Spain´s health care system is ranked in top 10 best systems in the world by World Health Organization.

But is it really so good ?
Is it really perfect ?
Could it be improved ?

I work as a professional masseur and physiotherapist in Spain and thus I observe it a little bit more “from inside”.

Let's take here on one example. From time to time I have clients who come to me because they have muscular shoulder or back pain. After many years of work as a therapist I have learned that the cause of the pain is most of the time not where the pain is. For example shoulder pain could be caused by many different factors. It could be due to job related strain and overuse of the muscles, accidents, post accidents complications, vertebral column dislocation, internal organs problems, internal inflammations of the intestines etc. If the pain is caused by muscular or postural imbalance, I can correct or reduce the shoulder pain almost every time with just 1 treatment. But if the cause of the pain is of different nature then no matter what I do and no matter how many treatments the person receives, the pain will almost always come back. Thus I have learned that if cannot make any significant improvement in the condition within 1 – 2 treatments then the person must be checked by other specialists ( osteopath, chiropractor, nutritionist, doctor, digestive specialist doctor, brain specialist etc. ).

And here is the problem with Spain's health care system because people have to wait for many months before they get appointment with the specialist doctor that would make appropriate tests and analysis. And the problem is that within the period of waiting for an appointment the condition gets quite often much worse and people suffer with a lot of pain. They take strong pain killers prescribed by general doctor but quite often they don't work and they only cause more problems for liver and the whole digestive system.

I would understand and accept somehow the situation that people have to wait because there are not enough doctors or something like this. But this is not the case in Spain. Because if you have private insurance then you will get an appointment with the specialist doctor within few days ( sometimes 2 – 3 weeks ) after asking for it. And they get treated relatively quickly while the person without the private insurance has to wait hope that the condition will change into serious problem.

Thus if you can afford private insurance ( you are being rich ) then the doctors take care of you. But if you cannot pay for private insurance then you have bad luck.

Thus i will say that even though Spain is being ranked in top 10 countries with best health care system, it is still very bad and people suffer and sometimes even die because they don't have private insurance. And this is not acceptable at all.

Of course I strongly doubt that they will change soon. The reason for this is that unfortunately our health care is also governed and controlled by money. And as long as money is the motivating factor for somebody to be a doctor then the health care system will never be perfect.

Now.... what is the solution ?

Equal Money System ( EMS )....

Why would this make any difference ? The answer is very simple.

First of all In EMS people will not be motivated to become doctors just because they want to be rich. And secondary everybody will have access to the best medical assistance because the whole health care system will be build in a way that is best for all and not in a way that is best only for the richest.

Spain's health care system is being ranked in the top 10 but I see too many flaws in it and personally I would not say that it is top 10 best systems but rather in the top 10 least bad health care systems of the world.

It is far from being perfect and too many people suffer and even die because of it.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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