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As I said before the leaders from the communist regime had to step down. But this has happened only for a short period of time. Let's analyse the whole situation from the perspective of different group of people and how they have changed during and after transformation period.

1. Non-religious and non-communist

It is difficult to say how big this group was because they were always quiet doing their own things. But they were minority.

2. Religious and non-communist
People in this group were against communism for the simple reason that communism was against religion and against god. And because people in Poland are very religious and this is very strong in their culture and tradition, they were not supporting communism at all. But practically speaking and they were doing little against communism apart from going to church and praying to God.

3. Passive communists
There were many people who joined communist party for the sake of survival in the system. Although racism was not allowed in the constitution of Poland but in real life it was apparent that if you're not a member of the communist party, you have little chance of having a better job and not being ostracized and persecuted by the regime.

4. Communists for egoistic reasons
Members of the communist party always had a chance of getting a better job and many other unofficial benefits and support from the government. And even though communism was implementing the idea of what is best for the whole nation ( at least on the paper and in propaganda ), in real life there was a big group of people - members of the party, who were participating in it for their own economic benefits ( including the leaders ).

5. Active communists and the leaders
This was the group of people who believed that communism is the best system to have better life for all nation, for all people. But of course there were small sub group of top leaders who were doing it for other reasons.


Group 1
Those people have changed very little during transformation. They were doing their own things before and after.

Group 2 & 3
People from those two groups were happy with that fall of the communism. And during the transformation they were supporting parties that were neutral or supporting religion and belief in god. It was a logic in it because it was the first time when people had the chance to vote for a party that was not against religion.

Group 4
They knew what they want right from the beginning. They were interested in making money. And they were supporting parties and organizations that were pushing strongly the point of economic reforms (capitalism).

Group 5
Most of the leaders had to step down from their leadership positions in the local and national governments. After the fall people were on adrenaline rush and in the election majority was voting for a new leaders who were promising the change. Ex communist leaders had to step down but that doesn't mean that they have completely removed themselves from the political scene. They just didn't have enough support and votes in the election to get the positions in the government.
But they were in power before. And they knew that it's cool to be in power. So after the official closure of the Communist Party – PZPR, they started to establish new parties that were in opposition to the new government. There were enough of people who were comfortable in the communist system and they were supporting their old leaders in establishing new parties.

And relatively quickly they started to come back to power. And this happened in 2 ways.
1. Once the excitement of the people after the fall of the communism wear off, they started to come back to political scene and attack new leaders that they are not effective. People were expecting miracles and didn’t understand that transformation requires time and slowly started to look back in the past when things were relatively stable ( result of decades of effective brainwashing ). And people started slowly to support more the opposition parties.
2. People started to support old communists also for another reason. They have transformed themselves very quickly and very smoothly into capitalists. And it was relatively easy for them to do it because they were in power before. They had the top positions in the governments and public companies. They knew the system and they knew the right people and they had more money then others even though this should not exist in the communism. They started to establish their own private companies and buying off the public companies for relatively small amount of money. And in this way they became even wealthier very quickly. And after about 4 years, they started to attack new government for not doing effective changes and at the same time they were presenting and show to people that they are able to give them jobs etc. And in this way they started to gain more supporters and come back to power again.

This is what has happened in Poland. But almost the same story happened in Russia and other East-European countries. The same people who were in power in communist regime, returned to power after the transformation.

The story that is happening currently in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and other Arab countries is very similar to the events in Poland 20 years ago. People are coming on the streets with the stones and try to fight against police and the army of the governments. They do it because they are desperate and they have enough of the corruption, control, abuse etc of the elite who is in power.
Unfortunately, even if they succeed in changing the government, this story is going to repeat itself in their countries as well. Those who are in power today will return to power sooner or later. And many people will die during the clashes and transformation, and those who survive will only find out few years later that nothing has changed. And they will see that greed, corruption, abuse, control etc. still exists and the same people who were in power before are in power again.

I would write another article about what has changed in Poland during the 20 years after the fall of the communist regime to prove my point that this way of bringing the change is not effective at all.

The only way that could bring real change and stop the abuse and suffering of people is establishing Equal Money System. No revolution will ever bring the change that we want and at the same time there will be loss of life in the clashes with the elite and those who are in power. Implementing Equal Money System through political means of voting will help us to do it in peaceful way without unnecessary loss of life.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

in this image famous Polish sportsman dared to express his opinion publicly about the communist regime during Summer Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. After that he needed to flee from Poland to Germany to avoid repercussions.

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