This is the continuation of the previous article: 2012 - IS PRAYING TO GOD AN INVESTMENT – PART 1 ?

5. Now let's have a look at the whole process or making a prayer to god. There are various methods:

- we go to the church, we make the prayer, we give some coins to the priest for leading the mess and we go home hoping that god will answer our prayer one day.

- we do the prayer at home, we take the rosary, repeat the prayer so many times and expect the same result.

- some people also offer something to god or charity hoping that their good deed will please god and he will answer their prayer. In regards to the offering of something to god to please him we’ve had various forms of it throughout the history – apart from giving money to the priest, in the past we were killing the animals or even the children because we were convinced that this will please god.

Now let's have a look at the definition of the investment. What is an investment ?

“…Investment is the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income or appreciation in value…” *

Do you see the similarities ? The whole process of prayer looks like one of the best investment opportunities. You give some small coins to the priest ( your costs ), dedicate your time to prayers and weekly messes in the church** and expect to get a profit ( thousands or even millions of dollars ).

If you are not into giving the coins to the priest then there is also very common practice when you promise god that after you for example win the lottery ( thanks to the intervention of god ) you will give a certain percentage of it to the charities. This is also another form of investment. The final costs of it are maybe higher*** but at least you pay the costs only if the investment is profitable ( low risk investment ).

But this doesn't make sense at all. If God is so powerful and able to intervene into the laws and regulations of the lottery then why doesn't he give the whole jackpot to the charity directly himself ? To be possible for god to give money to charity he needs to help you to win the jackpot and only later you will give 10 - 30% of it to charity. There is no logic in it at all !!! And by the way why would this almighty god need to use the lottery to give money to a poor people and charity ? Why doesn't he create the money himself and gives it to all poor people directly ? By interventions into the laws of lottery god would be fucking up completely the rules and regulations of Bernanke’s Federal Reserve System and I assure you he would not be happy at all about it.

These are the facts. But of course if you believe strongly in god then you will not see it this way at all. You will see it as heresy, you will feel offended and hurt inside. You will not be able to read this article at all. You will reject it, you will try to defend your beliefs and maybe even attack me and everybody else who is trying to shake up your self-created beautiful believes about almighty god. But you know what ? This is just “normal” reaction because all of your beliefs that exist inside of you make you blind and you don’t see the facts even though they are here right in front of your eyes. You see it but you see them through a filter which distorts the reality but at the same time you think and believe that you are completely right. Ask yourself the questions and look just at the facts:

- What is the reality in our world ?

- There is starvation, poverty, hunger, war, crime, prostitution etc.

- Why God in his almightiness doesn't change it ???????????????????????????????????

**time is also defined as capital in the world of business
*** when you go to the church every week for a mess you usually pay about 1-5 $ for the priest while in the second option people usually promise about 10 – 30 % ( this is called negotiation in the world of business and investment ) of the total prize from the lottery which could sometimes be few millions of dollars ( 10 % from 10 million $ = 1 million $ for charity ).

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  1. We don't pay priest for prayers or nor it's an investment. Its called charity. Some people pay huge amount some small token of love, Priest don't need any money from you,

  2. God help those who help themselves first. Poverty of money is acceptable, being all human cannot earn money due to lack of available resources.

  3. Hi Nitin

    Thanks for reading my blog... poverty is not acceptable... the resources are limited but they could be used more effectively so that everybody has enough... starving to death while other people waste money, food and other resources in stupid ways is unacceptable... and it is the same with priests... not all of them but still there are many who use the money in stupid ways while there are people in their church who starve and live in poverty...

  4. Theoretically prayer is not investment but practically it is some form of it ( not for all of them but still there are many ). If you have investigated it well or if you could read people's mind why and how they make prayer you would see that it is the way I have written in my blog. Yes... priests need money from me and you because god doesn't give them to priests. God has not printed the money and has no control over it. And in the Middle Ages church used force and violence ( in the name of holy and loving god ) to get about 10% of people's money and resources which they obtained from their work ( food and animals ) - read the history of Europe. Why did god allowed violence ? Most of the priests cannot live without money and they must get it from people. It is called charity but yet there are many priests who are very, very greedy and unless you pay them money they will not make the wedding or will not make the mess at the moment of death. I know it from direct experience. Please don't argue with me about it. But at the same time I know that there are priests who are different and not spoiled by the greed of money and maybe you have met those priests. Thanks again for reading my blog.