How is Equal Money System going to solve the problem of the lack of the doctors in our world ?

Our current health care system is really far away from being not only perfect but even far away from being just good. And I am talking also about the countries that have been classified by the World Health Organization as the best health systems. Even in those countries from top 10 on the list like: France, Italy, Spain, Austria etc. the health care is not good enough. I have written already 1 article about it which you may find here: PUBLIC AND PRIVATE HEALTH CARE IN SPAIN

Then how are we going to deal with this problem in Equal Money System and how do we make it more perfect ? There will be still diseases and sicknesses and we will need doctors and nurses but we will not need so many of them as you would think. And this is why:

1. Pollution – in Equal Money System the pollution and its impact on natural environment will be drastically reduced and the whole planet will start healing itself. Eventually the situation will balance itself and we will have much cleaner air, soil, water etc. And all of this will benefit the health of humans which will automatically result that we won’t need so many doctors as we need today.

2. Stress – it is obvious to all of us that stress creates problems in the body and in the long term contributes to serious disorders. And we know that a lot of stress is being related to the system of survival due to the lack of money in the world. The problem of lack of money will stop exist in Equal Money System and thus this will benefit our health. And again this will decrease the demand for the high number of doctors.

3. Bad doctors – in our current system many people become doctors because this is a profession that is well paid. Thus many people become doctors not because they love to do it but their main motivational factor is money. And I hope that you understand for yourself the difference between the person who does something because they love it and the person who does something just for money. People who are motivated by money and are not doing something that is best for others, make mistakes and create a lot of health problems for the patients. Thus money will no more be a motivational factor for somebody to be a doctor in Equal Money System and we will have the doctors who will be searching for the best solution for the patients. And through reducing the number of problems created by the doctors who just think about money in our current system, we will need less doctors in the future.

4. Pharmaceutical companies – unfortunately they are ( like the doctors ) motivated by money and thus they are operating in a way that brings them the biggest possible profit. And I have heard already many times about cases when the pharmaceutical companies make problems and difficulties for people who find a cheap way of treating diseases. For example there are therapies to cure cancer or other serious diseases but because they are very cheap in comparison with expensive chemotherapy, thus pharmaceutical companies make everything possible ( including bribery and other crimes ), to block those solutions in the name of protecting their profit. And a lot of our medicines that are prescribed by our doctors are simply a poison that causes a lot of side effects which again creates the demand for high amount of doctors. And this will be changed in Equal Money System.

5. In Equal Money System people we will have better and more relaxed life style. We will have more times for our families and time for doing the things that we love to do ( our hobbies and other things that we wanted to do but never had time or enough money to make it happen ). We will live in joy and have fun. And all of this will help our bodies to cure itself. Do you remember the saying: laugh is good for health ? We will have more reasons to smile and laugh in Equal Money System and we will be healthier just because of it. Thus again we will not need so many doctors anymore.

6. Others.

I think that is enough for today. I hope this article has helped you with understanding that Equal Money System is a solution that will benefit us all. And also hope that you will vote for it because the sooner the more of us actively support it, the sooner we will have it done. Join us at Desteni Group !

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process


  1. Cool, we need more doctors to treat the side effects of drugs that are ineffective! And it all creates opportunities for monetary profit. All of this is an unnecessary burden on this earth and it must stop.