To answer this question we have to understand the reason and purpose of existence of beauty shops in our current capitalistic system.

1. Beauty shop is another method of making money just like any other shops and businesses in capitalism. To sell their products there is professional marketing campaign ( manipulation ) so that people spend their money in the beauty shops.
I have been studying and practicing alternative medicine thus I have investigated closely the efficiency of the beauty products being sold in beauty shops. And the reality is that there are a lot of products that don’t do what is being promised ( e.g. hair growth etc. ). And secondly the ingredients of those products are quite often extremely poisonous for the body. Sometimes people experience extreme allergic and poisonous reactions immediately but most of the time the toxins accumulate in the body over years, and people don’t notice their influence so easy. But there are many doctors and researchers who indicate that a lot of serious disorders and diseases ( e.g. cancer and others ) are linked directly to beauty products. And this also applies to the best brands and most expensive products on the market.

2. We know that the main customers of beauty shops are women and they are primarily targeted by the marketing specialists.

And why women spend their money in beauty shops ?
Because they want to be beautiful.
Why do they want to be beautiful ?
Because this is part of the game called survival.

Women are being regarded as weak gender and thus they want to attract a male by making themselves as beautiful as possible. Because they hope that this way they will attract a male who will take care of them, supply the money and other things necessary to survival in the system.

This stereotype of weak women and strong men is changing lately and we see more and more that women are also taking on leadership positions in businesses, politics etc. They are showing that they are also able to take care of themselves. But despite of breaking the stereotype of weak women, many decades of brainwashing with publicity promoting perfect image, have made the damage in the minds of women. They strongly believe that they are not beautiful if they don’t put the make up and lipstick etc. And no surprise. The girls from young age are being bombarded with images of “perfectly” beautiful women in magazines, tv, internet etc. And this is being further strengthened and supported by mothers who themselves have already been brainwashed and don’t see any problems with it at all.

Do women are really more beautiful because they use products from the beauty shops ?

Personally I don’t like it. I have to admit that the images in magazines are beautiful but most of them are processed with Photoshop and are not real. When I see women on the street I rarely see any who really looks beautiful wearing make up. Most of the time it the face looks very artificial, dull and plastic.

I remember that once I was trying to explain to my friend from school that she looks beautiful without make up but the response from her was shocking. She was behaving as if I was trying to take something from her – a part of herself. She started to defend herself and indicating that if I don't like it then I should not be her friend anymore. I genuinely meant that she looks beautiful without make up but she could not understand it at all. She couldn’t comprehend that she could be beautiful without make up. And this is the result of the brainwashing done by the marketing and publicity.

A friend of mine could never kiss his wife without tasting the lipstick. She was constantly putting it on and on. He had numerous discussions explaining that he doesn’t like the taste of the lipstick while kissing her but she didn’t stop doing it. This lipstick was more important then her boyfriend because she strongly believed that without it, her lips are not beautiful.

And there are countless examples of this kind of behavior of our women. They spend sometimes up to 2 hours a day or even more in front of the mirror trying to make themselves look like the perfect Photoshop image from the magazine. And they don’t understand that they actually make themselves look ugly and cover their true and natural beauty.

And all of this is done because they have allowed themselves to be brainwashed into believing that the make up makes them more beautiful then they are and they got trapped in the game of survival where they have to do something to attract the successful male with money who would take care of them.

Thus the significance of beauty shops will diminish in Equal Money System because the women will not longer require to attract a male who would support them financially because every women will have guaranteed support for a lifetime from the government ( Equal Life Foundation ). Secondly the beauty shops will not longer be operating like every other capitalistic business where the owners try to make as much profit as possible with the use of fake promises of professionals from the field of marketing. The beauty shops will sell only the best products that have been thoroughly tested and really support human body.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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  1. Cool post Greg :)
    I remember when I was in my teens I often thought I'd be better of looking REALLY ugly so I wouldn't have to bother myself any longer by feeling insecure by my looks. Meaning ugly=ugly and nothing you can do about that, not even with make-up, so one has to accept their ugliness. Fuzzy logic lol but it shows the battle young girls and women force themselves to go through every single day.

    Even the most beautiful women, so I've read over and over again in magazines, are insecure about their looks or parts of their body...

    Women please free yourself of this dis-empowering design. And please free all the animals that have to suffer in this beauty industry by freeing yourself.