“Humanity should be the happiest species in the whole universe because we wish each other happy new year every 12 months and this should accumulate every 12 months to happiness that we were wished in the previous years. And thus by now we should be the happiest beings ever in the whole universe. But unfortunately this is not the reality of humans” – Greg Wiater.

So there is another year gone by and we are celebrating New Year 2012. According to tradition we will be drinking glass of champagne and wishing people around us “Happy New Year”.

I want to focus here on a simple statement “happy new year”. I don't know if you have ever tried to analyse this simple statement. Have you ever asked yourself why are you saying these words ? Have you ever asked yourself what is the meaning of it all ? People somehow say it automatically. The clock ticks 12 o'clock, the fireworks go off, people drink champagne or sparkling wine and they say to everybody around them “happy new year”. And we repeated the same process of celebrating new year and wishing everybody happiness every 12 months.

Thus let’s have a look at the statement “happy new year” closely. We wish somebody that the forthcoming year is happy for them - full of happiness and only the best things happen to them.

But doesn't have any impact on a person's life ?
Is the person receiving the wish really happy the whole year ?
Are we really happy?

Look at this world. Does humanity live in happiness? The answer is no. If you questioned this answer that means that you are completely blind because you don't see all the suffering that is going on in this world, you don't see that 1 billion people starve, you don’t see the wars, you don't see the crime, you don't see the abuse, manipulation, corruption, prostitution, rape et cetera.

Thus I would like to ask the question. What is the purpose of celebrating new year and wishing other people happy new year if this has no meaning, no significance, no influence on others life ? It doesn't change anything.

The statement “happy new year” is similar to word “love”. We say it but most of the time these are just empty words. If you love somebody show it in your actions. And then you can express it also in words. But as a matter of fact if you show that you love somebody in action then you don’t need to use the words “I love you !” anymore. Only if you're actions equal to the words coming out of your mouth they have a real meaning.

And the same is with wishing somebody happy new year. These words are empty. Are you going to do something to show in real actions that you really wish somebody happy new year ? Are you going to make something that other people are really happy in the next year ? Most probably not. You will recover from the hangover the next day and you will go back to your daily routine trying to survive and cope with your own problems. You forget that you wished somebody happy new year until next December 31.

I ask you to do something different this year. Do something in real life, show with your actions that you really wish somebody happy new year. Show that your words are equal to your actions and you really make others happy. I guarantee you that if you make others happy you will also be happy.

If you don't know how to make other people happy I will give you some ideas. Always do what is best for all and with this one you will never fail. Also Equal Money System is something that will make other people happy - and not only few people in your surrounding but the whole world, all people. Thus by supporting it and helping to implement it as soon as possible we will be really happy. Join us at Desteni Group and show with your actions that you really wish others happy new year.

P.S. Wishing somebody happy new year is used by people to suppress their guilt that they have inside of them because they haven't done anything in real action, in real life to make something to make others happy. Thus we wish that something or somebody makes miraculously other people's life happy. You state to yourself that you are not able to do anything to make other people’s life happy, you give up on yourself and you leave it up to something or somebody outside of you to make somebody else's life happy. You wash off your hands, and give up the responsibility to somebody else outside of you. You say the words happy new year to cover up and suppress the guilt that you have inside of you. You say it automatically and you don’t even ask yourself a question why you do it. You drink champagne because alcohol helps also to suppress the voice of guilt inside of you.

You will never find in happiness this way. And the same with all the people to whom you wish happy new year. They will never be happy just because you wish it for them. This is all empty and meaningless.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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