I have been in a process of self development for about 15 years already. Of course, Desteni Group started around 2005. But I have been doing process before that.

And I would like to share my experiences in regards to the process and my family and friends.

It was not easy.
In the beginning I started to participate in courses and trainings. This was happening outside of my house and my parents didn´t know anything about. But with the time I have started to change. My behavior was different. I started to talk differently. There was a moment when I have decided to be vegetarian. But I was still living with my parents and I was depended on them. And I said that I am not going to eat meat anymore. Of course all this stirred the atmosphere in the house. All sorts of arguments that it is not healthy and bla bla bla… then one day my mother has found out one of my books about spirituality. She opened one page, read only little fragment from it. She didn’t like what was written there. And this fueled up even further the conflict.

My parents realized that I am doing something that I am not supposed to do according to the standards of “normal” people in this world. They started to attack me, convincing that I need to stop it etc.

But I didn´t…

I kept studying and practicing what I have learned. I know that I was not always right… but I knew inside of me that there is a big fuck up in this world. And I wanted to know why. I wanted to know how to change it.

I didn’t feel good at home. I had good intentions. I wanted to be a good person. Help others. Love others as Jesus was teaching. And I was not understood by others including my parents. Not only this. As I said before I was also being attacked by my parents. I was very said and hurt inside.

But I didn’t stop…

Finally I left the house of my parents and I went to another country. At least there I was away from them and I didn’t have to see everyday their attitude towards me. They didn’t do it always openly. But I am very sensitive and I felt that inside in their mind they criticized me.

Now I understand that I have done the right decision to leave home of my parents. They have decided to live their “normal” life. They have decided to be blind. They have decided not to do anything to bring the change to this world. And what is worst they were trying to stop me from doing it.

If this happens to you don’t be afraid to do the same. But I am not saying that this is the only and best way. You decide and assess the situation yourself. Because maybe your example will help to open their eyes and maybe your parents will join you in the process now, which would be incredible.

In my case I realized that my parents need more time to realize things. And if I stayed with them they would only be obstacle and slowing down my process. So I made the decision. It was not easy but necessary.
And the same applies to your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, your children.
It may not be easy but we must be doing what is best for all.
And so until all of it becomes easy.

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