When Jesus was on Earth he was telling us:

“Love thy neighbor as thyself”

This was his message 2000 years ago. But this wisdom was not only given to people who lived with him in that time. This is a timeless message. And even though Jesus is being associated by many people with Christianity, this simple yet meaningful message applies to all beings regardless of their religion, nationality, skin color etc. Like any other wise and intelligent advice, it has only value if we understand it and apply it in our lives.

So how is our application of this message of Jesus since it was given to us by him ?
If we look at our world today we would see that things have not changed since he was here 2000 years ago ( maybe got even worse ). So many of us know his message, repeat it in our daily life but we don’t live it ourselves, we don’t apply it. We find all sorts of excuses of why not to do it. For example: “why should I do it if others don’t do it ?”, “nothing will happen if I don’t do it just one time ?” etc. And this is how we actually with those small acts destroy our world. On top of it we hope that Jesus will come and save us from this hell.

But do you really think that he will come and save you and die for you again ? If this was his intention he would do it already long time ago. Why would he wait so long and look at how people suffer ?

How about you stop for a second and analyse the whole situation and the true meaning of this message ?

Jesus gave us advice but he cannot do it for you. You have to understand it and apply it yourself, live it. Nobody else can do it for you ( not even god nor Jesus ).
If you don’t understand what I am talking about do this little experiment. Find somebody who is heavily addicted to something – let say alcohol. And do something that he stops it. You may explain him all the reasons why he is addicted, you may give him all the tools that will help him to stop it, you may do whatever you think that will help. But in the end this person will have to face the moment when there is alcohol in front of him and he will have to make decision if he will continue his addiction. Of course if you are next to that person you may take this alcohol away from him. But you will not do it always. Otherwise you will become slave to this person. I am sure that you will not want to do it for eternity. You would prefer that he applies the tools that you have given him and frees himself from the addiction. Anyway, sooner or later this person will be alone and will face the same moment where he will decide to drink or not to drink. And this is how the person will show in practice that he understood the problem, faced it, applied the tools that you taught him and stop it ( live it ).

And it is the same with the message of Jesus. He doesn’t want to be your slave and he doesn’t want you to be his slave. He wanted that you free yourself by applying the tools and wisdom that he gave you. He may not love thy neighbors for you. Jesus loves thy neighbors himself. But you must love thy neighbors yourself and show it in real life.

We are approaching times when it is believed that Jesus would come to Earth for the 2nd time as he promised. ( whether this is true or not is a topic for another article which I will do in the future ). But let's try to imagine his possible common sense action.

So what would Jesus do if he came to earth again today ?

1. Well, as I said before his message of loving our neighbor as ourselves is timeless and universal. And I am sure that if he came again he would tell us exactly the same message. Because it is very easy to see that humankind is still far away from living his message practically.

2. If Jesus came again to Earth he would also see very easily that there is a lot of problems within our monetary system. He saw it already 2000 years ago, he mentioned it many times and today this problem has got even worse. So he would see it very easily.
He didn’t change the monetary system in the past and I doubt that he would change it if he came to earth today. This is like with the alcohol addiction. Nobody can stop you if you are addicted to alcohol. Each and everyone has to understand that capitalism is causing a lot of problems in this world, apply the tools and change it - on the personal level as well as a whole group ( humanity ).

The tools are already at hand. I am talking about the Equal Money System. It needs to be supported and implemented in real life. I am sure that Jesus would also support this solution because if we look closely at it, we will see that equal money system reflects clearly his message to love thy neighbor as thyself and give them what you would like to receive.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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