I could write quite a long story about this topic, because I had a chance to experience and observe for many, many years my father, who was very seriously addicted to alcohol.

And we have tried so many different methods to help him. But nothing was really working. He was able to stop for some time but then he was returning to it time after time drowning more and more into it.

And after many years of pain and suffering I have finally found the answer.
After many years I have finally understood, why none of the methods have worked.

The reason was that he was never really committed to it. He didn’t really want to stop drinking. He was always finding excuses, always blaming others for his problems…

Despite of what others say, the solution to the problem is very easy.
1. Do not start…
2. If you start doing it, stop it now, immediately… not tomorrow.

1. You know that if you start doing it, you will fall in and you know the consequences. In most cases it is just matter of time before you get back into it. It is so simple and logical. It happened to you before so many times. Don’t fool yourself that you are so strong and you can control it now. If you think that you can control it, do this experiment: …start drinking alcohol or taking drugs and if you can control it, you should not get drunk nor get some cool dreams and visions. You should be able stay calm and in control all the time.

2. If it happens that you start doing it, you better stop it immediately before the “train of addiction” accelerates to the point, where you will not be able to stop it and control it.

Believe me… these are the easiest and simplest methods.
And the most interesting point is that almost everybody knows it – the most intelligent scientist and a person without school degrees.
The problem is that we don’t do it, we don’t apply practically what common sense tells us. We are lazy and we lack self discipline.
We make so much fuss about it and try to find different, complicated methods and medications, which can deal with this problem. But in reality nothing on the outside will ever make you stop your addiction. You are the only person, who can stop it through self discipline.

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