If you have been to university, then you have most probably gone through the same shocking experience after graduation as did. You are very proud of yourself and you go for a search of a job. You have your curriculum and you show the employer that you have finished studies at university. You expect that you get a job very easy because you know so much about subject that you have studied so hard for about 3 - 5 years. You think that you know much more than the owner of company who has never gone to university or even high school. You apply for a job… you are certain that you deserve it and that you will be great asset for the company. …but… there comes a bucket of cold water down on you...

- Owner: “...do you have any experience?...”
- You: “... no, but I know so much about it...”
- You: “…I have just finished my studies at the university…”
- Owner: “...next one...”

Then you go to the next interview and the story repeats itself. If you are lucky, you will get a job but they will pay you less because you have to learn everything from the beginning. In most cases you accept it because you are not sure if you will have this opportunity in other places.

Unfortunately this is the reality for most of us in this world unless you have family connections or you are just lucky. It is so obvious that our current education system is complete bullshit. In some countries the education is still public and free. But in most cases you have to pay enormous amount of money for it just to realize later in life that you have paid for something that is in most cases useless. And so you end up with huge debt that you will have to pay off in the next 10 to 20 years. But this is not all. After graduation you have to keep paying again for more education. You are getting paid less at your new work place in the beginning and the difference is being deducted unofficially for your training. Which in reality means that you are forced to pay again for your education with your own money. If you don’t accept the conditions then you are told politely to f..k off and somebody else will get the position instead of you.

This was my personal experience few times and I have quickly realized that my time spent at the university was complete waste of time. The good point was that at least I didn’t have to pay for my education because Poland used to have free education system.

We may ask the question... why our schooling system functions in this way? Those who decide about it ( education department ) in the government, are usually persons with the highest degrees achieved in the system ( there are different names in different countries but in general they have titles of professor, doctor, PhD etc ). They have gone through the same educations steps as you and me plus those ones necessary to achieve the title of professor. So they know every bit from inside how the system operates.
Why don’t they make anything to change it ? They are supposed to be very intelligent people.
But if we look at how the whole education system functions we could easily dare to say that they are complete idiots. And maybe this would be even a complement for them...?

There is also another point that I would like to mention here. Many times people with lesser degree of education have some sort of respect towards people who graduated from universities. We believe that people who attended universities are something more, something better. I can assure you. It is quite often just a false believe. I have met many people who don’t have university degree and are much more intelligent then those who have one. But we somehow fall for this illusion and place ourselves as lesser because we didn’t go to the university. Pls, don’t you ever do it. I have also seen complete idiots who have graduated just because of family/friend connections with the boss of the university. Of course we cannot forget to mention about the money factor ( bribery ),which helps quite often to get better marks or even pass the exams.

As of today our current education system is completely fucked up and it requires thorough reform and redesigning. If we don’t change it, our children are just wasting up to 20 years of their life and if they decide to study at the university they will also waste a lot of money.

If you really care for your children and you want to give what is best for them, you will have to do something. The current system will not change by itself. Your government will not change ( otherwise they would do it already ). God most probably will not change it either. He/she is supposed to be more powerful then governments and it looks like he/she doesn’t do anything about it ether. It is obvious that we will have to change it ourselves.

Now we have a great opportunity to do it by supporting Equal Money System.

Will you dare to do it.....? Will you do something for you children…?

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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