In my life I have very little personal experience of consuming alcohol. I am over 35 years I have never got drunk to the point of loosing memory. I have tried alcohol for the first time when I was 18 years old. During my birthday I was encourage by my friends to do it. I was finally adult and I was legally allowed to do it. We were in the bar and I ordered beer. I have tried it but I didn’t like the taste of it and I did not even finish the bottle. This unpleasant taste stopped me from going more in this direction.

I was not keen on drinking alcohol also for other reasons. I was already observing before many times what is happening with people when they drink alcohol. I am from Poland and in my country alcoholism was and still is a big problem. I also had a chance to see how people in my family were destroyed by alcohol. So it was no sense for me to start drinking alcohol at all. I also started to learn meditation and in almost every book about this topic it was said that alcohol has adverse effects on meditation.

So many things in my surrounding were telling me that there is nothing of a value in drinking alcohol.

Most of the people that I knew and that I worked with were drinking alcohol. Sometimes they invited me to go to bars and disco with them. But I didn’t find it as amusing as it was for them. They were drinking alcohol and getting drunk and I didn’t. I didn’t understand their jokes etc. and it was boring for me. I was usually observing people rather then participating with them in their fun.

But with the time I have decided that glass of wine from time to time is not going to make harm. My friends were making fun out of me that I was so quickly influenced by alcohol. But it was in a sense normal because I didnt do it very often and this is how my body was reacting. But I have never got to the stage of getting too drunk. I always knew what I am doing.

There was one time when I decided to get drunk to see what is going to happen with me. We went to the disco on the weekend. I drank one beer first. Later I decided to drink tequila because I have heard from other people that it makes people drunk very fast. I took 2 or 3 shots of tequila. I remember that I started to smile a lot and feeling very happy. And I was dancing like never before. My friends were making fun out of me and laughing a lot because they thought that I am very drunk and I already don’t know what I am doing. Apart from this they have never seen me like this before. But in reality I wasn’t so drunk as they thought. I knew exactly what I was doing. And inside of me I was laughing at my friends that they thought that I am drunk. I laughed at them that they got fooled so easily. Of course I was affected by it. I was different. As I said before I was smiling more then usual and started to feel somehow happy.

But after about 30 – 40 min I started to feel uncomfortable in my stomach. My body was telling me that it doesn’t like alcohol. In this moment I decided that there is no point to drink more alcohol. I already knew what is going to happen with me if I drink more. I knew that I would end up with hangover the next day and feeling sick. And in this moment I stopped. There was no point of going there. This feeling of happiness was false and started to wear off together with this feeling in my stomach. Again I had a confirmation that there is no point of drinking alcohol and getting drunk to the point of loosing memory, control of my body and becoming unconscious.

Few years later I had one more experience when I allowed myself to get drunk a little more then usual according to my standards but I knew all the time what I am doing. And after this there was no more getting drunk. In the last 3 years I have not drunk a single drop at all.

And you know what? I see that I don’t need it. I don’t care if I don’t have many friends.

There is one phenomenon about alcohol from the observation of other people. When they have hangover, they suffer, they have pain, they are not feeling well at least the next day. But when they meet with their friend they are so proud of themselves that they were throwing up, that they lost memory, that they were unconscious, that they were falling on the floor because they could not hold the balance, that they could not stand up, that they were sleeping on the street because they didn’t control their body anymore. And the more they were drunk and without control the more they are proud of themselves and feel really special when their friends talk about them. And on the other hand when somebody doesn’t drink alcohol, he/she is being regarded as boring.

This has a deeper meaning behind. It says a lot about us as humanity. It shows what we value. Our world is in dire straits. Poverty, hunger, crime, wars etc prevail our reality and instead of doing something about it we prefer to search for attention and feel proud about ourselves through humiliating ourselves with drugs, sex and alcohol.

We are never going to change anything in this world if we continue going on this path. The situation is only going to get worse. I know that if everybody stopped drinking alcohol and taking drugs in this moment, there would be a dramatic change in the whole world immediately. The time and money spent on consumption of alcohol could be inverted into establishing Equal Money System. And this would give you and all of us happiness that is incomparable with the “happy 30 min” when I took tequila.

But talking about what if.... is also not going to bring any change in this world. Because in the end we have to stop drinking alcohol, stop taking drugs for real and establishing Equal Money System for real. I cannot close you in the room and force you to stop doing it. Each and every one of us has to understand it and stop themselves. You will see that you loose nothing and you gain everything.

But you will only understand it, once you do it. And I can assure you about it because I have done it already myself and I am living example of it. Now is your turn.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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