In this article I refer to the shocking terrorist attack that happened in Norway and 22nd of July 2011. All of this was organised and executed with cold blood by Anders Behring Breivik. He is Norwegian himself and he has done it to his fellows from his own country. He is not a crazy maniac doing this under influence of drugs or alcohol. He is physically fit and very intelligent and he knew all the time what he was doing.
He explains the reason for doing this. He wanted to bring attention of other people to his message that he was trying to convey. Over many years he prepared 1500 pages document - the manifesto, called “2083: A European Declaration of Independence”, in which he elaborates about a process of "Islamisation" that is apparently taking place in Europe.

Now let's try to analyse his behaviour and actions. Certainly he has come to some conclusions in regards to increased number of Islamic migrants to Europe. He has made his own opinion and judgment about it and most probably he has tried to convey and communicate his suspicions and message to other people for some time already. He hasn't given up even though he hasn't found many followers or people who would listen to him, and decided to convince other people to his ideas, opinions and beliefs with the use of violence ( bomb and gun ). He prepared and organised everything diligently over period of few years and later executed it without hesitation.

From studying different spiritual and psychological books, I have known already for many years that our external world is the reflection of what is inside of human beings. And I understand it even more since I started doing the course “Desteni I Process”. And I have looked at this whole situation in Norway from this perspective.

I have noticed certain similarities in the behaviour of Breivik to the behaviour of most of the humans in their daily life. Of course it is happening on much smaller scale but technically speaking the behaviour of other humans is exactly the same. This is especially visible in the families with children and in the relationships. I'm sure that you have seen it or even experienced yourself a situation many times where parents are trying to communicate something to their children. For different reasons a child doesn't understand fully what the parent is communicating and repeats the behaviour that the parent didn't like and tried to stop the child from doing it. In the beginning that is done in rather easy, relaxed way. But if the child continues repeating the same behaviour, despite the remarks, usually the parent starts to become irritated, raises the voice and later uses punishment in the form of slap on the bottom. In some cases this goes even to the point of extreme physical abuse, where the child ends up in hospital with bruises and broken bones. And similar situations happen in the relationships when there is a difference between the partners and they get into the dispute, when they raise their voice and sometimes physically abuse each other ( and sometimes also severely ).

I am certain that some parents will get angered that I compare them to the terrorists. And this is because the behaviour of raising the voice and giving a slap on the bottom of their child is generally accepted and regarded as normal. But in reality the behaviour of the parent beating a child carries exactly the same resonant energetic signature that caused behaviour of Breivik in Norway. He also wanted to communicate his message, but people didn't do what he wanted them to do and he decided to use the force just like the parents. And the same is with his attitude towards what he did. She said in the prison, after being captured by the police, that he doesn't see anything wrong with what he did. He has admitted to carrying out the attacks, but has not pleaded guilty to charges of terrorism. He explained that he wanted to give people a strong signal. Parents also don't see anything wrong with beating their children. And even in the case when a child ends up in hospital with severe injuries, the parent quite often explains that there was no other way to make the child to listen to them and that the child deserved it.

Technically speaking this is all the same resonant energy signature. This energy accumulates from every person participating in using physical abuse and after it reaches critical point, it discharges itself to balance the polarities and manifests itself in the form of events that shock the whole world. Thus Breivik is not the only one responsible for the terrorist attack in Norway. All of this is just a mirror that is reflecting what is inside of human beings who use physical abuse with the attitude of self righteousness.

If you would like to learn more about those connections and stop yourself from generating energies that later accumulate and manifest themselves in the form of shocking events in the world, join the Desteni I Process.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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