I have reached a moment of resistance in my structural resonance training course.It has been with me for few weeks now. And I still have resistance now. I write something just to write. Because I have to push myself through this point. And I have to start to do something. So even though it seems to me like this is completely useless to write, I have decided to do it and breath through it.
How has it all started…? First I didn´t understand some points while doing my mind construct. My buddy for sra training was trying to explain things to me and I couldn’t get it. My reaction was that I was putting aside for later my sra training and I was getting myself involved into doing other things like commenting on youtube and facebook etc. Days were passing by… later weeks. Suddenly I started to have more responsibilities at work etc etc…
In the end the fact is that I let myself to get stuck. And now I have to unstuck myself.

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