To establish Equal Money System we need to get people to support it because this will not happen by itself. And before people will support EMS they need to be educated about it so that they understand it because there is no point of having people to support something that they don’t understand. The education process about EMS is being done through the means of internet which is completely gratis.

And I have to say here that it is possible to convince people to support something that they don’t understand with the use of manipulation techniques. This is regularly being used by the politicians in our current system but it will not be done in EMS.

EMS will be proposed in the parliaments around the world by the Equal Life Party that will be established in each country. Of course this party just like any other political party will need monetary funding for its operations. In the beginning establishment of this party is done by voluntary work of those who already understand the principle of equality and oneness. When it comes to money necessary for the functioning and establishment of the Equal Life Party they are being generated from the sale of educational material ( books etc. ), trainings and courses ( e.g. Desteni I Process ), donations and others.

Once more people start to learn about it and understand that the Equal Money System is the real solution of the problems of the whole humanity and at the same time a chance to create a much better life, then of course there will be much more funding at the disposal of the party, which will further allow for its operations on a bigger scale.

Thus in the beginning the money necessary to fund EMS will be collected and gathered in a traditional way but once the Equal Money System is being voted in parliament then the money will be created and issued by a central institution directly and declared as legal.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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The concept and idea of Equal Money System is something completely new on Earth. And people are trying to compare, explain and understand it within the terms and definitions of what they know and experienced in their life. Thus they are struggling to comprehend the concept of Equal Money System. Many people try to compare it to communism but it has nothing to do with the communism that we had in Russia, Poland, Cuba, China etc. Also people are used to being deceived in the capitalistic system with false promises of politicians, corruption, abuse of power etc. and they are doubting that Equal Money System in its simplicity could fixed the problems of humanity.

And asking the questions about elections and other parties that could come to power in EMS is just another example when people think within their old frames. It is showing their doubts and fear to go beyond what we know so far and create something new that would help humanity to create much better life on earth. And this improvement would not only be for certain limited group but for all people including animals and the whole planet.

Will there be a need of elections and other parties in EMS ?

Existence of multitude of political parties in the current system indicates that the humans cannot unite and act in a way that is best for all. Thus they unite in groups and form parties so that they can get their needs and interests being secured. And each group and party does the same. But all of it is example and manifestation of separation that exists in their minds. And we have continuous struggle, conflicts and fights between the parties that lead nowhere. They are all trying to get what is best for their group but none of them is trying to find the solution that would be best for all.

Thus there will be formed a party called Equal Life Party that will be representing all and acting in a way that is best for all beings on Earth.

And I will let you answer for yourself the questions about the elections in EMS.

Do you think you will need to vote and form another party if there will be already a party ( Equal Life Party ) that would represent all beings in a way that is best for all ?

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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To answer this question we have to understand the reason and purpose of existence of beauty shops in our current capitalistic system.

1. Beauty shop is another method of making money just like any other shops and businesses in capitalism. To sell their products there is professional marketing campaign ( manipulation ) so that people spend their money in the beauty shops.
I have been studying and practicing alternative medicine thus I have investigated closely the efficiency of the beauty products being sold in beauty shops. And the reality is that there are a lot of products that don’t do what is being promised ( e.g. hair growth etc. ). And secondly the ingredients of those products are quite often extremely poisonous for the body. Sometimes people experience extreme allergic and poisonous reactions immediately but most of the time the toxins accumulate in the body over years, and people don’t notice their influence so easy. But there are many doctors and researchers who indicate that a lot of serious disorders and diseases ( e.g. cancer and others ) are linked directly to beauty products. And this also applies to the best brands and most expensive products on the market.

2. We know that the main customers of beauty shops are women and they are primarily targeted by the marketing specialists.

And why women spend their money in beauty shops ?
Because they want to be beautiful.
Why do they want to be beautiful ?
Because this is part of the game called survival.

Women are being regarded as weak gender and thus they want to attract a male by making themselves as beautiful as possible. Because they hope that this way they will attract a male who will take care of them, supply the money and other things necessary to survival in the system.

This stereotype of weak women and strong men is changing lately and we see more and more that women are also taking on leadership positions in businesses, politics etc. They are showing that they are also able to take care of themselves. But despite of breaking the stereotype of weak women, many decades of brainwashing with publicity promoting perfect image, have made the damage in the minds of women. They strongly believe that they are not beautiful if they don’t put the make up and lipstick etc. And no surprise. The girls from young age are being bombarded with images of “perfectly” beautiful women in magazines, tv, internet etc. And this is being further strengthened and supported by mothers who themselves have already been brainwashed and don’t see any problems with it at all.

Do women are really more beautiful because they use products from the beauty shops ?

Personally I don’t like it. I have to admit that the images in magazines are beautiful but most of them are processed with Photoshop and are not real. When I see women on the street I rarely see any who really looks beautiful wearing make up. Most of the time it the face looks very artificial, dull and plastic.

I remember that once I was trying to explain to my friend from school that she looks beautiful without make up but the response from her was shocking. She was behaving as if I was trying to take something from her – a part of herself. She started to defend herself and indicating that if I don't like it then I should not be her friend anymore. I genuinely meant that she looks beautiful without make up but she could not understand it at all. She couldn’t comprehend that she could be beautiful without make up. And this is the result of the brainwashing done by the marketing and publicity.

A friend of mine could never kiss his wife without tasting the lipstick. She was constantly putting it on and on. He had numerous discussions explaining that he doesn’t like the taste of the lipstick while kissing her but she didn’t stop doing it. This lipstick was more important then her boyfriend because she strongly believed that without it, her lips are not beautiful.

And there are countless examples of this kind of behavior of our women. They spend sometimes up to 2 hours a day or even more in front of the mirror trying to make themselves look like the perfect Photoshop image from the magazine. And they don’t understand that they actually make themselves look ugly and cover their true and natural beauty.

And all of this is done because they have allowed themselves to be brainwashed into believing that the make up makes them more beautiful then they are and they got trapped in the game of survival where they have to do something to attract the successful male with money who would take care of them.

Thus the significance of beauty shops will diminish in Equal Money System because the women will not longer require to attract a male who would support them financially because every women will have guaranteed support for a lifetime from the government ( Equal Life Foundation ). Secondly the beauty shops will not longer be operating like every other capitalistic business where the owners try to make as much profit as possible with the use of fake promises of professionals from the field of marketing. The beauty shops will sell only the best products that have been thoroughly tested and really support human body.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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I don’t know where it all originated but humanity has taken on a very stupid idea that if majority of people do something, then it must be right, then it must be correct way of doing things. Even though the common sense is telling us that something is not right and it should not be the way it is ( e.g. poverty, war, prostitution ), we are suppressing and silencing this inner voice with this stupid idea that majority is always right.

Another interesting point is that even if something is not right or correct and we ( or majority ) accept and realize that it is not right, then common sense tells us that the majority should do something to change it.

But this is not happening.

Because the principle of majority says that others ( majority of humanity ) are not doing anything to change it, then why should I do something. This way nothing is being done and the situation is getting worse.

And if somebody is trying to change anything then he or she is being pulled in place by others who are saying that:
- it is impossible to change anything,
- this is the way it is,
- it is much better to accept it,
- and at least make best out of it for one’s self.

But this is not all. If somebody really persists that he will try to change the situation then automatically this person is being rejected by the group of majority and being treated quite often as an enemy with hate and fury. Thus instead of helping that individual who wants to change the situation, the group of majority is trying to destroy this person.

It all doesn’t make sense but unfortunately this is the way our world functions today.

Humans must understand that all what majority does, is not always correct and right. We must realize that majority may also be mistaken and people should stop silencing and suppressing their inner voice and the common sense. We must stand up within ourselves and take on a principle “what is best for all”. Every our decision should be aligned with it. And when the whole group is acting in a way that is best for all then the whole situation in our world will be completely different. We will live in paradise - and not only humans but also animals and all other beings on this planet.

Unfortunately it is rather difficult at the moment to convince the whole group to act in this way, thus the whole process will take more time because people have to wake up one by one and start to join a new group that has this new principle of what is best for all. And waking up of people from a destructive hypnotic state of “doing what majority does” is not so easy and it takes time. Of course this means that we ( as humanity and other beings ) have to suffer much longer. But all of this is our decision and we are responsible for all the suffering in the world. We cannot blame god, evil nor anybody else for what is happening on Earth. Because nobody else but us are resisting taking on a principle of doing what is best for all.

And this has been going on already for a long time. The principle of what is best for all is not new at all. Jesus was talking about it already long time ago. His statement ( “do unto others as you would like to be done unto you” ) points out exactly the same principle. But 2000 years later people are still insisting that what majority does is better then doing what is best for all.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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It is our understanding that most of the suffering that is currently being experienced on earth is caused by human beings denying other human beings equal access to living resources. This has probably been going on since the very beginning. Though over the ages the system in which we exist has specialized in becoming ever more ruthless. The inequality and the absolute disregard for life that we’ve come to embody as a specie, is now placing us at a crossroads: will we stop and start honoring each other as equals or will we close the cycle and put an end to the human journey?

What we suggest is to have a platform established that will allow for human beings to take a break from the madness. This can be done through establishing an equal money-system, whereby every human being on earth will have a right to an equal unconditional income – from birth to death. The equal money-system would be aimed at removing fear and survival from the equation called ‘life’. This will establish a level of equality in which we can start to learn what it means to live together and how to trust each other.

Simplistically, money is the tool the system is using to perpetuate its control over human beings.

We say money can be used for good – if we understand how it works and then change the rules. Then we can come to a new agreement about how we want to live, where everyone is equally taken into consideration.


Many as they first come to hear about the Equal Money System are fast on the trigger to declare it as communism and as such inherently evil and to be avoided at all costs. Though in having a closer look at the principle of The Equal Money System you’ll realize and understand that it’s not at all communism.

Where communism is based upon the belief that the injustice and inequality of the world is solely based upon a specific class in society as the capitalist – as those that employ a working force – Equal Money is on the other hand based upon the realization that we’re all responsible for the mess that is here; whether you are a worker or a so called capitalist, we’ve all participated in and accepted and allowed the current system to function as it does. As such a change will not come through blame, as in attacking those ‘others’ apparently responsible, but instead through an agreement within and as the entirety of humanity – to manifest a world that is best for all.

As such – where communism is based upon blame towards the rich; Equal Money is based upon an mutual understanding between people that we’re all responsible and that only through considering everyone that is here upon this earth in our practical day-to-day life – will we be able to see a change.

What is further to be understood and noted is that The Equal Money System due to it’s foundational principle as that of Equality and Oneness – can’t and will never be a hierarchical system of abuse such as the communistic systems of China and Russia has proven to be. The Equal Money System is based upon the principle of Jesus as ‘Do unto another as you would like to be done unto Yourself’ – as such to hold the perception and picture of forced labor camps and correctional facilities in relation to the Equal Money System is completely faulty; no abuse or harm is to come to earthlings no matter what – this is the very purpose and objective of The Equal Money System.

Read more about this point here, and here.


Money is not intrinsically Evil or does not by itself promulgate greed. In the current system it is the way money is used and defined, that is promulgating greed – those are rules that are agreed upon. The rules of what money is based on can thus be changed. An example of such a rule, is that: no one has right to any money unless someone has worked for it. This rule dictates that children will receive no support in this world unless directly by Parents that work to earn money to sustain the child or indirectly through redirected taxes. (A third way can be through charity but that is not consistent enough to be of any significance in the bigger picture.) A consequence of this rule is that children born on earth in the current system have no right to exist – because the fact that this child exists does not grant it the right to actually have the means to live, which is money. Rights only come with labor – And if you are unable to buy yourself the right to exist through labor, someone else must be found that can buy that right for you.

This rule creates a situation of fear. Because under such conditions no-one’s existence is ever secure – as your ability to live is permanently dependent on your ability to get money from the system.

Here we can easily see that it is the rules of the money-system that are creating a struggle for survival.

It is important to see that such a struggle is a result of the rules of society – which are man-made – and not a condition of life per say.

Many use the argument that ‘the struggle for life’ can be found in the Animal Kingdom as well – which is then brought forth as the reason why such a struggle is inevitable in general. Though when placed in the proper perspective, this is invalid: because there is at this stage no reason for starvation to exist or for anyone to exist in any form of deprivation. There is actually enough for everyone today – this fact is well known, and the reason why no change has thus far come forth is due to lack of political will.

One has to understand greed. Greed is created out of fear there will at some point not be enough. So therefore one will grab as much as possible, disregarding anyone and everyone else – because in fear one is only able to act in self-interest, especially when it comes to fear of death.

Though when a provision exists whereupon everyone can trust, that no matter what, I will have access to anything I require to sustain myself in this world and lead a life in dignity, fear is immediately out of the picture, and so is greed.

Therefore one can see that such forms of greed will disappear as trust gets established and people realize there is no more need for such behavior.

So, money can actually be used as a key to change the human experience on earth, where one can walk the streets without fear of being robbed and where one can actually start trusting each other.


No. For this simple reason: the goal is to establish equality on a basic physical level – equal housing and electricity, equal food and water, equal health care and equal education. This means one will work with an economy of goods and services. Now, practically speaking it will be far more effective to distribute one single resource to all – being Money – than to distribute all the different goods and services continuously to everyone. Because when each one has their own money that gives them access to what they require, each one can then go and get what they need, for instance in central stores and shops. To go to a situation of no money at this stage would lead to chaos and anarchy – because there would be no measure for anything – while equal money is a very specific measure, that will make sure each one has their necessary resources. So money is also a tool that allows for managing distribution in an orderly way.

Furthermore the only alternative to money is Barter, though to use barter at a world-wide scale as a replacement for money – is quite impractical. One merely need to consider that barter led to the creation of money in the first place, as human populations grew larger, because it is easier to express the value of all goods and services in one commodity – being money – that is most accessible to everyone. Thus if the money is sound, the principle of barter is actually contained within the use of money and there is no loss of value. Obviously this is not the case in the current system, where the value of money is based on debt.


Here I suggest we be very specific. Currently we have a system that consists out of uncountable jobs and tasks that need to be performed. This number of jobs and tasks is based in the starting point of the current money-system. Which is that everyone has to do a task of some sort to gain access to money, without which one cannot exist in this world. Thus if we go and look what is the nature of many of those tasks and jobs, we will see that they don’t necessarily exist to support human beings physical existence and the quality of life on earth. Instead, we will see that for instance a corporation is formed to sell a certain product that – if one is self-honest – it can easily be seen there exists no need for the product they are selling. Though the existence of such products and services is justified through the need for employment – where it becomes quite irrelevant if the product or service provided has actually any relevance to the quality of life on earth, as long as there is a market for such products and services that allow the corporation to make money and be a source of income for its employees, without which they would be unable to survive in this reality.

Take a call center job for instance: many companies employ call centers to increase their sales. But if we now look at those companies: they are merely trying to sell a product because they need to survive as a company to generate income. Many companies are actually quite deliberate in this, where they will emphasize the need and the importance of their product, knowing full well what they’re saying is not true. So the employees of such a company together with the employees of the call center are performing a task that is not actually contributing in any way to the quality of life on earth – or at least where the quality of life on earth is not seen as having any priority.

In an equal money-system such jobs will no longer be necessary to be done. Because the only reason why they exist is to generate income. We’re not even talking about those jobs, tasks and professions in the current system that are harming and destroying life on earth. Of those jobs and tasks that currently generate an income that allow people to survive in this reality, there are many. (e.g. cutting rain forests, hunting for animal fur or ivory, weapons development and trade – one merely need to consider America’s military spending to understand the vastness of this arena – ; soldiers to be trained for war and killing – would anyone join the army if they had no need for the income? – ; alcohol trade, etc.)

Now, let’s look at the kind of arena’s, tasks, jobs and professions where it can easily be seen that they are critical to the quality of life on earth.

The manufacturing of clothing
The building and maintaining of housing & living infrastructure
Energy production, such as electricity
Providing clean drinking water
Sewage system building and maintenance
Agriculture/Food production and distribution
Education and schooling
Health care
Computer and software

So what many argue is: who will do those necessary tasks? why would anyone be motivated to do anything? Let’s look at it this way: do people require to be payed to have the motivation to wash themselves? No, because most understand it is necessary to be done as a matter of hygiene and also because they enjoy doing it! So here we have an example of an action that is based on understanding and that is not done out of profit, because it’s part of ‘taking care of oneself’. Though, to wash yourself, you would actually require water that comes out of your tap. And because you live in a community and you understand that everyone would benefit from having water, you understand that it would be far more effective to have one coordinated system of providing water for everyone, instead of each individually having to sort out their water-issues by themselves. So within the community you come to an agreement as to who will take responsibility for making sure there is water. This is basic common sense. It has nothing to do with profit-calculations, but with looking after oneself in the understanding that ‘what is best for all, is best for me’. The same procedure can be applied to any requirement that would then form a public service.

With the current technology that is available – it would not even be necessary that everyone does a job. Because the jobs that exist would not be based on the need for income but on the understanding of what is best for all.

To practically arrange this, would require a ‘Dual-Money-system’ – because the first step is to have the basics of society organized, which would result in a Labor-system. This would then be the physical support for the entire society. To manage the access to the basic goods and services the Equal money system would be introduced: simply, everyone receiving the same amount of money unconditionally – that would allow for a regulation of the distribution of basic goods and services. Meaning, this money one would only be able to spend on what is agreed to be the necessary requirements to live a dignified life, such as: proper housing and electricity, water, food, clothing, education and health care. Those that are actively involved in the labor-system would receive an extra income. This income would be the same for every participant according to the time-units they have worked, regardless of the nature of the activity.

Note that with what we’ve established thus far – everyone is already taken care of.

Now the labor-income will be a different type of money, that has no restrictions with regards to what it can be used for. Thus a space is created for anyone wanting to engage in providing certain goods and services, that are not strictly necessary – but that many would regard as desirable in some way. This space will function as a free market within the equal money-system. People performing a job will have access to a greater variety of goods and services according to their preference. Note that, even though there will be a difference in private wealth resulting from this arrangement, actual poverty will not be able to exist, as each one has a dignified minimum, which is according to each one’s equal right to live a decent life.


This will be done through a system of conscription – where everyone who finishes school will do 4 years of mandatory labor, in any one of the area’s that are required to support the basic support system of the world. This will make sure the basics can constantly be provided for everyone, and look – it will only cost you 4 years of labor and you get labor-money !

The basic support system includes food production and all the public services, such as mentioned in the list above.


Indeed. What we’re proposing is a fiat money-system. Meaning: money that is created and issued by a central institution directly and declared as Legal.

With regards to the current money-crisis, one must understand: it is not due to money being created ‘out of nothing’ – but solely due to the procedure according to which all money being issued has the nature of a loan with interest.

This is completely against what we’re suggesting: because the point of having money is not to use it to exploit people for power and control, but to make life easier -which is by the way what children in schools are being taught about why money exists. Unfortunately they’re not being told the whole story.

As explained above – money will be a tool at your disposal that gives you access to living-recourse. It will not be a ‘loan’ – because you have a right to it: it is your money.


Most practical would be to have all the money be digital – because then it can simply be send from one (or many) central point(s) to all the individual accounts. Which would then require digital payment technology at every shop/store/warehouse and chip-technology. So it will be very similar to the payment systems that are already in place. As to what kind of chips, we could either go for a chip on a credit-card or an implanted micro-chip in the skin – whichever works best. A micro-chip has the advantage one will not lose it – which is preferable as without it you’d have problems with your ability to pay for your goods, where you’d lose time with getting a new chip. Though remember, the point here is to have a digital system – which can be done by using bankcards or microchips.

Another reason why digital money is preferable – is that just as easy as the money is created, it must be able to be deleted. This would happen as soon as the money is used at the first payment. When I for instance buy myself a pair of shoes, that amount of money that I’ve just spend will not be ‘transferred’ from my account to the account of the store, it will instead be deleted from my account. Because remember: the purpose of the money is to make sure there is equal access for all to basic living-resources. Therefore once the money has served its purpose, there is no reason anymore for it to exist.

Within this, the money could be distributed either as a monthly or as an annual income.

So, yes – the entire experience of what money is and how we use it, will certainly change.


The best solution that we’re seeing here is to have an administration – not a government – to oversee the working of the system. Yes, we’re expressly suggesting the system should be largely automated, so as to diminish any opportunities for abuse. The administration will be replaced with an entirely new administration yearly – based on majority vote from the people, whereby one can ‘be in office’ only once and then never again.

Specific training programs will be set up to teach people the nessecary skills to perform such a task – where the test will be if the person develops the skill on the one hand, but more importantly: if the person can be trusted with such a responsibility – to allways act in a way that is best for all.

Note that our current leaders don’t require to be tested on their integrity to be able to go for office – the one who is able to best deceive everyone will generally win an election, which is why this world has never changed. In an Equal money-system such forms of abuse will no longer be possible.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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Spain´s health care system is ranked in top 10 best systems in the world by World Health Organization.

But is it really so good ?
Is it really perfect ?
Could it be improved ?

I work as a professional masseur and physiotherapist in Spain and thus I observe it a little bit more “from inside”.

Let's take here on one example. From time to time I have clients who come to me because they have muscular shoulder or back pain. After many years of work as a therapist I have learned that the cause of the pain is most of the time not where the pain is. For example shoulder pain could be caused by many different factors. It could be due to job related strain and overuse of the muscles, accidents, post accidents complications, vertebral column dislocation, internal organs problems, internal inflammations of the intestines etc. If the pain is caused by muscular or postural imbalance, I can correct or reduce the shoulder pain almost every time with just 1 treatment. But if the cause of the pain is of different nature then no matter what I do and no matter how many treatments the person receives, the pain will almost always come back. Thus I have learned that if cannot make any significant improvement in the condition within 1 – 2 treatments then the person must be checked by other specialists ( osteopath, chiropractor, nutritionist, doctor, digestive specialist doctor, brain specialist etc. ).

And here is the problem with Spain's health care system because people have to wait for many months before they get appointment with the specialist doctor that would make appropriate tests and analysis. And the problem is that within the period of waiting for an appointment the condition gets quite often much worse and people suffer with a lot of pain. They take strong pain killers prescribed by general doctor but quite often they don't work and they only cause more problems for liver and the whole digestive system.

I would understand and accept somehow the situation that people have to wait because there are not enough doctors or something like this. But this is not the case in Spain. Because if you have private insurance then you will get an appointment with the specialist doctor within few days ( sometimes 2 – 3 weeks ) after asking for it. And they get treated relatively quickly while the person without the private insurance has to wait hope that the condition will change into serious problem.

Thus if you can afford private insurance ( you are being rich ) then the doctors take care of you. But if you cannot pay for private insurance then you have bad luck.

Thus i will say that even though Spain is being ranked in top 10 countries with best health care system, it is still very bad and people suffer and sometimes even die because they don't have private insurance. And this is not acceptable at all.

Of course I strongly doubt that they will change soon. The reason for this is that unfortunately our health care is also governed and controlled by money. And as long as money is the motivating factor for somebody to be a doctor then the health care system will never be perfect.

Now.... what is the solution ?

Equal Money System ( EMS )....

Why would this make any difference ? The answer is very simple.

First of all In EMS people will not be motivated to become doctors just because they want to be rich. And secondary everybody will have access to the best medical assistance because the whole health care system will be build in a way that is best for all and not in a way that is best only for the richest.

Spain's health care system is being ranked in the top 10 but I see too many flaws in it and personally I would not say that it is top 10 best systems but rather in the top 10 least bad health care systems of the world.

It is far from being perfect and too many people suffer and even die because of it.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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