Oh my god… oh my god… I have survived the end of the world !!!!

According to Harold Camping there was supposed to be judgment day on 21st May 2011. There was supposed to be huge earthquake destroying earth. Our lord ( god ) was supposed to save about 3% of the population and take them to heaven.

And nothing happened yesterday. So what now…?
Where is Harold Camping now…?
So far he hasn't made any apologies or updates on his websites and nobody knows where he is. Is he checking up his calculations in his garage…? Is he going to announce another date of judgment day…? Has he been saved by god…? Is he the only person who has been saved…? Is he in heaven now…? What is going to happen with the all the people who believed so strongly in his prophecies that they have given their jobs and spend all the money on donations to Harold’s advertising campaign…? What is he going to do with all this money that was left over…? Is he going to make himself his own heaven on earth with all the money…?

We have another “big” date coming on soon - the famous 2012 and the end of Mayan calendar. Is it another bullshit story…?


The 2012 story of the end of the world is just another bullshit tale. Nothing is going to happen. The Harold Camping’s prophecy is the religious version of the end of the world while the 2012 Mayan story is a spiritual adaptation of it.

How much more do we have to wait until humanity wakes up and starts to realize that nothing is going to happen…? None of those prophecies are going to be fulfilled.

Let’s forget about 2012 and all the prophets and look at the situation of the world as it is today. We have wars, poverty, starvation, prostitution, pollution, climate warning, crime, murders etc. Why don’t we do something about instead of waiting for the fulfillment of some bullshit prophecies…? We are making our life more and more difficult every day. We are destroying our planet and life on it.

WHY…? WHY...? WHY…?

There are no more excuses to be accepted from anyone. You have no more right to say that you don’t know what to do. The solution is here at hand. The solution has already been presented. The solution needs to be implemented. Of course it will take time to do it. There will be no miracles about it. It will not happen by itself.
The solution is Equal Money System – www.equalmoney.org

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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