I was watching fly that was on the window trying to get  desperately outside. I am sure that you have seen it so many times. 

I started to ask myself: "...why doesn't fly see and understand that she cannot get outside through the glass...?" Another question was "...the window is open slightly at the top and as a matter of fact the fly could get easily outside through that opening... just needs to follow the flow of the air...?"

Another point was that I have decided to help the fly to get outside by trying to direct her to the opening. But this didn't work because she was afraid of me and was flying away from my hand.

During the process of watching little fly trying to get outside through the glass, I have started to ask myself questions. Humanity regards itself as being much more inteligent then the fly and other animals. And indeed we understand that fly cannot get through the glass. But that does't mean that we also don't have our own “human glass windows” that we don't see. And same as the fly we are trying to get through it.

As the example I would give here the money in the world. So many of us try to become wealthy and rich and get as much money as possible no matter what. We try to achieve it because the general idea behind is, that we think that money will make us happy. Certainly having abundance of money will make easier  to do many things. But for sure will not make us happy. Maybe you will be happy for a while but this happines will not last for ever. If you still didn't realize it, investigate a little life of other people who have already abundance of money like business people, celebreties etc.

Once you realize for yourself that money doesn't give happiness, you may ask yourself question why so many people and maybe yourself try so desperately to get a lot of money. To me all of it is like the fly on the window. We are trying to get outside through the glass and we don't see that this is not possible. Money will not make us happy but despite of it we try desperately get to them.

This example with the money is just one of many.

Now... I have decided to help the fly and try to get her on to my hand and I would carry her out to the oppening in the window. But the fly doesn't want my help. She is afraid of me and is flying away to the center of the room. After a while I can see her again on the window and the same happens. She is trying desperately to get through the glass.

Now … i will refer to humanity. Let's that I decide to help you to get through the glass window of money. I give you my hand and I say: “... come and sit on my hand I will help you to get to the opening of the window...”. The opening in the window is EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM. What will you do now..? Will you accept my help or will you fly away to the center of the room and after a while return to the window...?

Why is the fly afraid of me..? I just want to help. If I don't open the window and leave the room çlosed, the fly will die. It doesn't have to be this way but the fly resists and denies to accept help.

Are you afraid of EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM...?

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