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But if the woman is wise then she will take a breath, stop the emotional reaction of butterflies in the stomach which make her blind and irrational and she will ask herself a question:

- does this man really love me ?
- do his words and action are one and equal ?
- does he show with his deeds in every moment that he loves me ?
- does he also love other people and animals ?
- does he do what is best for all in every moment ?

If she falls into the trap of beautiful but empty words of a man who wants to have sex with this woman and this is the way to get it ( just like the promises of the politicians which raise the emotions in people ) then her relationship is going to be just like the career of the politician - she will be used and abused in the same way as the politicians abuse the position of power in the government for their own needs. She will get disappointed and eventually they will break up.

Here is very important question: will she do the same mistake in the next elections when the next man comes into her live and will try to get her support with beautiful words ? Knowing the psychology of humans and their addiction to feelings generated by beautiful yet empty words I would say that the answer to this question will be yes. The same as we do with political elections every 4-5 years.

And this is the main reason why I don't trust politicians who use beautiful words of grander without showing me that they live them in every moment as themselves. And you know what ? Once you live your words in real life you don't need to write beautiful speeches on the paper because then you will be able to speak in any moment without the preparation. And your words will be reflection of truth and they will carry the true substance of you because every words that you speak will be the living word ( the word that you speak and live it ).

I have also noticed very similar type of behavior with people who are in court. And to get a lesser penalty they just say the word “I am sorry”. I am sure that you have noticed it too. They are not saying it because they are sorry but because they should and because they will get lesser verdict.

Ok… what can we do now in the next elections to come if almost all of the politicians are liars ? Maybe you should become a politician yourself and then make sure that your promises are not empty promises. But first you must understand and prove for yourself that your words are living words and you act in the best interest of all. If you want to learn more about the “living words” have a look at people from Desteni Group. We are making video logs on Youtube and other social media and there you may see and hear that we don't read from the paper when we speak. We talk about our experiences and things that we have proven for ourselves and we live the words that we speak. And these are the people that maybe you should consider to vote for when we start forming and creating the Equal Life Party in the years to come.

P.S. Did you know that the politicians ( especially the top politicians like presidents, kings, queens etc. ) are using very often the professionals who write them appropriate speech. The speech doesn't come from them at all. It is written by somebody else who is using appropriate words. And I have heard that Erich Honecker who used to be the leader of the communist party in East Germany had a professional writer who was getting paid big sum of money ( equivalent to many thousands of euro ) for each speech. Will you trust somebody who is saying all the beautiful words of grander but in reality he is reading somebody's else's writing and on top of it, the writer also doesn't give a shit about the words that he is writing ? Would you get married with somebody who says that he loves you but he would read a letter written by somebody else ?

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