There is an increasing number of immigrants arriving to Europe as a result of unrest in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. This is a very controversial problem. What is going to happen with them?

If you are not being directly affected by it because you live somewhere away from the costal areas of Mediterranean countries, then you most probably listen about it on the news channel, quickly forget it and don’t give shit about it anymore.

And according to you that is ok. You shouldn’t feel guilty about it because you are not directly responsible for it and you are not the only one who has similar attitude. And as a matter of fact majority of people are just like you. So why bother…?

But your approach to this topic would dramatically change if you actually lived in the affected area. Because then arise uncomfortable situations and there are questions to be asked and answered.

What is going to happen with all of those people?
And we are talking about thousands. For example the island LAMPEDUSA, which belongs to Italy, has a population of about 5000 people and they have to deal with more then 7,000 immigrants, mainly from unrest-torn Libya and Tunisia.

Somebody needs to give them food, water, accommodation, clean the waste and rubbish and maintain order. But this is just the beginning. Prolonged unrest and war in Libya complicates the whole situation because the immigrants cannot be sent back to their country and this is long term problem.

So who is going to pay for all of it? Who is going to take responsibility for it? There a big debate it the European Union about it and nobody wants to take responsibility for it ( btw…. same as you…. you also don’t want to take responsibility for it ).

And you know what… ? The EU governments are not going to find any long lasting and permanent solution to this problem. They are not going to stop migration of people from Africa to Europe. The reason is that they are trying to cure the symptoms instead of dealing with the deep rooted problem.

For example Spain has a problem with illegal immigrants for many years now ( e.g. The Canary Islands on the west coast of Africa ). And the reason why they are arriving to Spain is not because of war. People are trying to get there because of poverty in their countries.

The recent unrests in African countries are also caused by poor economic situation, corruption and ignorance of the governments. So there should be no surprise for you that people from Africa attempt to immigrate desperately to Europe risking life on small, unsafe boats.

There are other questions to be asked.

What can you do…?
What can I do…?
What can we do to solve this problem?

The solution is already presented to humanity. It just needs to be implemented.
Equal Money System will eliminate the poverty in the world. Once the poverty is eliminated there will be no more reasons for uncontrolled and illegal migration and there will be no more reasons for war.

It just requires our support.

I already support it and I am actively involved in implementation of it.


Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

*Photo: AFP/GETTY http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/3081238/Fishing-boat- migrants-taken-to-Italian-island.html

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