The answer to this question is as simple as the whole concept of Equal Money System. It would solve most of our problems because it addresses directly the major cause of our problems – which is the lack of money.

There are many, many various reasons why there is not enough money in our current economic system but the results of it are always the same. Those who don’t have money struggle to survive and as a consequence of it they are forced to steal, cheat, lie, kill, prostitute, be slave etc. Instead of living, enjoying themselves and expressing themselves in the fullness of their beings, people are forced into survival mode, which creates catastrophical consequences not only for humans but also for animals, plants and the whole planet.

Equal Money System is targeting this problem of lack of money in our world. In EMS every person will have guaranteed access for the whole live on earth to all that is necessary to live – housing, food, water, clothes, medical care, electricity etc. And it is all going to be supplied for free. Thus people will not have to live anymore in fear of survival. And this is going to make a huge difference.

Would it be possible to live without money ?

Yes, that would also be possible but at the moment humanity is not prepared for it. If somebody took away money from all people at once it would be rather impossible to avoid complete disaster. Those who have access to food and water ( e.g. farmers and other producers of food ) would survive but those living in the big cities would die relatively quickly from hunger, dehydration and contagious diseases. Humanity has designed system based and dependent upon existence of money. And once the money stops circulating within this system then everything would fall apart.

Majority of humans have become dependent on money. Our whole survival has become dependent on money. We cannot exist without money anymore. Thus the only solution at the moment is to make sure that everybody has enough money to survive. Equal Money System is going to make it happen and later we will be able to go to the next step where will be able to consider discarding money completely from our life.

Equal Money System is not going to happen by itself. It is required that people actively support and participate in implementation of it. Realistically it is possible to make it happen within the time frame of 10 – 20 years. It all depends on you and everybody else. Stop finding excuses. Do it. The sooner the better.

Join us at Desteni Group and start implementing Equal Money System in real life.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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