Like you, I am one of those who has seen, that this world needs to be changed.

I have seen it and I have felt already many years ago that something is not right here on this planet – abuse, greed, wars, hunger etc.

And I have decided to do something about it. I have started to study about spirituality, different religions, meditation etc. I was practicing it regularly and with enthusiasm, what I learned. I gave up my “normal good life” – my friends, my family, wealth and many other things. I have followed the directions of enlightened people and masters. I came across teaching of the ascended masters from The Summit Lighthouse organization. I went through teachings of Ramtha, Sai Baba etc. And I have read many, many other books about this topic. I met many people that have been also in this circle.

I have learned many interesting things. But as a matter of fact the world in the last 15 years has changed very little. And I have asked myself questions. Why the world doesn’t change? I am doing what is told by the masters and the change doesn’t come. Why, why, why….?

About 3 years ago ( in 2007 ) I came across Desteni Group. And I have found the answer to my question of why we are not progressing with the change in the world. I started to open my eyes more and I understood that we are trying too much to change things in the mind, completely ignoring and abdicating from the physical world. We are trying to escape from earth and ascend to heaven completely ignoring what is here.  

But what about if we stop trying to escape to heaven…? What about if we face this reality here on earth and change it? Of course it is not going to be easy and it is not going to happen in an instant. Same as the mess the will live in hasn´t happen in one day. There is a lot of mess to be cleaned up and nobody will do it for us. Each and every one of us needs to clean his/her own shit. But the sooner we do it, the sooner the world will change.

Unfortunately not everybody understands this simple fact right now and that´s why the earth is in a state of dire straits. But we must start to act - no matter what. So, let´s unite all of those that understand it in this moment and start to act now. And later we will educate others how to:
-         stop wars, greed, egoism
-         respect all life equally ( all people, races, animals, plants, insects, earth )
-         create abundant life
-         clean the pollution

This is nothing complicated. These are simple, common sense things, simple logic. We just need to stop talking only without acting. We must do it. And eventually we will make the change.

I invite you and recommend that you investigate more about Desteni Group -  FAQ .

Greg Wiater

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