To establish Equal Money System we need to get people to support it because this will not happen by itself. And before people will support EMS they need to be educated about it so that they understand it because there is no point of having people to support something that they don’t understand. The education process about EMS is being done through the means of internet which is completely gratis.

And I have to say here that it is possible to convince people to support something that they don’t understand with the use of manipulation techniques. This is regularly being used by the politicians in our current system but it will not be done in EMS.

EMS will be proposed in the parliaments around the world by the Equal Life Party that will be established in each country. Of course this party just like any other political party will need monetary funding for its operations. In the beginning establishment of this party is done by voluntary work of those who already understand the principle of equality and oneness. When it comes to money necessary for the functioning and establishment of the Equal Life Party they are being generated from the sale of educational material ( books etc. ), trainings and courses ( e.g. Desteni I Process ), donations and others.

Once more people start to learn about it and understand that the Equal Money System is the real solution of the problems of the whole humanity and at the same time a chance to create a much better life, then of course there will be much more funding at the disposal of the party, which will further allow for its operations on a bigger scale.

Thus in the beginning the money necessary to fund EMS will be collected and gathered in a traditional way but once the Equal Money System is being voted in parliament then the money will be created and issued by a central institution directly and declared as legal.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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