Greece is asking for more help, for more bailout. This looks a little bit like Ponzi Scheme. In general Ponzi Scheme is an investment that pays returns to investors, not from actual profit earned by the organization, but from money paid by subsequent investors.

How does it relate to Greece?

The Greek government has taken loans for bailout and they have to pay interest for it 0.5somebody’s profit). Everything would be ok but… Their economy is not doing to good and it doesn’t look like it is going to improve in the near future. The government needs to reduce its spending, people have to pay more taxes and foreign companies will be very careful about new investments in Greece. Their economy has a tough time ahead and it is not going to accelerate so easy.

So how the Greeks are going to make profit to pay for the loans?

Well.. it was shown last week that they are not able to pay it and they asked for more bailout. So… subsequent investor’s money will be used to pay profits for those who invested in the beginning ( Greek bailout money mainly goes to pay foreign debts at this moment. Greece has to pay back €8.6 bln in maturing debt on May 19 ).

Is it going to be the last bailout or is the Greek Ponzi Scheme going to continue in the future before they bankrupt and leave the European Union...?

Which ever way this ends, there will be those who win and those who loose.

The solution for Greece and the whole world is in the Equal Money System.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process


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