WTF… Looks like we are just about to start another tv series about the judgment day.

Harold Camping said it had "dawned" on him that God would spare humanity "hell on Earth for five months" and the apocalypse would happen on 21 October.

And what is he going to say on 22 of October…? Because for sure nothing is going to happen on that date. Is he going to give us another date…? How many times is he going to do it…?

The chronology of the episodes of the films of the director Harold Camping:

EPISODE 1: “The end of the world in 1994”
EPISODE 2: “Judgment day on 21st May 2011”
EPISODE 3: “Judgment day on 21st Oct 2011”
EPISODE 4: to be decided…

Harold is making his prophecies and there are so many people who take very seriously what he says and they quit their jobs and spend all the money on spreading the news about the end of the world. Now they are left with little support or nothing at all and Camping is saying that he is sorry. Unfortunately his “sorry” is not going to give bread to people.

But there is no point in blaming Harold Camping for what he did. All those who have spent their money believing blindly in judgment day on 21st of May must also take responsibility for it. They must admit that they were stupid to believe in this bullshit. As a matter of fact all of us ( the whole humanity ) must take responsibility for allowing it to happen. Because we believe that we are helpless and we can do nothing to change the situation on earth. And through this belief we are giving our power away, we stop ourselves from making even first step towards the change and instead we place our hope in someone mighty and invisible who will save us from the hell.

So what now….? The time is passing by and even though there is no end of the world, we have to face the worsening conditions of life on earth – starvation, poverty, wars, murders, natural disasters etc. still exist. And instead of waking up and opening our eyes to it and starting to do something about it, we are presented with bullshit of another prophecy.

Why do we believe this…? Why do we want it to happen…? What for…?

We can change it. We can do something about it. We can make our life on earth easy and enjoyable for all. All we need to do is to stop believing all the bullshit prophecies that paralyze and hypnotize us into a state of giving up, hopelessness and pointlessness of any real action to change it.


Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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It is so obvious and easy to see that capitalism is far, far away from being perfect. And as a matter of fact it is so designed that that the poor are being continuously abused and ripped off to the benefit of the wealthy and those who are in power. But despite of this well known fact, we are blindly following its rules and regulation.


If you dont want to be ripped off:

1. You have to rip off others better and before they rip you off.... or
2. You have to keep hoping or praying... until the moment when somebody rips you off...
3. If the point number 2 is not effective then you either have to learn how to hope or pray more and better ( until the next time you get ripped off again ) or you go and start applying first rule.

The are many examples that prove it. I will just mention one of them.
Look at the credit crisis of 2007. I dont have the statistics for the poverty level but we all know that life today is much more difficult then it was before the credit crisis of 2007. And there are many people left on the street without their homes and without the job.


Now... lets have a look at the rich people and how is their status today after the crises. I have found interesting article* about it which says that despite one of the deepest recessions ever experienced by UK, the number of millionaires living in Britain has risen by 17 per cent over the last two years as the wealthy start to recover from the 2008 credit crisis.

How the hell is it possible that there are more millionaires....? How is it possible to become millionaire if there is high unemployment, higher costs of living, lower government spending, less investments etc...? Where do they get the money from....?

The answer is simple. They must have got the money from the poor ones who got even poorer through the crisis. Very clever manipulation... indeed.

This is just another evidence and proof of what we already know about the capitalism. And this has happened already many times in the past ( recession in America in 1929, all of the wars relocate money to the rich ones at a cost of the poor ones etc ). But unfortunately instead of doing something to change it we are in some sort of state of hypnotic blindness, hoping that this will not happen to us, that we will not be ripped off.

For all of those who would like to change it. There is a solution ( EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM ) presented for humanity and the foundations are already in place. But it will not happen by itself. It needs your active support and participation. The sooner we implement it, the better for all of us.

You may investigate about it at

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process


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Oh my god… oh my god… I have survived the end of the world !!!!

According to Harold Camping there was supposed to be judgment day on 21st May 2011. There was supposed to be huge earthquake destroying earth. Our lord ( god ) was supposed to save about 3% of the population and take them to heaven.

And nothing happened yesterday. So what now…?
Where is Harold Camping now…?
So far he hasn't made any apologies or updates on his websites and nobody knows where he is. Is he checking up his calculations in his garage…? Is he going to announce another date of judgment day…? Has he been saved by god…? Is he the only person who has been saved…? Is he in heaven now…? What is going to happen with the all the people who believed so strongly in his prophecies that they have given their jobs and spend all the money on donations to Harold’s advertising campaign…? What is he going to do with all this money that was left over…? Is he going to make himself his own heaven on earth with all the money…?

We have another “big” date coming on soon - the famous 2012 and the end of Mayan calendar. Is it another bullshit story…?


The 2012 story of the end of the world is just another bullshit tale. Nothing is going to happen. The Harold Camping’s prophecy is the religious version of the end of the world while the 2012 Mayan story is a spiritual adaptation of it.

How much more do we have to wait until humanity wakes up and starts to realize that nothing is going to happen…? None of those prophecies are going to be fulfilled.

Let’s forget about 2012 and all the prophets and look at the situation of the world as it is today. We have wars, poverty, starvation, prostitution, pollution, climate warning, crime, murders etc. Why don’t we do something about instead of waiting for the fulfillment of some bullshit prophecies…? We are making our life more and more difficult every day. We are destroying our planet and life on it.

WHY…? WHY...? WHY…?

There are no more excuses to be accepted from anyone. You have no more right to say that you don’t know what to do. The solution is here at hand. The solution has already been presented. The solution needs to be implemented. Of course it will take time to do it. There will be no miracles about it. It will not happen by itself.
The solution is Equal Money System –

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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If you have been to university, then you have most probably gone through the same shocking experience after graduation as did. You are very proud of yourself and you go for a search of a job. You have your curriculum and you show the employer that you have finished studies at university. You expect that you get a job very easy because you know so much about subject that you have studied so hard for about 3 - 5 years. You think that you know much more than the owner of company who has never gone to university or even high school. You apply for a job… you are certain that you deserve it and that you will be great asset for the company. …but… there comes a bucket of cold water down on you...

- Owner: “ you have any experience?...”
- You: “... no, but I know so much about it...”
- You: “…I have just finished my studies at the university…”
- Owner: “ one...”

Then you go to the next interview and the story repeats itself. If you are lucky, you will get a job but they will pay you less because you have to learn everything from the beginning. In most cases you accept it because you are not sure if you will have this opportunity in other places.

Unfortunately this is the reality for most of us in this world unless you have family connections or you are just lucky. It is so obvious that our current education system is complete bullshit. In some countries the education is still public and free. But in most cases you have to pay enormous amount of money for it just to realize later in life that you have paid for something that is in most cases useless. And so you end up with huge debt that you will have to pay off in the next 10 to 20 years. But this is not all. After graduation you have to keep paying again for more education. You are getting paid less at your new work place in the beginning and the difference is being deducted unofficially for your training. Which in reality means that you are forced to pay again for your education with your own money. If you don’t accept the conditions then you are told politely to f..k off and somebody else will get the position instead of you.

This was my personal experience few times and I have quickly realized that my time spent at the university was complete waste of time. The good point was that at least I didn’t have to pay for my education because Poland used to have free education system.

We may ask the question... why our schooling system functions in this way? Those who decide about it ( education department ) in the government, are usually persons with the highest degrees achieved in the system ( there are different names in different countries but in general they have titles of professor, doctor, PhD etc ). They have gone through the same educations steps as you and me plus those ones necessary to achieve the title of professor. So they know every bit from inside how the system operates.
Why don’t they make anything to change it ? They are supposed to be very intelligent people.
But if we look at how the whole education system functions we could easily dare to say that they are complete idiots. And maybe this would be even a complement for them...?

There is also another point that I would like to mention here. Many times people with lesser degree of education have some sort of respect towards people who graduated from universities. We believe that people who attended universities are something more, something better. I can assure you. It is quite often just a false believe. I have met many people who don’t have university degree and are much more intelligent then those who have one. But we somehow fall for this illusion and place ourselves as lesser because we didn’t go to the university. Pls, don’t you ever do it. I have also seen complete idiots who have graduated just because of family/friend connections with the boss of the university. Of course we cannot forget to mention about the money factor ( bribery ),which helps quite often to get better marks or even pass the exams.

As of today our current education system is completely fucked up and it requires thorough reform and redesigning. If we don’t change it, our children are just wasting up to 20 years of their life and if they decide to study at the university they will also waste a lot of money.

If you really care for your children and you want to give what is best for them, you will have to do something. The current system will not change by itself. Your government will not change ( otherwise they would do it already ). God most probably will not change it either. He/she is supposed to be more powerful then governments and it looks like he/she doesn’t do anything about it ether. It is obvious that we will have to change it ourselves.

Now we have a great opportunity to do it by supporting Equal Money System.

Will you dare to do it.....? Will you do something for you children…?

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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Greece is asking for more help, for more bailout. This looks a little bit like Ponzi Scheme. In general Ponzi Scheme is an investment that pays returns to investors, not from actual profit earned by the organization, but from money paid by subsequent investors.

How does it relate to Greece?

The Greek government has taken loans for bailout and they have to pay interest for it 0.5somebody’s profit). Everything would be ok but… Their economy is not doing to good and it doesn’t look like it is going to improve in the near future. The government needs to reduce its spending, people have to pay more taxes and foreign companies will be very careful about new investments in Greece. Their economy has a tough time ahead and it is not going to accelerate so easy.

So how the Greeks are going to make profit to pay for the loans?

Well.. it was shown last week that they are not able to pay it and they asked for more bailout. So… subsequent investor’s money will be used to pay profits for those who invested in the beginning ( Greek bailout money mainly goes to pay foreign debts at this moment. Greece has to pay back €8.6 bln in maturing debt on May 19 ).

Is it going to be the last bailout or is the Greek Ponzi Scheme going to continue in the future before they bankrupt and leave the European Union...?

Which ever way this ends, there will be those who win and those who loose.

The solution for Greece and the whole world is in the Equal Money System.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process


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There is an increasing number of immigrants arriving to Europe as a result of unrest in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. This is a very controversial problem. What is going to happen with them?

If you are not being directly affected by it because you live somewhere away from the costal areas of Mediterranean countries, then you most probably listen about it on the news channel, quickly forget it and don’t give shit about it anymore.

And according to you that is ok. You shouldn’t feel guilty about it because you are not directly responsible for it and you are not the only one who has similar attitude. And as a matter of fact majority of people are just like you. So why bother…?

But your approach to this topic would dramatically change if you actually lived in the affected area. Because then arise uncomfortable situations and there are questions to be asked and answered.

What is going to happen with all of those people?
And we are talking about thousands. For example the island LAMPEDUSA, which belongs to Italy, has a population of about 5000 people and they have to deal with more then 7,000 immigrants, mainly from unrest-torn Libya and Tunisia.

Somebody needs to give them food, water, accommodation, clean the waste and rubbish and maintain order. But this is just the beginning. Prolonged unrest and war in Libya complicates the whole situation because the immigrants cannot be sent back to their country and this is long term problem.

So who is going to pay for all of it? Who is going to take responsibility for it? There a big debate it the European Union about it and nobody wants to take responsibility for it ( btw…. same as you…. you also don’t want to take responsibility for it ).

And you know what… ? The EU governments are not going to find any long lasting and permanent solution to this problem. They are not going to stop migration of people from Africa to Europe. The reason is that they are trying to cure the symptoms instead of dealing with the deep rooted problem.

For example Spain has a problem with illegal immigrants for many years now ( e.g. The Canary Islands on the west coast of Africa ). And the reason why they are arriving to Spain is not because of war. People are trying to get there because of poverty in their countries.

The recent unrests in African countries are also caused by poor economic situation, corruption and ignorance of the governments. So there should be no surprise for you that people from Africa attempt to immigrate desperately to Europe risking life on small, unsafe boats.

There are other questions to be asked.

What can you do…?
What can I do…?
What can we do to solve this problem?

The solution is already presented to humanity. It just needs to be implemented.
Equal Money System will eliminate the poverty in the world. Once the poverty is eliminated there will be no more reasons for uncontrolled and illegal migration and there will be no more reasons for war.

It just requires our support.

I already support it and I am actively involved in implementation of it.


Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

*Photo: AFP/GETTY migrants-taken-to-Italian-island.html

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I am professional masseur. And I have quite often people coming to me with complaints that they have pain in the back, neck or the shoulder. And I am just laughing to myself almost every time when they ask me to give them massage on the area where there is pain.

In more then 90% of cases I am able to help those people to reduce the pain about 80% or eliminate it completely without actually touching the affected area. And quite often within 5 – 10 min I achieve something that other therapists and specialists ( including the best doctors ) are not able to achieve even with 10 or more treatments.


There is simple rule that I am following… “MOST OF THE TIME THE CAUSE IS NOT WHERE THE PAIN IS…”. And unless you treat the cause, there will be no improvement to the condition or it will get worse. That’s the reason why people ended up with more pain after the massage treatment that was focused on the painful neck.

Now… there are different causes of pains in the body. And not everything can be resolved with the massage. Almost always it may be relieved temporarily by a good specialist but the muscular pains in the body are also result of emotional disturbances - stress, anger, judging others etc. And unless the person addresses those causes and stops them, the physical pain will come back. Eventually after years it will get worse and worse and most probably the person will end up on the operation table in the hospital.

I have started ( in my work as masseur ) to apply this technique of looking at the causes away from the pain area already some years ago. But I was only investigating the physical imbalances in the posture and correcting them. And lately I am also learning more about the other causes ( emotional ) with the training at Desteni I Process. In this course I have learned for example that backchat and prolonged judging of other person will manifest itself as a tension in the muscles of the back. And the more intense the backchat is, the stronger the tension is. Eventually the muscles will pull the vertebrae out of place and you will end up with the stiff neck for example with limited movement.

It is very interesting training course that is very effective and gives amazing results if you apply what you learn in your daily life.

And this is just one example. Because I know that other people participating in the training, were able to solve effectively their problems like addiction to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, addiction to masturbation, solve their problems in the relationships and many more.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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