Yes… I have to admit that I have used pictures of naked woman to stimulate myself, to excite myself and then to masturbate. I have been doing it for few years. I didn't have a girlfriend at that moment and this was my sexual experience with the pictures of women on the internet.

Then I started to study material from DESTENI website. I started to learn about it, test it and apply it in my life. And there came a moment when I decided to face this aspect ( masturbation ) of my life and stop it. And I did it a year ago. I have decided and I did it. I didn´t do any self forgiveness for this.

It was interesting to watch myself during this process. There were a few times when I had a thought about it in my mind. Something like a temptation: “Come on… You can do it… Why not..?”.And in those moments I was just saying "no" to this thought. I didn't act upon it. I stopped it in the moment and that was it. 
I just knew the whole process, the whole pattern and the consequences of it. And it just didn't make sense to me to do it again. So it was just a matter of saying "no" and executing this decision.

It was very interesting…… because I am applying this method of executing and stopping other thoughts and patterns and addictions ( those that I am aware of ).
If somebody has a problem of stopping the patterns and addictions on the go, you can always join STRUCTURAL RESONANCE TRAINING. There you will learn to understand the cause of your behavioral pattern and addiction and together with self forgiveness and breathing you will be also able to stop it.

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