The concept and idea of Equal Money System is something completely new on Earth. And people are trying to compare, explain and understand it within the terms and definitions of what they know and experienced in their life. Thus they are struggling to comprehend the concept of Equal Money System. Many people try to compare it to communism but it has nothing to do with the communism that we had in Russia, Poland, Cuba, China etc. Also people are used to being deceived in the capitalistic system with false promises of politicians, corruption, abuse of power etc. and they are doubting that Equal Money System in its simplicity could fixed the problems of humanity.

And asking the questions about elections and other parties that could come to power in EMS is just another example when people think within their old frames. It is showing their doubts and fear to go beyond what we know so far and create something new that would help humanity to create much better life on earth. And this improvement would not only be for certain limited group but for all people including animals and the whole planet.

Will there be a need of elections and other parties in EMS ?

Existence of multitude of political parties in the current system indicates that the humans cannot unite and act in a way that is best for all. Thus they unite in groups and form parties so that they can get their needs and interests being secured. And each group and party does the same. But all of it is example and manifestation of separation that exists in their minds. And we have continuous struggle, conflicts and fights between the parties that lead nowhere. They are all trying to get what is best for their group but none of them is trying to find the solution that would be best for all.

Thus there will be formed a party called Equal Life Party that will be representing all and acting in a way that is best for all beings on Earth.

And I will let you answer for yourself the questions about the elections in EMS.

Do you think you will need to vote and form another party if there will be already a party ( Equal Life Party ) that would represent all beings in a way that is best for all ?

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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