I don’t know where it all originated but humanity has taken on a very stupid idea that if majority of people do something, then it must be right, then it must be correct way of doing things. Even though the common sense is telling us that something is not right and it should not be the way it is ( e.g. poverty, war, prostitution ), we are suppressing and silencing this inner voice with this stupid idea that majority is always right.

Another interesting point is that even if something is not right or correct and we ( or majority ) accept and realize that it is not right, then common sense tells us that the majority should do something to change it.

But this is not happening.

Because the principle of majority says that others ( majority of humanity ) are not doing anything to change it, then why should I do something. This way nothing is being done and the situation is getting worse.

And if somebody is trying to change anything then he or she is being pulled in place by others who are saying that:
- it is impossible to change anything,
- this is the way it is,
- it is much better to accept it,
- and at least make best out of it for one’s self.

But this is not all. If somebody really persists that he will try to change the situation then automatically this person is being rejected by the group of majority and being treated quite often as an enemy with hate and fury. Thus instead of helping that individual who wants to change the situation, the group of majority is trying to destroy this person.

It all doesn’t make sense but unfortunately this is the way our world functions today.

Humans must understand that all what majority does, is not always correct and right. We must realize that majority may also be mistaken and people should stop silencing and suppressing their inner voice and the common sense. We must stand up within ourselves and take on a principle “what is best for all”. Every our decision should be aligned with it. And when the whole group is acting in a way that is best for all then the whole situation in our world will be completely different. We will live in paradise - and not only humans but also animals and all other beings on this planet.

Unfortunately it is rather difficult at the moment to convince the whole group to act in this way, thus the whole process will take more time because people have to wake up one by one and start to join a new group that has this new principle of what is best for all. And waking up of people from a destructive hypnotic state of “doing what majority does” is not so easy and it takes time. Of course this means that we ( as humanity and other beings ) have to suffer much longer. But all of this is our decision and we are responsible for all the suffering in the world. We cannot blame god, evil nor anybody else for what is happening on Earth. Because nobody else but us are resisting taking on a principle of doing what is best for all.

And this has been going on already for a long time. The principle of what is best for all is not new at all. Jesus was talking about it already long time ago. His statement ( “do unto others as you would like to be done unto you” ) points out exactly the same principle. But 2000 years later people are still insisting that what majority does is better then doing what is best for all.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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