It is so obvious and easy to see that capitalism is far, far away from being perfect. And as a matter of fact it is so designed that that the poor are being continuously abused and ripped off to the benefit of the wealthy and those who are in power. But despite of this well known fact, we are blindly following its rules and regulation.


If you dont want to be ripped off:

1. You have to rip off others better and before they rip you off.... or
2. You have to keep hoping or praying... until the moment when somebody rips you off...
3. If the point number 2 is not effective then you either have to learn how to hope or pray more and better ( until the next time you get ripped off again ) or you go and start applying first rule.

The are many examples that prove it. I will just mention one of them.
Look at the credit crisis of 2007. I dont have the statistics for the poverty level but we all know that life today is much more difficult then it was before the credit crisis of 2007. And there are many people left on the street without their homes and without the job.


Now... lets have a look at the rich people and how is their status today after the crises. I have found interesting article* about it which says that despite one of the deepest recessions ever experienced by UK, the number of millionaires living in Britain has risen by 17 per cent over the last two years as the wealthy start to recover from the 2008 credit crisis.

How the hell is it possible that there are more millionaires....? How is it possible to become millionaire if there is high unemployment, higher costs of living, lower government spending, less investments etc...? Where do they get the money from....?

The answer is simple. They must have got the money from the poor ones who got even poorer through the crisis. Very clever manipulation... indeed.

This is just another evidence and proof of what we already know about the capitalism. And this has happened already many times in the past ( recession in America in 1929, all of the wars relocate money to the rich ones at a cost of the poor ones etc ). But unfortunately instead of doing something to change it we are in some sort of state of hypnotic blindness, hoping that this will not happen to us, that we will not be ripped off.

For all of those who would like to change it. There is a solution ( EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM ) presented for humanity and the foundations are already in place. But it will not happen by itself. It needs your active support and participation. The sooner we implement it, the better for all of us.

You may investigate about it at

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process


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