The myth or the legend of the civilization of Atlantis is one of the oldest and most spellbinding of all the world's mysteries. It has puzzled both skeptics and believers alike. Where exactly was Atlantis and where is it now? What caused its destruction? Exactly how advanced were the Atlanteans?

There are a lot of theories about it. There are a lot of unanswered questions. Will we ever be able to find the answers to it ?

Well… Almost all of us would say that this is rather impossible. The only possibility would be if we make archeological discoveries that would definitely prove that the Atlantis was real. But here is the problem. Because many scientists and archeologists have tried to do it for many years already and even with the use of best technology they are not able to find anything definite.

The reason for this could be that Atlantis existed long time ago at all has been destroyed through erosion processes. Historians give theory that Atlantis existed some 200,000 – 10,000 B.C. And I guess you agree with me that if our civilization stopped to exist today, then after 200.000 years everything would turn into dust - all of our buildings, cars etc. Thus this could be the reason why we cannot find any prove of existence of Atlantis. And what about if Atlantis existed some millions years ago ?

We should also not discard a possibility that scientists and historians have already found a prove of existence of Atlantis but they are not sharing it with us. And knowing how our governments operate this should not be a surprise to you and you should also consider this option. We should also not dismiss the theory that Atlantis could have existed on another planet or maybe even in another dimension. Or maybe we are just looking in the wrong places ? All of it is unclear, seems to be a fairy tale. But at the same time people talk about it, investigate it, expect to find the answers and sometimes dedicate their whole life trying to find a definite prove of it.

But that’s enough with talking about different theories. Let's go to the point. Around 2005 happened something unprecedented in the history of humankind and we could say it was almost a miracle. It has opened interdimesional portal. That means that beings from other dimensions could come into this reality, speak directly through the portal and share their experiences and their knowledge. And I know that if you hear it for the first time then you think that this is unreal, unbelievable and that I am crazy.

But I am not asking you to believe me blindly. I only want to share with your this information so that you may also know about it. And if you want you may further listen to all of the information that has been shared through the portal and there is a lot of it. Later you may do all the study, cross referencing and connecting the dots for yourself. You may also find detailed information about Atlantis. And this information is coming from the source because the real Atlantean being as speaking directly through the portal and explaining the history of Atlantis.

You have never expected something that this to happen. Have you ? And because you have never expected something like this, your first reaction when you hear about it ,is: “this is not possible”, “this is not real”, “this is a fairy tale”, “you ( referring to me here ) are crazy”, “this person who is the inter-dimensional portal is on drugs ( acid )” etc.

But you know what ? I don’t care what you think and say about me or about the portal. I have been studying this topic for more than 15 years, I have cross-referenced the information, I have connected the dots, I have used common sense and logic. And to me on this makes sense. I listen to the information, I don’t reject it but I don't become fanatical about it either. It is valuable information which helped me to connect the missing dots. And I leave it up to you to make a decision whether you will listen to it and connect the missing dots for yourself.

But if you want to know more about Atlantis directly from the source, from the real Atlantean being, then look here: ATLANTIS - the untold story.

If you are also interested about aliens, UFO and the Reptilian race then you may listen to 32 video interviews with the God of Reptilian race. This is very fascinating but at the same time I have to warn you that this information may be shocking to you when you hear it.


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