Why are you celebrating birthdays and other special days ?

Do you really want to ?

Are you happy when you do it ?

Are you obliged to do it ?

What would other people think of you if you didn’t do the birthday party ?

What would other people think of you if you didn’t buy a present to somebody else ?

We are being obliged to give a present.

We are being obliged to be happy when receiving the present even though we don’t like them.

We are being obliged to treat somebody special on that day.

We are being obliged to be happy on that day.

We are spending incredible amount of money on presents and making special celebrations and quite often we are obliged to do it.

We are making expensive army parades ( show off ) to celebrate something.

We are celebrating wars and treat specially heroes of wars even though we know that they were killing other people. We don’t know all the details about the soldiers, what and how they did during the war but we treat them as heroes. They are the ones who are responsible for killing many people ( mass murderers ). They should go to jail or being executed themselves ? Maybe they didn’t want to be heroes ? Maybe they were forced to do it or otherwise they would go to jail or be executed if they didn’t listen to orders of their general. Why do we celebrate killing of other people ( wars ) ?

Mother’s and father’s day – we should treat them and make them feel really special on that day. But what about the rest of the year ?

Christians are celebrating Christmas every year ( birthday of Jesus ). Does it change anything ?

How much money and time is being wasted on buying meaningless presents and celebrations that don’t make any change in the world ?

Do you really celebrate that special day ? Or are you rather happy because you don’t have to go to work ?

Why don’t you celebrate life ?

4 th of July Independence Day in America ? How many innocent people had to be killed to celebrate that special day ? Is it really something to celebrate ? There are many people in America who have no idea why they are celebrating 4th of July ? They are just following the crowd and are happy that they don’t have to go to work.

Why do we celebrate and wish everybody happy new year ? Are you really happy all year thanks to the celebrations and all the wishes of your friends and strangers ? Why do we leave tones of rubbish and broken glass bottles on the street when you celebrate new year.
Why do we drink champagne to celebrate new year ? Does it really make you happy ?

Special days become for many just another occasion to get drunk.

Are you afraid to stop celebrations of your birthday and other special days ?

Do you think that starving children are getting more food on their birthday ?

Do you think homeless people are being treated special on their birthday ?

Do you think Jesus is happy on his birthday ( Christmas day )? There are so many people who celebrate it for him !

Why do we celebrate something that happened in the past many years or centuries ago ?

Do you realize that with all the money that we spend on meaningless presents we could buy food for many starving people ?

Why do we cut ( kill ) so many trees to celebrate Christmas ? Do you think Jesus would be happy about it ?

Why do you celebrate your boss’s birthday if in reality you hate him / her and in your head and your thoughts you wish him the worst ?

A lot of celebrations are intentionally popularized, marketed and commercialized by capitalists because this is just another way of making more money. So why do you allow yourself to be manipulated by them ?


How will all of it change in Equal Money System ?

Well… there will be no more money factor in deciding on celebrating something. We will be free in deciding on what and when to celebrate. Apart from this the whole concept of equal money is based on “love thy neighbor as thyself and doing what is best for all”. Thus something like cutting thousands of trees for Christmas will no more be accepted and this will not be celebrated anymore. The same will be with celebrating "Tomatina" in Spain when people do tomatoes fight throwing them at each other. They are wasting so much food and money while there are many people starving to death. Every celebration that we have today and is not in the best interest of all, will be stopped.

Apart from this people will be realizing and learning more and more how to respect and love each other every day and in every moment. And once you love and respect everybody else in every moment then you realize for yourself that we don’t need to make one special day in a year when we will try to respect somebody because we should. Every moment and every breath will be celebration and this will be a celebration of life. And you will see for yourself that this kind of celebration will give you more joy then any of the celebrations that we have today.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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