I am professional masseur. And I have quite often people coming to me with complaints that they have pain in the back, neck or the shoulder. And I am just laughing to myself almost every time when they ask me to give them massage on the area where there is pain.

In more then 90% of cases I am able to help those people to reduce the pain about 80% or eliminate it completely without actually touching the affected area. And quite often within 5 – 10 min I achieve something that other therapists and specialists ( including the best doctors ) are not able to achieve even with 10 or more treatments.


There is simple rule that I am following… “MOST OF THE TIME THE CAUSE IS NOT WHERE THE PAIN IS…”. And unless you treat the cause, there will be no improvement to the condition or it will get worse. That’s the reason why people ended up with more pain after the massage treatment that was focused on the painful neck.

Now… there are different causes of pains in the body. And not everything can be resolved with the massage. Almost always it may be relieved temporarily by a good specialist but the muscular pains in the body are also result of emotional disturbances - stress, anger, judging others etc. And unless the person addresses those causes and stops them, the physical pain will come back. Eventually after years it will get worse and worse and most probably the person will end up on the operation table in the hospital.

I have started ( in my work as masseur ) to apply this technique of looking at the causes away from the pain area already some years ago. But I was only investigating the physical imbalances in the posture and correcting them. And lately I am also learning more about the other causes ( emotional ) with the training at Desteni I Process. In this course I have learned for example that backchat and prolonged judging of other person will manifest itself as a tension in the muscles of the back. And the more intense the backchat is, the stronger the tension is. Eventually the muscles will pull the vertebrae out of place and you will end up with the stiff neck for example with limited movement.

It is very interesting training course that is very effective and gives amazing results if you apply what you learn in your daily life.

And this is just one example. Because I know that other people participating in the training, were able to solve effectively their problems like addiction to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, addiction to masturbation, solve their problems in the relationships and many more.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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