Now listen to this… It is very funny.

My friend has a dog. This dog is very friendly and you will hardly ever hear him barking at anybody. My friend takes care of him, gives him food, takes him to the vet when necessary etc. But at the same time he treats him as equal being and gives him complete freedom to do whatever he wants. That means that the dog can come home whenever he wants to, sleep, eat etc. And he may go outside whenever he wants to.
It is also important to know that my friend doesn't live in the countryside but in a small town with “civilized” people. And these civilized people are accustomed to treat the dogs in the traditional ( civilized ) way, which means that they take the dog outside for a walk 2 to 3 times a day on a leash. It looks like they don't understand at all that their dogs need some freedom too. And instead of stopping for a moment and learn something from my friend, some of the neighbors have gone into the automatic judgment mode, they got angry about it and they have decided to call the police.

Now here is the funny part.

The policeman comes to my friend’s house and is asking some standard questions about the dog. ( P = policeman, F = friend )

P - It has been reported that your dog is walking on the street unattended and without the leash.
F – Well… possibly.
P - Do you know that this is not allowed ?
F – Well… this is not my business.
P – What do you mean ?
F - There is a dog living in my house but this is not my dog… He just lives here…

The policeman started to become a little bit agitated and angry with this response and he started to write a ticket.

F - Are you writing the ticket for the dog or for me ?
P - For you.
F - This is not my dog. I just let him live here.

The policeman becomes more and more angry.

F – Look, look there… There are cats on the other side of the road on the fence walking without the owner. Why don't you go and write them the ticket as well ?

The policeman got completely stunned with this answer. He was angry but he didn't know what to say anymore. He just wrote the details of my friend and he left completely pissed off mumbling something quietly.

Well… let's see how the whole story will end. I will keep you informed on the development of it.

Will the city council and the police penalize my friend ( or rather the dog ) ? My friend is not going to pay for the dog because he doesn't feel responsible for the dog. He treats the dog as equal to him and just lets him stay in his house.
Are they going take the dog to court ?
Will the dog go to prison if he doesn’t pay the penalty ?

In any case we should learn something from my friend. We should stop for a moment and think about the animals that we have at home ( our pets ). Would you like to be treated the same way as you treat the pet ? If you were in the “shoes” of your animal, would you like to be always kept on the leash and never have the freedom to go outside ? Or would you like to be kept in a small cage for your whole life and never have a chance to fly freely in the sky and seat on the branches of the trees ?

Treat the animals with respect. Treat them as you would like to be treated by them. Treat them as equal to you. Give them freedom. If they like you, they will stay with you for their whole life. But let them decide for themselves. Otherwise this is nothing else but slavery.

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