This is continuation of the previous article about bull fighting in spain ( END OF BULL FIGHTING IN NORTHERN SPAIN - PART 1 ).

…And why is it this way ?

The best analogy would be of pink glasses. If we put them in front of our eyes then we would see everything in different way. Everything that comes into our eyes is already filtered. Thus it is changed and it is not real. We won’t be able to see all the colors of reality because the pink colored glass is changing it.

And everything is fine as long as you are aware and you remember that you have those glasses sitting on your nose in front of your eyes. You will know that everything that you see is changed and you will take it into consideration when making important decision.

But the whole problem begins when you forget that you have the glasses in front of your eyes. Maybe it seems to you a little ridiculous when I say that somebody may forget that they are wearing glasses on their nose but I know for a fact that after some time people get so used to wearing the glasses everyday that they somehow forget that they are wearing them. In the beginning when you put the glasses for the first time they irritate the skin, leave the red marks and people need some time to get used to them. And after a while the nerve receptors in the skin don’t fire impulses to the brain so strong and people simply don’t pay attention to it anymore and almost don’t notice that they are wearing glasses. It all becomes normal to them. And the same is with wearing a watch, ring necklace or any other thing.

And here comes the problem because the perception of people is being changed and filtered through the pink glass. And they forgot about it and are not aware of it anymore. And once they are not aware of it, then they start to believe that everything that they see is normal – although it is pinkish colored. And then depending on the ego of a being we will have various reactions.

Thus quite often we may see that people have various discussions where 1 person is saying that something is white and other is defending that it is pinkish. It could be also that somebody sees things in blue and the other in pink and they both enter into discussion trying to prove that their point of view is correct. But the reality is neither blue nor pink. And here again we have a serious problem because people live in illusion that something is blue or pink.

How does the story of pink glasses relate to bull fighting ?
Well, it is simple. People who support it are wearing pink glasses and they just don’t see the reality. Everything is colored pinkish for them and they furiously defend that bull fighting is a long tradition and needs to be maintained and supported. It is impossible for them to understand that the bull is suffering enormously and is dying in agony. They just don’t get it.

What is the solution ?
The simplest solution would be to take off the pink glasses and see the reality the way it is. But – as I said before- those people forget that they are wearing those glasses, they are not aware of them. And when somebody is pointing out to them that they have pink glasses in front of their eyes, they feel offended and quite often they ostracize and attack the person pointing it out to them with fury, disrespect and even brutal aggression.

And because people don’t want to take off these glasses free willingly then everything becomes more complicated. All the suffering in the world that is caused by changed perception continues and grows.

Thus I will ask again: what is the solution for humanity ?
We must unite all of those who have already taken off their pink glasses and work as a group towards the change. And as the group becomes bigger it will be easier to convince others to take off their glasses. And we will be able to make a real change where there is no more suffering nor animal abuse including bull fighting. It is not an easy task but eventually we will get there step by step, human by human, breath by breath… until it is all done.

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Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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