At last people in Spain made the first important step towards prohibiting bull fighting. The lawyers managed to make the changes in law after 180,000 people signed the petition and bull fighting will be prohibited in ( Catalonia ) northern-eastern Spain from 1 Jan 2012.

This is just small part of Spain but at least this is first step towards complete ban in the whole country. But this will not be easy to do. There are a lot of opponents who will challenge this decision in the Spain's top court.

Now I would like to ask a common sense question. Why people do it ? Why people enjoy themselves at the cost of suffering of other being ( the bull ) ?

If somebody would put the sword into your body, you would start to bleed, you would have a lot of pain and maybe even you would die from it. If other people would enjoy themselves watching it, they would be called barbarians, criminals etc. Of course we cannot forget that humans did already enjoy themselves in the past while watching other people in the ring like the bulls ( gladiators in the ancient Rome ). But today in 21 century this would be not acceptable anymore.

The bull is not different to humans. He is experiencing pain and suffering while being stubbed with the swords by the toreador in the arena. But the supporters of bull fighting don't see it this way and defend it by saying that this is an old-age tradition and it needs to be protected and preserved. And it is almost impossible to change their mind about it and stop them from doing it and supporting it.

And why is it this way ?

to be continued...

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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