There are many reasons why people get divorce but lack of money is on the top spot as the major causes of it. In EMS the role of money which they have in the world of today will be changed. Money will no longer give anybody power but it will be rather used to secure that there is equal access to basic living-resources for everybody. Thus money will no longer be a decisive factor when people decide on a new relationship ( or rather agreement based on equality ) or stay in it.

Let’s analyze some points related to money, relationship and divorce in our current system.

1. Some ( or rather many ) people are motivated and decide on the relationship because of money. Thus most of the relationships that start in this way will last only as long as the money lasts. And once there is a shortage of money there is nothing else that would keep them together. There is nothing to motivate them to work and solve the problems that are in front of them. Of course those people fall in love in the beginning, they say all those beautiful words “I love”, “I cannot live without you”, “I want to marry you and live with you for the rest of my life”. But usually that is only short lasting energetic burst called “falling in love” and sooner or later it will disappear. If you asked them for honest answer they would almost always say that in the back of their mind ( backchat ), they had the thoughts about the money and this was a motivating factor in making decision about the relationship. I am not judging anybody about it. I am just pointing out that there are many people who make decisions about relationships in this way and thus in majority of cases it will end up in failure. Many couples don’t divorce officially and live together for the rest of their life but in reality their whole relationship is a farce, is empty and meaningless. And it is also very common that one of the partners or even both of them have other relationships on the side. All of this is a consequence of lack of money, which motivated people to get into relationship.

2. Lack of money generates fear of survival, a lot of stress and many other secondary problems, which affect negatively the whole relationship, leading eventually to divorce.
- Necessity to work long hours means that people cannot dedicate their time to their partners and spend time having fun and doing things they love to do. The whole relationship becomes boring and quite often people start to look for other partners who have more money. And this becomes closed circle ( look point 1 ).
- Inability to cope with difficult financial situation leads people into state of helplessness, giving up and addictions, which eventually will also lead to divorce.
- Stress related to lack of money will also affect both partners. It is very common that those partners will have more fights and disputes which with the time lead to the failure of the relationship.

Divorces will not stop completely in Equal Money System. But the number of them will be much lesser. And definitely there will be no more divorces caused because of the lack of money. Join us at Desteni and start to implement the EMS. The sooner we do it, the better agreements we will have. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live like this ?

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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