SO YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD…??? …hahaha… hehehe…lolololol

You are never going to succeed unless you understand one point. If you are trying to do something, to change something while being in one of the polarity points, you will not be able to make any real change. You will only think, perceive, hope and believe that something is changing but it will no be anything of a real value that would last. The change that looks like a change will either be a movement within the polarities that is never stable or you will just change the stage, scenery, environment, actors etc. but the story line of the film will be exactly the same.

For example Christians regard themselves as the good ones ( positive polarity ) and the unbelievers or those from other religions are the bad guys ( negative polarity ). How long is this war of polarities already going on ? At least 2000 years. Has anything changed ? Not really. There is ongoing tension between Christians and the Muslims. And there are either bigger wars between the countries or on the small scale between the neighbors.
“New age” ( spiritual ) people are no different. They regard themselves as positive and don’t even consider what they are doing to this world through the law of polarities. Law of attraction ( as promoted in the book “The Secret”) does exactly the same. And there are many more examples. As a matter of fact our whole world and the mind are based on the law of polarities.

The magnet has its opposite polarities. There is a positive and negative side. The positive end cannot exist without the negative, opposite side. If you want to be a positive person there must exist somewhere negative person and vice versa. You must validate your statement and definition of yourself as positive by having somebody or something negative. Sometimes there is a movement within the polarities and temporary state of balance. But because you don’t understand how all of it operates, you very quickly enter again into a polarity end ( either negative or positive ) and the story repeats itself.

So if you want to make a positive change in the world and regard yourself as a positive person you will be continuously creating something negative situations and negative people. And you will never make any change in this world.

The only solution is to stop participation in polarities. There is no other way.

There is an excellent course at “Desteni I Process” where you can learn in depth about the law of polarities and how to stop the participation in it. By applying the tools from the course you will be able to change your life effectively ( e.g. stop addiction, create supportive relationship, understand and change your self esteem problems etc. ). There are already many people who share on internet their achievements with this training and for example the success rate in dealing with addictions is incomparable even with the other best specialized establishments in the world.

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