are lucky and have family or friends who support you then you will be somehow ok. But what about if your friends and family are not able to help you because they are also struggling with survival ? The answer is clear: crime, robberies, selling drugs, prostitution, illegal activities, increased rate of suicides and murders etc. Common !!!! You don't have to be a genius to figure this out. This is what is already happening in Spain and this is what is going to increase in the future. There will be also a lot of secondary problems - low morality, depressions, health problems because of poor nutrition and many more.

There are many people who have not been able to find a job for long time. There are many people who are not receiving any more unemployment benefits anymore. There are many people who have no choice but to turn into robberies, prostitution etc. because they have no other alternatives to get money to survive And there will be more and more people joining this group because as I said before and I repeat myself for a 3rd time - Spain is not going to create magically 5 million jobs in the near future.

You can be as spiritual as you want…
You can hope that in 2012 there will be shift in consciousness and afterwards everything will be perfect and beautiful….
You can be as positive as you want…
You can believe in God as strong as you want…

But the reality is as follows….

To be continued.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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Thank God for the prostitutes ( men and women )!!! What would we do without them ? What would we do when we get horny and we don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband etc. and we had to do something with our sexual desire and pressure that is building within us.

Thank God for the existence of money !!! Because without the money we would not be able to pay the prostitutes for their services.

Thank God and prostitutes themselves for their great service and their hard work.

I was wondering… We have mother's day, we have father's day and have many other special days in the year. So why don't we have any special prostitutes day when we can praise them for their hard work and we would buy them flowers and treat them special and be grateful to them for their hard work ?

1. How many prostitutes do their job because they love doing it ?
2. How many prostitutes do it because this is an “easy” way to be rich ?
3. How many people prostitute themselves because they cannot get money in different way and they have to provide for themselves and their families ?

I don't have the correct statistics but I wouldn't be mistaken if I said that there is less than 1% of prostitutes who do their job because they love it. And the majority of prostitutes do it because they have to do it and are forced to do it either by other people ( mafia ) or difficult financial situation.

Of course those who have money to pay for the services of the prostitutes don't see anything wrong with it. They give an explanation that this is just another job, they pay money for the service and expect to be served. But if you say something like this then this is nothing else but prove that you are f….n egoist. Maybe the prostitute needs your help ? But you don’t give a shit about it. You just pay the money, do it and you go.

I have few questions for you.

Would you like you children to be a prostitute ? I know that the prostitute is an adult person (but not always) but would you like that your son or daughter is a prostitute ?

If your answer is NO then think about it: … this prostitute that you have just visited has a mother and father and I don't think that she would be happy if she knew that you did it with their daughter for money. Maybe you have children and you just don't know that they are prostitutes because they are ashamed to tell you about it ? Maybe your children are still small but maybe in the future they will be forced to become one of them because of difficult financial situation. Would you like them to become one of them ? Is this the type of future that you desire for them ?

Again I don’t have any correct statistics about it but I would not be mistaken if I said that more then 99,9% of people would answer that they don't want their children to be a prostitutes. And probably 100% of parents would answer that they would not like their children to become a prostitute because they have been forced to do it because of difficult financial situation. Thus if you are falling in the this category of 100% parents who would not like their children to become prostitutes, then why are you do it yourself ? You are paying for having sex with the sons and daughters of other parents ( maybe your neighbors) and maybe they are doing the same with yours but you don't know about it. Why don't you ask yourself this common sense question ? Why don’t you do something about the prostitution ? Why don’t you change it ? Why don’t you stop it before your children grow and will be forced to face the harsh reality. The financial pressure is growing and more and more people are faced with the situation when they have to consider prostituting themselves because this is the only way to provide for themselves and for their family.

All it needs to be done is changing the economic system. If you have read my previous articles you should already know what I am talking about. Equal Money System is a new system that would help us to solve this problem. Are you going to support it ? This is the chance for the whole humanity not only to solve the problem of prostitution but also many other problems.
Thus… will you do it ??????

P.S. Oh… I forgot one thing about the money. We should say: “thank God for the lack of money” because without the lack of money there would be no prostitutes.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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